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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 328: Godly Sword

One of the servants took out a knife. He cut Zhou Huan’s wrist and the blood started sipping down from the wound.


The fresh blood had a dark sheen that slowly crept up the Yin-Yang Obelisk like vines.


The dark lines of power vibrated like a curse from a time long forgotten.


The dark power circled the Obelisk as the temperature around them immediately fell to a chilling temperature. Inside the dark maelstrom of power, shrill sounds of demonic spirits could be heard emitting soul-rending shrieks.


Zhou Huan felt like his vitality got drained by a mysterious entity. The Obelisk gobbled up his blood like a hungry wolf.


A sinister force started stirring into consciousness. This demonic presence permeated the whole Tower. The Obelisk continuously drained Zhou Huan’s blood.


“When I get my hands on the blood of the Extrem Yang, I will finally be able to revive our demonic ancestors. You humans will all perish! Look forward to a life surrounded by death.”


The emperor laughed out loud. His gaze fell upon Shang Guan Xuan.


“You are a disgrace to the demons. You are not even fit to call yourself a demon. When the Demon Emperor returns, I will take my time torturing you to death!”


Shang Guan Xuan calmly replied.


“The humans can look beyond death and lay down their lives for others, accomplishing tasks greater than themselves, that is a heavenly way. The demons draw joy from the deaths of innocent ones, they will do anything to better benefit themselves, that is a demonic path.”


“Haha, becoming a demon is a small price to pay for an eternity standing at the top.”


The emperor continued laughing like a maniac.


“What can the heavenly way to when I slaughter the masses? People like you are fated to be the ants beneath our feet. You are all just my stepping stones to immortality. When the demon emperor returns, I will obtain the highest mantras of the demonic race. Meanwhile, you would have died for nothing, what’s the point of dying for a bunch of unsightly humans?”


The Emperor’s eyes brightened up with a cold light.


A great surge of power came from the emperor.


The emperor unleashed his demonic aura and he basked in his own power. Drunken on his mighty power, he looked completely intoxicated.


The demonic aura locked onto Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong’s neck. They started blushing from being choked.


Even when death stared down their eyes, Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong looked unshakeable.


At this moment, two figures slowly emerged from the darkness. It was an odd pair of individuals, one of them looked way bigger than the other one.


The emperor slowly opened his eyes and he couldn’t hide his elation. He looked at Ye XingHe.


“Finally, you’re here.”


Ye XingHe glanced at Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong before replying with a cold tone.


“That’s right, here we are!”


Elder Wu Xiang entered the emperor’s eyes and he snorted.


“Wu Xiang, you have the guts to return when I allowed you to run away the last time? I was so generous, pardoning you because you’re a half-demon. I didn’t think you were foolish enough to come back to surrender your life!”


Wu Xiang looked at the emperor with eyes that burned with silent anger. He growled at him.


“Evildoers will all be punished by heaven!”


“Hahaha, Wu Xiang, don’t tell me you’re the executioner sent by heaven? When have I, Ling Tian ever feared the judgment of heaven? If heaven opposes me, I will destroy heaven itself!”


The emperor continued laughing like a mental patient.


“Emperor Tian Ling, his godly cohorts all died by my hands, did you forget that? I ask you again, why did you come here to die?”


“That’s because the Zhou empire’s imperial family members once fed me a bowl of porridge!”


Wu Xiang said without many ripples in his tone.


“Haha, you came here to die because someone once fed you a bowl of porridge?”


The emperor laughed out loud.


“I have protected the Zhou empire for more than 600 years because they were kind enough to treat me with a bowl of porridge! I will not stand idly by as you kill off the imperials.”


Wu Xiang calmly continued.


“Not that I expect you to understand loyalty or repaying kindness anyway.”


Ye XingHe got into a stance and he charged his Frost Dragon Halberd with his power.


“We will mete out justice with heaven as the witness. You will pay for your crimes with your death!”


Ye XingHe started releasing his power. His battle intent came for the emperor like a sharp sword.


The emperor dispelled his battle intent easily with a wave of the hand. He snickered.


“With just you two?”


The emperor amused himself with the disdain he felt for Ye XingHe and Elder Wu Xiang. Never in a million years can the two of them ever take him down.


Like moths flying into raging flames, their deaths looked imminent.


“What if I joined the fray?”


A moving sound resonated in the air above them.


An iridescent display of light sprouted forth in the sky. A figure slowly descended from the air.


Dressed in red, her movements were graceful without a single imperfection. Her porcelain white skin looked like white jade glazed with lamb oil. Her long and exquisite legs also served to enhance her voluptuous figure. Her beautiful countenance could charm anyone.


Looking like a perfect sculpture, her hair fluttered as if the wind wanted to caress her hair.


Her beauty, in short, was out of this world, any man would fall for her.


Like a goddess who commanded nine heavens, she slowly descended to the ground.


She looked like a dainty woman. But, her title preceded her. Her name can shake the world.


“Tian Yin, are you sure you want to fight me?”


In this world, there is only one person left who can intimidate him and that’s Martial God Tian Yin.


Martial God Tian Yin is without a doubt, the strongest cultivator among humans.


“I am not the one who started this. You’re the one who is hellbent on exterminating humans. Leave the Tower now and I will not pursue this matter any further than this. If you still can’t take a hint. I am going to kill you right here right now!”


Martial God Tian Yin looked at him with malicious eyes.




She swept the area with her mighty power.


Her power forced Ye XingHe back. To think the Martial God Tian Yin was this strong.


“Tian Yin, you are overestimating yourself. Do you think you can stop me by yourself?”


The emperor took out a jadeite sword. A golden dragon could be seen sealed within the sword.


“That’s the Zhou empire’s secret weapon, the Godly Sword of the Jade Dragon! The sword was actually in the emperor’s hand, this is going to be problematic!”


Elder Wu Xiang frowned.


Ye XingHe looked at the jadeite sword. The glistening jade sword had a golden dragon that seemed to be swimming within the sword. He didn’t know about the origins of the sword but it must be great considering Wu Xiang’s reaction to it.


“Today, you will all die!”


The emperor raised his blade at Martial God Tian Yin, Ye XingHe, and Wu Xiang. A cold wave of killing intent gathered with the emperor as the center.

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