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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 332: Great Asura

A loud boom came as Martial God Tian Yin crashed against a large boulder. She bounced against the rock and she fell in a very haggard manner.


The emperor only gave Martial God Tian Yin a brief look before he ignored her.


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong stood shielding Ye XingHe despite their heavy injuries. They never let their gazes wandered off the emperor.


“Of all the things you can do, you chose death. I shall grant your wishes!”


Black dragons descended upon Lin Hong and Shang Guan Xuan in a cascade of dark powers.


It looked like death itself is here for them.


Even if they know they will die in the end, Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong mustered up all of their powers to resist the emperor.


They know that if they backed away now, Ye XingHe would die!


The chilly aura surrounding the dark dragons, the menacing talons and teeth of the dark dragons, these are all things that can scare a person witless.


Lin Hong bellowed and he formed mighty shields made of nether energies. He used the shield to block the incoming attacks.




The black dragons tore the shields to shreds while continuing their assault.


The gap in power is just too great to overcome.


Shang Guan Xuan generated a gigantic divine blue carp made out of her blue aura. She sent the carp towards the black dragons.




The divine carp exploded, taking the black dragons with it.


Both Lin Hong and Shang Guan Xuan heaved and panted. They were too weak to fight against the emperor. They should be applauded for holding off the emperor for so long.


Yet, the shadows of death slowly engulfed them.


The remaining black dragons looked like they would devour the two of them when, suddenly, a seething ray of white light crashed against the black dragons.


Bam bam bam


The black dragons got incinerated as a gigantic wave of energy swept through the place.


Ye XingHe slowly rose into the air. The air around him changed drastically. It’s like he has merged with the heaven and the earth.


A blinding white light basked the whole tower in its grandeur.


The mighty power caused the emperor to raise an eyebrow. His eyes almost popped out when he saw it was Ye XingHe.


Ye XingHe only just stepped into the Deva Realm when he arrived on this floor. Now, Ye XingHe stood before him with a power that is on par with him.


Suffocating Star energy permeated the tower. The fluctuating power generated immense wind within the tower.


“The Star Martial God Technique inscribed on the Yin-Yang Obelisk? Intriguing!”


The emperor narrowed his eyes and he channeled the Ancient Demon Codex as black dragons coiled around him menacingly.


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong fell to the ground while panting tiredly. The energy wave should have aggravated their injuries but Ye XingHe used his Star power to wrap them in a protective film, preventing further harm.


Like a heavenly god who descended the mortal realm, Ye XingHe was wrapped in white light.


“He did it, he successfully cultivated the Star Martial God Technique!”


Lin Hong said with an excited look.


Shang Guan Xuan was not smiling though.


“Like your nether energy, he paid a heavy price to cultivate this technique. He traded his life for this power!”


Shang Guan Xuan said.


“His life? How long does he have left?”


“I believe he can only live for another two years or so.”


Shang Guan Xuan said as she looked at Ye XingHe with a grim look.


Now that he paid a great price for power, will he be able to beat the emperor with his Star Martial God Technique?


Ye XingHe looked at the emperor. He formed hand seals as Star Pillar images rose up in an area of about 500 Kilometers in diameters.


Hundreds of pillars pierced into the clouds, forming a gigantic formation. Dark ripples came from the pillars and they floated around the pillars like clouds.


A heavy aura suppressed the emperor.


“Impossible. My Ancient Demon Codex is a great tome that is on par with the Heavenly Stem Sutra, how can I lose to your Star Martial God Technique?!”


The emperor roared as hundreds of black dragons materialized out of thin air. He sent the dragons at the surrounding star pillars.


“Which is the superior technique? The Ancient Demon Codex or the Star Martial God Technique?”


“That would be the Star Martial God Technique without a doubt. The strongest practitioner of the Ancient Demon Codex lost to the human ancestor who cultivated the Star Martial God Technique.”


Now, history is about to repeat itself. A practitioner of the Star Martial God Technique faced off against an expert of the Ancient Demon Codex.


Nobody can say for sure who will win this time.


Ye XingHe roared when the black dragons approached his star pillars. Hundreds of Fading Star Explosions boomed all around.


Ye XingHe can only use one Fading Star Explosion before exhausting himself.


Now, at one with nature itself, he can tap on nigh unlimited Star Power to dish out hundreds of Fading Star Explosions.


The black dragons were targeted by the energy attacks.


Boom boom boom..


The black dragons that were touched by the energy attacks got destroyed.


He can destroy 5-6 dragons with one explosion.


Feeling like he’s being pushed into a corner, the emperor roared in anger. He chanted lines of ancient scripts that manifested a demonic image around him.


This demonic image towered hundreds of meters into the air. It looked very sinister with six brawny arms that held different weapons that were way too big for anyone’s good. Bursting with energy, it flailed its weapons at Ye XingHe.


“It’s the Great Asura!”


Shang Guan Xuan didn’t think the emperor had managed to acquire this terrifying technique.


Lin Hong and the others were worried about Ye XingHe.


Boom boom boom


The Fading Star Explosions only staggered the demonic image without being able to delete it from existence.


The giant weapons fell upon Ye XingHe.


Ye XingHe’s body turned into a blurry figure that swiftly zipped between the attacks.


The giant attacks were brandished at unimaginable speeds, leaving images in the air. More than a few times, the weapons almost touched Ye XingHe.


“I have been training for thousands of years, I will never lose to you! Die!”


The emperor growled with a dark look on his face.

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