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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 331: Spell

Elder Wu Xiang is the guardian god of the Zhou Empire. He has been guarding the Zhou Empire’s imperial family for centuries.


Everything is turning dark. As Elder Wu Xiang fell down, he saw a vision from a very distant past.


At that time, a youth approached him.


“Hey there, you look hungry. Come, sate your hunger with this bowl of porridge!”


The youth had a very wide smile. That earnest smile imprinted itself heavily in his mind.


After a few centuries, the youngster has already returned to the earth. But, the oath Elder Wu Xiang made to protect the Zhou empire with his life never changed.


Now, he paid the ultimate price.


Elder Wu Xiang thought about Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan. He revealed a faint smile on his face.




Elder Wu Xiang fell to the ground with a loud boom.


Dust flew everywhere.


Dozens of kilometers away, Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan guarded Xia Lie as they hid among the rocks.


“I wonder how Big Bro XingHe and Master are doing right now?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan said with a slight pout.


“Relax, righteous persons are blessed by the heavens, I am sure they will be fine!”


Hu Yan Zhuo calmed Xiao Zhuo Yan down.


Countless firefly-like lights lit up the dark sky. The tiny specks of light also danced around them.


“What is going on? They are so pretty!”


“Probably just a bunch of ghost-flames.”


Hu Yan Zhuo said.


“Big bro Hu Yan Zhuo, why do I feel like crying when I see these lights?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan felt sad all of a sudden. Tears streamed down her cheeks.


Hu Yan Zhuo also felt an indescribable feeling of deep grief grabbing him out of nowhere. He was probably infected by Xiao Zhuo Yan.


“Big bro Hu Yan Zhuo, nothing happened to them, right?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan started tearing up.


“It’s going to be okay, let’s calm ourselves down!”


Hu Yan Zhuo tried to pacify Xiao Zhuo Yan. He is faking strength. He is also deeply worried about Master and XingHe.


Don’t tell me…


An eery aura filled the air, the sky is also very dark right now.


When Elder Wu Xiang fell, the emperor snickered.


“You overestimated yourself, now you’re dead.”


The emperor snorted.


He turned his attention towards Martial God Tian Yin. He stomped and ripples of power came forth.


Dark powers turned into dark dragons and they flew towards the Yin-Yang Obelisk.


Lin Hong and Shang Guan Xuan opened their eyes at the same time. They blocked the attacks for Ye XingHe.


Boom boom


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong got sent back by the ensuing explosions. They were left vomiting blood from the injuries they suffered in order to block those attacks.


They were already severely injured before this. They were already using their full-power. The disparity in strength between the emperor and them is too great.


“I gave you two the chance to run but you chose to fight instead? How foolish!”


The emperor sneered.


“You call this the loyalty and bonds between humans? What a joke! I see now why humans can only live for a little over a century. You are all weakened by your emotions!”


The emperor continued walking towards the obelisk in a cocksure manner.


Martial God Tian Yin landed in front of him. She stared at the emperor with a cold leer.


“Over my dead body.”


Martial God Tian Yin said this with a pale face, it’s evident that she suffered injuries during her brawl with the emperor. However, her eyes had nary a trace of despair or giving up.


She is the Martial God Tian Yin, the protector of humans, how can she lose to Ling Tian in a place like this?


She also remembered how Tian Ling died in the hands of this plotting villain. Her anger overwhelmed her rationality.


“Since you want to die so badly, let me grant your wish!”


The emperor unleashed another way of terrible aura. He unleashed a palm strike at Martial God Tian Yin.


Ye XingHe is still in his mystical trance.


In a world suffused by blinding white light, he could hear the ancient sound that belonged to the Great Emperor Tian Ling.


“Brat, do you want the mantra to the highest stage of the Star Martial God Technique?”


The voice sounded like it echoed from a time long forgotten.




Ye XingHe nodded without hesitation.


“Why do you want to learn it?”


The voice sounded vague now, it’s hard to tell if the voice is a figment of his imagination at this point.


“I want to beat the emperor!”


Ye XingHe said with a determined look.


“You just want to win?”


“It’s more than that, I want to protect my family members, my loves, and my clansmen. I want to win for the greater good and the benefit of all lifeforms under the sky!”


Ye XingHe said with a serious tone.


“At any cost?”


The voice chuckled.


“Yes, I am not afraid of the price I will have to pay!”


Ye XingHe said without shrinking back.


“Hahaha, interesting! Very interesting! Know this, once you have learned the highest stage of the Star Martial God Technique, your vitality will slowly deteriorate and your memories will start to fail you. You will surely die after two years. Are you sure you want to go down this path?”


The voice carried a hint of coldness.


“Yes, I still want to do it!”


Ye XingHe knows that Lin Hong and Shang Guan Xuan won’t be able to hang on much longer. For his family, there is no other choice but to go down this path.


Ye XingHe doubted the authenticity of his words but even if it really turns out that he won’t live past two years, he is still willing to undertake this duty.


Finally, Ye XingHe thought about An Xue Yun and Xia Yu Ning. He wondered if they are okay. Then again, after today, he might not be able to see them ever again.


“Yes, senior, I want to learn the Star Martial God Technique!”


Ye XingHe declared.


“Very well, I will pass down the Star Martial god Technique’s strongest Mantra to you!”


A mysterious spell churned in the air and the characters flooded Ye XingHe in a great deluge of knowledge. The spell engraved itself within Ye XingHe’s mind.


Bam bam bam


He felt his power surging and growing exponentially. It felt like his power would go out of control any moment now.


Mysterious characters dotted his skin like tribal tattoos.




Ye XingHe locked his brows in anguish. Each character burned him and threatened to rip apart his mind. He was in constant pain.


He channeled the Star Power to try and integrate as much of this as he can.


The Star Power within him ebbed like the boundless sea. Invigorated by this new power, his battle intent ignited once more with a greater blaze. His desire for a fight almost drove him into a berserker state.


In but a moment, Ye XingHe gained a deeper understanding of the Star Martial God Technique. He chanted the mantra to invoke the Star Martial God Technique and this rapidly improved his cultivation.

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