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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 333: Hostage

Due to cultivation measured in millennia, the emperor should have been someone who isn’t easily angered. But, due to the invocation of the Ancient Demon Codex, he lost control of his emotions and he fell into a fit of rage, he constantly emitted demonic aura.


The emperor is now closer to a mad beast than a rational being. His rage boiled like his blood.




His Great Ashura unleashed a sundering strike on Ye XingHe, flinging him into the distance.


Despite this heavy strike, Ye XingHe’s Star Power protected him from most of the harm. It’s only his blood qi that’s riled up by this attack.


Although this Great Asura is only an image of the real thing, it had hardness that exceeded the hardest steel. Even his Fading Star Explosions did little to its exterior. To defeat this person physically looked impossible.


“Great Asura, impervious and therefore fearless. Exterior physical attacks won’t work!”


Shang Guan Xuan yelled.


How can I break through this?


Ye XingHe locked his brows as he waxed thoughtful. Suddenly, he had a bright idea.


What about an attack that attacked the interior?


Ye XingHe focused as golden light streamed into his eyes.


The Star Power concentrated in his eyes, making it feel like his eyes would explode from the sheer volume of energy contained inside.




Ye XingHe yelled as he opened his eyes without any warning.


Heaven’s killing gaze!


Ye XingHe shot out two gigantic rays of golden light from his eyes. The light immediately covered the Great Asura.


Even the emperor had to block with his arms when facing a cascade of brilliant light.


After adjusting himself, the emperor laughed out loud as dark energies encircled him.


“You want to kill me with a harmless technique? Do you think you can pierce my Great Asura with just that?! Oh, the naivety!”


He stomped towards Ye XingHe.


Ye XingHe continued wailing in pain. The Star power in his eyes increased along with the radiance of his attack. Bands of light formed circuits on and around Ye XingHe’s eyes.


With renewed power, the light shone upon the Great Asura.


Suddenly, the emperor’s cocky expression froze up. He had a look of disbelief. To his surprise, he couldn’t move his Great Asura image no matter how hard he tried to do so.


What’s going on?


Not just that, the Great Asura’s inner flesh got disintegrated from the inside-out.


Bam bam bam


The Great Asura continued to crumble.


The emperor retreated while suffering heavy blood loss.


Ye XingHe’s golden light also dimmed down. He covered his eyes as blood streamed down his cheeks. This Heaven’s Killing Gaze hurt him badly as well.




The emperor arrived in a blur as he cleaved down with his demonic claws.


“You leave me no choice but to kill you! So, just die!”


Ye XingHe’s growth can only be described as an exponential one. If he let Ye XingHe live, how would that end well for him?


Therefore, he must kill Ye XingHe!


Against that sharp demonic claw, Ye XingHe had a determined look. He commanded the Star Power around him.


The giant star pillars around him all started spinning in place as all Star Power in the area streamed into Ye XingHe’s palm.


This Star Power aggregate is more than several times greater than Ye XingHe’s own reserves.


This strike is the strongest attack he can unleash right now.


A palm beam appeared out of nowhere as he sent it towards the emperor’s sharp claw.




A loud sonic boom spread out with the two at the center.


Drenched in his own blood, Ye XingHe looked very unsightly. His palm attack was dispersed in that collision.


In comparison, the emperor performed worse. He only knew about the Star Pillar’s catalyst effect when it’s already too late.


Star Power streamed into his body, damaging his organs and wreaking havoc on his flesh.


Despite his tough body that was trained over thousands of years, he failed to block the attack and he suffered extensive injuries on all parts of his body. He was also bleeding all over.


I lost.


How?! How did I lose?!


The emperor is still in berserk mode but the damage is taking a toll on his body. His demonic energy also leaked away. All signs of an impending defeat.




Lin Hong pulled Ye XingHe over with his Nether energy. Ye XingHe is so badly damaged that another battle is out of the question.


Ye XingHe and the emperor both severely injured each other.


Shang Guan Xuan charged in with her sword. She wanted to take the emperor’s life.


At his peak, the emperor would snort if Shang Guan Xuan dived in like this. But, his injuries and his exhausted power meant that fighting at 20% of his peak state is a questionable feat at this point in time. Ye XingHe won’t be able to conjure up another attack. However, there are still other people here like Shang Guan Xuan, Lin Hong, and the Martial God Tian Yin. They recovered more than 50% of their power while the Ye XingHe and the emperor duked it out. At this rate, death is the only outcome for him.


I can’t fight with Shang Guan Xuan right now!


The emperor flew away like a meteor.


Shang Guan Xuan gave chase. She’s not going to let the emperor run away.


The emperor’s speed was lightning-fast despite his heavy injuries. He fell upon the hostages still present and he grabbed Ye XingHe’s parents, Ye Zhuo and He Yan.


“Come one step closer and I will end their lives!”


The emperor said with a calm tone.




Ye XingHe cried out.


Shang Guan Xuan lowered her sword after a brief moment of hesitation. She landed some distance away with a frown on her face.


They were too busy watching the fight and recovering their powers that they forgot about freeing the other hostages. In the end, Ye Zhuo and He Yan became the emperor’s hostages.


“They are just mortals. A demon king should be better than to hold a bunch of mortals as his hostage. You’re utterly shameless and despicable!”


Shang Guan Xuan scolded him.


“Hahaha. Stop making me laugh with your jokes. I am a demon, I don’t abide by the rules made up by humans. Now that I have two hostages, I order you to leave now or I will take these two into the afterlife with me!”


The emperor said with a crazy light in his eyes. He also smirked like a cold villain.


“Father, Mother!”


Ye XingHe gnashed his teeth and he growled at the emperor like a beast that’s hungry for blood.


“Let them go or you will die without a corpse to bury!”

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