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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 334: Going berserk

Ye Zhuo and He Yan gazed at Ye XingHe.


They watched their son as he slowly grew up. Their son is their pride and joy. Before they knew it, the heights their son reached already went beyond their understanding.


But, they never stopped supporting him with every inch of their souls.


Even when they were dragged into storms as huge as this one, they never felt remorse. In their minds, the actions their son took is for the greater good of the people.


Who doesn’t want their son to become a hero in the eyes of many?


The emperor’s claws were held against the necks of both He Yan and Ye Zhuo. He snickered.


“Ye XingHe, did you think you’ve won? You’re so childish.”


He defeated the Great Emperor Tian Ling in the past despite being inferior in cultivation.


Although cultivation levels are important, in the end, it’s the fighter who is the most shameless and ruthless who will come out on top.


“Seal your own cultivation and surrender yourself. I will let your parents go if you do as I say. Don’t comply and you know what will happen, don’t you?”


The emperor sneered.


“I only need to move my fingers a little bit and your parents are goners!”


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong stood their ground as they waited for Ye XingHe.


If Ye XingHe surrendered himself, the emperor is definitely going to kill him.


The emperor is also someone who would kill innocent people just to get what he wants.


Ye XingHe gnashed his teeth as he started stepping towards the emperor.


“I said seal your powers!”


The emperor threw him a cold look.


He’s too afraid of Ye XingHe’s powers.


“You call yourself a demon king when you’re scared witless like this?! I am already very heavily injured, I am not a threat to you right now!”


Ye XingHe said.


“I told you once now I told you twice, seal your cultivation.”


Ye XingHe roared and he sealed his meridians. He glared at the emperor.


“Are we done now?”


The emperor narrowed his eyes as he scanned Ye XingHe with his perceptual powers. He sealed his meridians but Ye XingHe can always release his own seal. But, even when unsealed, Ye XingHe will still be powerless for about a minute, more time than a fighter needs in a high-level duel like this.




The emperor laughed as he nodded in a please manner. He suppressed Ye XingHe with his aura.


Unable to resist the pressure, Ye XingHe fell to his knees.




He Yan and Ye Zhuo shed tears. Their hearts were being torn to shreds.


“XingHe, forget about us, do what must be done!”


Ye Zhuo said with a stern tone.


“Our mortal lives are cheap when compared to the lives that would be lost if this villain gets what he wants!”


“XingHe, don’t mind us!”


He Yan bawled out loud.


“Crawl your way over here!”


The emperor revealed a grin of amusement.


Ye XingHe kowtowed to his parents as his eyes turned bloodshot.


“Forgive your unfilial son for making you two go through such gruesome torment.”


Ye XingHe started crawling over.


With his parents in the emperor’s hands, he had to do as he said no matter how humiliating this act was for him.


I must save my father and mother.


Blood streamed down the side of Ye XingHe’s head.


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong clenched their fists.


The emperor is obviously doing this to pile shame on top of his defeat.


Martial God Tian Yin stood at some distance away. She had a troubled light in her eyes but she did nothing.


He Yan and Ye Zhuo’s heart shattered into pieces when they watched the jewel of their eyes bowing down to the despicable demand of another villain. Ye XingHe is their treasure, a treasure they will lay down their lives to protect.


The two of them exchanged a look.


“My son, we won’t live to see the day you get yourself a wife and start your own family. Without us around, I hope you will remember to take good care of yourself!”


Ye Zhuo gave Ye XingHe the most peaceful smile he had ever seen and he stepped forward, the emperor’s claw slit his throat and blood started pouring out.


He Yan watched Ye Zhuo take his own life. She wants to go with the other half of her soul. She too, took one last look at Ye XingHe with the warmest smile on her face before she took a step forward.


Blood started dripping down to the floor.


He Yan and Ye Zhuo took their own lives.


This wasn’t in the emperor’s plan. He was stunned by this sudden turn of events.


Ye Zhuo and He Yan’s lifeless body fell onto the floor.


“Father! Mother!”


Ye XingHe cried out loud. The scene of both his parents smiling never left his mind, his heart was not ready to accept reality. Hundreds of invisible knives gauged his already battered heart.


He recalled the memories of long done days. The love his parents showered him in when he slowly grew up. The warmth they gave him kept him warm almost every second of his life.


No matter where he went, he always his parents’ ardent expectation at the back of his head.


No matter how strong he got, no matter how much power he obtained, his parents never lived an easy life.


The tree longs for peace but the wind never ceases. He wanted to give his parents everything in life but he will never get the chance to do so.


HIs eyes turned red as his capillaries expanded, it felt like the awakening of a slumbering beast.


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong charged towards the emperor the moment Ye XingHe’s parents took their own lives. Martial God Tian Yin also pitched in to make sure the emperor won’t be able to escape.


Boom boom boom


The four apex cultivators brawled.


“Don’t think you can take me down like this!”


The emperor, driven into a corner, gulped down multiple pills as his aura exploded outwards.


“Watch out, he ate a bunch of Ancient Demon God Pills!”


It’s a very potent drug that would forcefully bring out the consumer’s full potential, sometimes magnifying a person’s power by several times. The pill’s effect is only for an hour. After that, the consumer will lose any and all cultivation, becoming a cripple.


The emperor wanted to take them all down with him.


Bam bam bam


The emperor repelled Shang Guan Xuan, Lin Hong, and Martial God Tian Yin.


“Don’t think you’ve won just yet. Now, die!”


The emperor had a demonic look, he was surrounded by dark powers that sounded like the shrill voice of souls screaming for help.


Ye XingHe slowly stood up as a savage stream of power started pouring forth from him. This power came from a darker place than even the emperor. His aura is filled with bloodthirst.


With bloody eyes reminiscent of a wild beast, Ye XingHe stared at the emperor.

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