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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 335: The era of the Great Xia Empire

This burst of aura shocked even Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong. It felt like Ye XingHe had turned into a demon.


The grief of losing his parents must have…


Defeating Shang Guan Xuan, Lin Hong, and even Martial God Tian Yin, the emperor basked in his victory when a more powerful force came for him.


He looked in that direction and he saw Ye XingHe who became as vicious as a beast. Purplish-dark aura circled him.


The emperor laughed out loud.


“So much for justice, look at you, warped by your own desire for revenge, aren’t you the same? Soon, his conscious mind will be devoured by his thirst for blood, no one can save him then!”


The emperor laughed like a maniac.


Ye XingHe stepped forward and a tidal wave of Star Power surged towards the emperor.


Crushed by this overwhelming power, the emperor was sent flying into the distance.


The emperor is ready to accept death. He just didn’t expect Ye XingHe to defeat him even when he already ate his pills of last resort.


This demonic essence, it’s almost like…


The emperor’s face shifted as he lost control of his own voice.


“Great ancestor, please sp-…”


The emperor couldn’t finish his sentence. Ye XingHe turned into a blurry figure and he smashed his palm into the emperor’s chest cavity.


He literally smashed apart the emperor’s sturdy chest, goring him with one hit.


Not even the great and mighty emperor could withstand an attack on this level.


Before the emperor can be sent far away with the ensuing force, Ye XingHe defied physics by appearing behind the emperor in an instant. He kicked the emperor behind his neck, dislocating the emperor’s spine. The emperor’s neck looked very gnarly as it was distorted in an angle that looked very painful.


Like a rampaging beast that came from an ancient era, he spared no Star Power to fully unleash all the power his body can exert. Like a flickering mirage, he kept flashing around the emperor, kicking and punching the crap out of the emperor.


Bam bam bam


Whoosh whoosh whoosh


The emperor was flying around in the air, the onlookers could barely catch a glimpse of any of the attacks.


What scary power and speed!


Is this even the power of a mortal human?


“Hahaha, laugh at me if you will. I got most out of life and now I am going to meet my end in your hands, maybe it’s the result of my own karma!”


The emperor’s voice echoed in this wide clearing.




The emperor was torn asunder, ripped atom to atom.


His demonic aura scattered and was claimed by the endless void.


The emperor couldn’t resist the unstoppable force that was Ye XingHe.


Shang Guan Xuan, Lin Hong, and Martial God Tian Yin are all baffled by Ye XingHe’s fearsome display of power.


They just couldn’t believe it, how did the emperor who powered himself up by three times still lose to Ye XingHe? What is up with Ye XingHe’s demonic aura? They were shivering just by being close to his demonic aura.


What did the emperor mean?


Ye XingHe exhausted his powers after going all-out. The demonic aura around him dissipated and he fell unconscious. Lin Hong caught Ye XingHe when he slowly fell.


Tears were streaming down Ye XingHe’s cheeks. From the looks of it, he looked like he was tormented by his parents’ death even when he’s unconscious, such was the effect of his parents’ deaths.


Lin Hong used his nether energy to slightly probe Ye XingHe. He discovered extensive damage to Ye XingHe’s meridians. It’s the result of Ye XingHe using powers his body can never endure.


It would be incredibly difficult to remedy the damage he has done to his own body.


With the death of the emperor, the curtains slowly fell on this whole ordeal.


Shang Guan Xuan freed all the hostages. She sighed after taking a look around her. She looked at Ye XingHe who was still in Lin Hong’s arms. They exchanged a nod and they flew away.


Martial God Tian Yin watched their departures in silence. She kept her eyes on all three of them. A weird light of bewilderment and deep thought flashed in her eyes.


It didn’t take long for Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong to fly away with Ye XingHe in tow.


Ye Jun looked around but they couldn’t find Ye Zhuo, He Yan, or Elder Wu Xiang’s bodies. The bodies turned into orbs of light as they disappeared.


Bodies everywhere, the bloody stench slowly disappeared. With time, this place will be forgotten by the world as well.


It’s unknown if anyone will remember this fight.


The Yin-Yang Obelisk continued to stand solemnly. The light already dimmed down since a while ago.


The wind continued to sing, the silent whimpers of the dead could be vaguely heard among the howling winds.



The Great Zhou Empire experienced 3 long years of turmoil. The imperial family saw no chance of ever reclaiming the ruling mandate so they hid in safehouses. The other factions vied for supremacy and the Northern Lord’s faction came up on top. The Northern Faction had the support of the Divine Sea Pavilion, the Azure Feather Family, the Godsmiths, the Medicine King Gu FuZuo. They quelled the internal disputes and showed the other empires who is the boss. Because the Northern Lord Xia Lie never had another kid, he forged a great empire and he let his only daughter ascend the throne.


The Great Zhou Empire is now known as the Great Xia Empire. Xia Lie is crowned as the founding emperor and his daughter, Xia Yu Ning became the first empress of the empire.


After this tribulation, the Yulan Palace also vanished into thin air. Martial God Tian Yin gave away her seat after confirming the death of the emperor. She chose a new palace master to take her place. However, nobody in the outside world knows the real identity of the new palace master. More shockingly, rumors leaked out that this new palace master bucked the trend, she ascended the seat of the palace master while pregnant.


Blue Carp Town settled back into peace and it prospered greatly as countless experts came to pay homage to the one who defeated the emperor, Ye XingHe. They wanted to see with their own eyes, the strongest cultivator in the whole wide world.


Ye XingHe’s location after the epic duel became an eternal mystery. No news about Ye XingHe ever surfaced after that.


Some people claimed they saw Ye XingHe in Blue Carp Town. Some people said they saw Ye XingHe appearing in Divine Sea Pavilion’s offices. There are also rumors going around about how Ye XingHe went crippled after that fight. There are also rumors about Ye XingHe straying down the demonic path. What’s more noteworthy is the absolute deluge of scandals about how Ye XingHe bagged himself two wives, the empress of Xia empire, and the other one, the Palace Master of the Yulan Palace. They cursed him for living a shameless life of debauchery with his two beautiful wives. Either way, almost everybody in the world knew about him knocking up the new Palace Master before she obtained her title.

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