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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 327:

Ling Yun and the other divine envoy are the only survivors. They were terrified out of their wits.


What is this monster? His power is so scarily strong.


The two of them wanted to run but Elder Wu Xiang thought otherwise. He turned into a blurred figure and he appeared behind the other divine envoy, he delivered a lethal blow at the back of the divine envoy.


With a soul-rending sound, the divine envoy flew into the distance in a bloodied state.


Ling Yun is the only survivor now. She ran like her life depended on it.




Ling Yun was angry with Elder Wu Xiang who ignored the other ninth Heavenly Realm practitioners around him. He locked onto her like a homing missile.


It didn’t take long for Elder Wu Xiang to catch up with her.


“Spare me!”


Ling Yun got on her knees and she begged for her life.


“I can lead you to the emperor!”


Elder Wu Xiang paused for a brief while. He knocked Ling Yun out with a light blow.


Elder Wu Xiang didn’t kill Ling Yun.


“Uncle, are you alright?”


Ye XingHe asked Xia Lie.


“I am fine!”


Xia Lie shook his head.


“Hu Yan Zhuo, Xiao Zhuo Yan, escort uncle to a safe location.”


Ye XingHe said.


“Big bro XingHe, what about you?”


Ye XingHe looked into the distance.


“I am going to save my friend!”


“Big bro XingHe, let us follow you!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan said with a determined look.


Hu Yan Zhuo glanced at Ye XingHe.


“Brother XingHe, just say it. Even if we have to step into raging flames, we will fight together with you to the bitter end!”


“Brother Hu Yan, uncle is very injured and he needs someone to tend to him.”


Ye XingHe said with a stern expression.


Elder Wu Xiang landed near Ye XingHe.


” I will escort Ye XingHe, with me here, he will be fine. You guys should go find somewhere safe to hide!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan thought about it and she beamed radiantly at both of them. She reckons that her master and Ye XingHe will be able to deal with anything that comes their way.


She nodded her head.


“Nn, Big bro XingHe, master, return soon okay?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan has no idea just how dangerous this fight is. She’s not really worried about them because of this.


Hu Yan Zhuo is the one who understood the situation. He knows Ye XingHe and Elder Wu Xiang are going off to fight the emperor.


Ye XingHe saluted Hu Yan Zhuo with a fist-in-palm gesture.


“Brother Hu Yan, please take care of Xiao Zhuo Yan and uncle.”


He gave Hu Yan Zhuo a bright smile.


“Wait for our return!”


Hu Yan Zhuo stopped himself from saying anything. He returned the salute.


“Brother XingHe, farewell.”


Hu Yan Zhuo knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything even if he followed. He also needed to make sure Xiao Zhuo Yan and Xia Lie stays safe. Without any options, he can only stay behind.




With time being of the essence, he brooked no further delay and he left them.


Elder Wu Xiang took a good long look at both Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan. He picked up Ling Yun and he followed Ye XingHe.


With a light slap, he woke Ling Yun.


“Lead the way!”


Elder Wu Xiang ordered her.


Ling Yun started leading the way as the three proceeded further into the darkness.


When Ye XingHe and Elder Wu Xiang disappeared from sight, Hu Yan Zhuo finally looked away.


“Big bro Hu Yan, when do you think Big bro XingHe will return?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan asked.


Xia Lie rubbed her head with a warm gaze.


“Relax, your big bro XingHe will return in no time.”


The cold wind bellowed loudly amidst the darkness. The eery wind carried sad howls within it.


Outside the Tower, it’s almost night time. Every night, countless souls will gather with this Tower as the center.


These departed souls couldn’t harm the living, they just wandered around with the help of the wind.


The wails of the damned came from beneath the Yin-Yang Obelisk.


One by one, the imperial were executed, drenching the Obelisk in an unsightly hue of red.


One by one, the totems on the Obelisk lit up.


The emperor looked at a certain direction. That was the same direction where a loud boom came. He sent his men to investigate to no avail. None returned to report their findings so he’s not sure what happened.


The emperor’s eyes shone with a frosty glimmer.


The emperor looked at his right palm, there were brilliant lights dancing in his palm.


“7 Individuals and now there’s only one survivor left. What a bunch of useless fellows!”


The emperor is angry. He spotted Zhou Huan and he ordered his subordinates.


“Bring him to me!”


“Yes, your majesty!’


The servants grabbed Zhou Huan as they approached the Yin-Yang Obelisk.


“Let go of me!”


Zhou Huan struggled.


Two ninth Heavenly Realm held him down even when he is already bounded by heavy chains. Zhou Huan couldn’t move an inch from his spot.


“The Extreme Yin is formidable indeed. It allowed you to reach ninth Heavenly Realm in such a short span of time. The Tower is also a domain of heavy Yin energy. Countless souls gathered here every night. They would be good nourishment for you. Alas, tonight you will die and your Yin-enhanced blood will be the key to unlocking this Obelisk!”


He looked in a certain direction. Ye XingHe is still nowhere in sight and this infuriated him. Without Ye XingHe, he will not be able to continue with his plan.


No matter how he interrogated Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong, they never gave Ye XingHe up.


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong were chained to the Obelisk. They were battered and injured all over, it’s not surprising that they fell unconscious from the extent of the injuries they suffered.


“If Ye XingHe doesn’t appear in the next one hour, I will personally send the two of you into the afterlife!”


The emperor snorted.


He held Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong’s lives in his hands.


Zhou Huan was placed in front of the Obelisk. He felt very anxious and scared. He grew a lot through his ordeals. In the end, however, he’s still a child. After seeing the brutal murders and the piles of bodies, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread at this juncture.


Will he die like the ones before him? Destined to be a sacrifice to this bloody stone in front of him?


When death stared him in the face, he felt terror gripping him.


“Do it!”


The emperor gave the order after giving Zhou Huan a quick scan. He sentenced Zhou Huan to death without a ripple of emotion inside him. His voice sounded like a Shura who came from the underworld.

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