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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 329: The fight at the top

This Godly Sword of the Jade Dragon is a treasure passed down from long ago. This is a treasure that stood at the pinnacle of treasures.


Such a great object fell into the hands of the emperor.


The emperor roared and a golden dragon appeared out of nowhere. An all-consuming aura swept towards Martial God Tian Yin.


Martial God Tian Yin raised an eyebrow. She took out a white sash.


The soft sash sprung into life and it went towards the golden dragon.


The qi attacks caused multiple explosions in the area.


Boom boom boom.


The white sash and the golden dragon clashed in a fierce manner amidst the darkness. Everything was being decimated.


Qi explosions happened all over the place.


“Elder Wu Xiang, who is the stronger between the two of them?”


Ye XingHe asked in an anxious manner. He does not have a very good impression of Martial God Tian Yin, but, he hopes she would win.


If the emperor won, that would spell the doom for humans.


“Martial God Tian Yin is powerful enough to last a long while even if she somehow couldn’t win.”


Elder Wu Xiang looked at the Yin-Yang Obelisk.


“Let’s go save the hostages!”




Ye XingHe nodded.


The ninth Heavenly Realm experts serving the emperor raised their aura. There is only one divine envoy left and she’s already restrained. These ninth Heavenly Realm cultivators couldn’t possibly put up a fight against both Ye XingHe and Wu Xiang.


Bam bam bam


The ninth Heavenly Realm guards fell one by one.


The two of them arrived near the Obelisk. Elder Wu Xiang sucked Zhou Huan over with his qi force. Zhou Huan is in a bad condition, his expression is deathly pale, he also lost consciousness due to excessive blood loss.


Ye XingHe got down and he immediately freed Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong. The two of them are also in critical condition.


“I will heal you guys!”


Ye XingHe used his star power to start healing them.


Shang Guan Xuan pushed Ye XingHe away.


“Don’t’ waste your Star power on us. We can heal ourselves. The demon king Ling Tian learned the Ancient Demon Codex. It’s an ancient secret technique. Martial God Tian Yin is strong but she won’t be able to fight forever.”


“The Ancient Demon Codex?”


Ye XingHe was puzzled.


“It’s a codex left by the demons’ ancestors. It contains the strongest demonic mantra in existence.”


Shang Guan Xuan said.


“What do we do then?”


Ye XingHe knew that if Martial God Tian Yin fell, they wouldn’t be able to put up a fight against the emperor.


“You need to learn the Star Martial God Technique inscribed on the Yin-Yang Obelisk. The Star Martial God Technique circulated among humans are only the elementary volumes. You need the complete mantra in the Obelisk. Use the Obelisk to absorb the Star Power with the catalysts of Yin and Yang supporting your cultivation!”


Without further delay, Ye XingHe approached the Obelisk. He could see light and darkness glimmering on the Obelisk.


Standing in front of the Yin-Yang Obelisk, he saw the universe through the scenery in front of him.


“The blood of the Extreme Yin already activated the Obelisk, put your hand on the stone and sense the profound heavenly way governing the lands!”


Shang Guan Xuan said as she watched the fight between Martial God Tian Yin and the emperor.


Thunderous booms came from the sky.


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong hurriedly got into restorative meditation. They wanted to recover as much health as they can.


If Martial God Tian Yin falls, they will have to take her place and fight.


Ye XingHe started throbbing hard when he touched the Obelisk. A white streak of light entered the Obelisk from within his body.


It felt like he fell into a mystical world.


His body merged with the heaven and the earth.


Within this mystical realm, he saw a ball of flames falling upon the vast land. The fires settled after charring the ground. The rain came and lush greenery started sprouting. Soon, life came into existence in the form of weird-looking beetles. The creatures morphed and changed as they absorbed the Star Power suffusing the land. Slowly, the creatures gained intelligence.


These intelligent lifeforms mostly took the form of demons. Only a minor portion of them became humans.


The humans fought against the demons for supremacy. All of them wanted to become the masters of this vast earth.


Soon, things escalated and humans started making twelve Tower of the Gods that pierced the clouds. Twelve guardians were entrusted with the towers that drew upon the powers of the stars. They were tasked with sealing mighty demons within the towers.


The demons slowly declined and humans rose up in power. The regime was changed.


Events transpired that accumulated like a vast ocean of events in this boundless universe.


Ye XingHe felt like he understood things. But, it also felt like he didn’t get it.


“Holiness came from creation, divinity came from holiness. Turn nothingness into a pill, turn the way into the source. Refine the divine and return to nothingness. Make your intentions known with a single thought, see through all things with an enlightened pair of eyes!” Swiggity swoot all your wuxia techniques are mine


A deep voice reverberated in his mind. The more he understood, the deeper his psyche merged with the Tower itself.


So this is the true Star Martial God Technique. The one he used before only scratched the surface. The real Star Martial God Technique can commune with the universe and channel the universe’s power for one’s usage.


This technique was too arcane, Ye XingHe couldn’t soak it all in in a short span of time.


Elder Wu Xiang placed Zhou Huan by the side. Ye XingHe had his hands on the stone. He would intermittently frown or loosen his brows.


While Ye XingHe tried to understand the essence of the technique, wu Xiang looked at the sky and the brilliant golden qi from the emperor slowly but surely suppressed Martial God Tian Yin’s red qi.


Elder Wu Xiang reckons that it wouldn’t be long before Martial God Tian Yin lost. The Ancient Demon Codex is truly worthy of its name.


Elder Wu Xiang roared and he activated the blood of the Ancestral Monkey within him. He also used the Ancestral Monkey’s mantra. He stomped his right foot and he shot into the air, he flew towards the emperor.

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