Shoujo Grand Summoning – Table of Contents

Summary from RAWS >>Uukanshu<<

shao nu da zhao huan cover page

Does summoning giant dragons and beasts constitute a summon?

You call summoning angels and demons summons?

No! A true summonning, is to summon shoujos!

Summoning a certain tsundere railgun, that’s a summon!

Summoning a certain angelic lost property descended from the heavens, that’s a summon!

Summoning a certain tsundere student council president if you know what i mean!?

Naturally tanned youkai and majin if you know what i mean!?

A prideful king of knights if you know what i mean?!

Now that’s what I’m talking about

Personal summary: Ex-otaku horndog Mc a bit of a troll sometimes gets transported to another world with an op system that needs time to develop. The plot is about his ascension to the top to keep his crystal palace harem safe. By doing missions, leveling up and traveling between worlds and in his main world, Wu yan meets a bunch of girls, kill a few sonuva beech here and there, opening cans of whoopass on hordes of monster with his girls. Epic fights, and giggity (Yep, it’s 18+ but who actually cares) chapters here and there, it’s a good read overall.

Expect 3 chapters per week and more if Real life plays nice.

Just in case there’s people here who don’t know >>novel updates<< here’s what novel update says share the same universe as this one so y’all might like to check it out @ sakyuya wordpress.

Hey what the fuck, where new chapters at? I heard there’s a new chap out but it’s not on NU!
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Machine translate version (not recommended, edit nightmare): >>here <<

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