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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 330: Death

Auras and qi filled the air.


Elder Wu Xiang’s ancestral monkey blood continued to rampage.


Martial God Tian Yin looked a bit exhausted. The emperor’s aura surpassed her qi.




Martial God Tian Yin got sent hundreds of meters into the distance. She steadied herself in the air while blood trickled down the side of her mouth.


“I didn’t think you can cultivate to the second stage of the Ancient Demon Codex.”


Martial God Tian Yin looked at the emperor with a frustrated look.


The emperor laughed out loud.


“Martial God Tian Yin, I bet you didn’t know. That year, I already perfected the first stage of the Ancient Demon Codex. When you fought against the Great Emperor Tian Ling, I would have been able to kill you had he not lured me away. I let you live for so many years and here you are, about to die by my hands.”


“Tian Ling saved me by paying with his own life?”


Martial God Tian Yin recalled the circumstances from back then and she finally realized something.


Tian Ling wasn’t as cold-hearted as she thought. He laid down his life for her!


She lived for so much hatred and anger before this point.


“That’s right. But, don’t worry, I will reunite you lovebirds in just a while!”


A dark power gathered and it congealed into a giant hand that tried to grab Martial God Tian Yin.


Martial God Tian Yin had a determined look. She sent a divine phoenix of the nine heavens at the giant hand.


The two forces collided and a terrible shockwave was emitted. It flooded the area with concentrated power.


Martial God Tian Yin vomited blood as she got pushed back.


The emperor only flinched in his original spot. His Ancient Demon Codex cultivation progress is already at the second stage. It’s an ancient demonic technique from an ancient era. As long as he is in the second stage, no humans can hope to compete with him. Not even Martial God Tian Yin stood a chance in a drawn-out fight.




The emperor sent another demonic claw at Martial God Tian Yin.


A powerful force intervened when it looked like Martial God Tian Yin would be struck down by the demonic claws.


It was Elder Wu Xiang.


Even the emperor couldn’t ignore this attack. He got ready to intercept.




The two exchange a round of attacks. The two repelled each other.


Elder Wu Xiang was in worse shape than the emperor. His body was filled with wounds by the time he steadied himself. His wounds are also oozing with an aura of corruption.


“The Demonic Claws of Hell!”


Elder Wu Xiang yelled out loud.


“Yes, it is. It’s a battle skill from the first stage of the Ancient Demon Codex. Against you, this technique is more than enough. Like a mantis that tries to block a cart, you are all woefully unaware of your own weakness!”


Wu Xiang snorted.


“I want to see just who is stronger, my Ancestral Monkey Mantra, or your Ancient Demon Codex!”


Elder Wu Xiang formed hand seals and countless golden light orbs gathered around him.


Boom boom boom


Elder Wu Xiang rose in power, his aura overtook the air around him. Wu Xiang also transformed into a golden-haired giant ape.




Wu Xiang unleashed his aura.


“The Ancestral Monkey Mantra is only one volume of 76 in the Heavenly Stem Heart Sutra. That whole Sutra is only comparable to the Ancient Demon Codex. You want to compare a single volume to my technique?”


The emperor sneered. He got into a stance to fight Wu Xiang when he sensed a giant force coming from below. The force formed a giant cloud-piercing pillar of light.


The emperor’s heart sank when he picked up on this energy fluctuation.


“It’s the Yin-Yang Obelisk!”


He finally noticed Ye XingHe who was standing before the Obelisk. The light pillar covered Ye XingHe.


The emperor charged towards Ye XingHe without hesitation.


He must not let Ye XingHe get his hands on the technique engraved on the Obelisk.


“Stop him!”


Martial God Tian Yin yelled as she attacked the emperor.


Elder Wu Xiang also attacked at the same time.




The three of them brawled.


“Seekers of death!”


The emperor’s eyes shone with a cold light. He weaved his dark powers into dark dragons.


Bam bam bam


Qi crackled. Wu Xiang’s mighty Ancestral Monkey Mantra and his strength as a Deva realm practitioner fell short when compared against someone like the emperor. The dark dragons coiled around his giant body, threatening to choke him to death.


The dark dragons also bit away at his flesh, tearing open gnarly wounds on his body. Wu Xiang moaned in agonizing pain.


Wu Xiang knows that Ye XingHe is their only hope. Without Ye XingHe, all their strengths combined would still be insufficient in taking down the emperor!




Wu Xiang unleashed a golden band of light that freed him from the bindings of the dark dragons. He grabbed the emperor by his leg.


“Don’t even think about leaving!”


Wu Xiang said with a firm voice.


“Since you want to die so badly, let me end your misery right here!”


He materialized a sharp spear and he stabbed Wu Xiang with it.




His blood dyed his fur red.




The emperor kicked Wu Xiang’s right hand away. He snorted as he is very sure this attack was enough to kill Wu Xiang.


Wu Xiang grabbed the emperor’s foot with his left hand.


Spewing blood, his eyes already lost focus, even so, he concentrated all his power into holding the emperor back.




The emperor’s expression distorted with a crazy look. He formed dozens of dark spears in the air and he sent them downwards.


Stab stab stab


The spears skewered Wu Xiang and his blood flew everywhere.


The light in Wu Xiang’s eyes dimmed as he fell from the sky.

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