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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 100: A brawl between tier 8s (pt2/3)

The gigantic sword cut down mercilessly towards her face. The intense force generated made Ikaros’s fluttery hair in Uranus mode flutter even more, one could see just how strong this blow is!

Against such an attack, Ikaros treated it as a minor issue. Without lifting a head, she moved only her lips to utter a word…


Kalas and his mountain shattering giant sword stopped above Ikaros. Stunned he poured more dou qi into his attack but that didn’t change the fact that he is still stopped!

He gawked down only to see a layer of blue transparent circular barrier protecting Ikaros’ front and no doubt blocked his attack!

Kalas collected himself and toughened up before cutting down once more on the absolute defense circle. With a crisp sound, his attack got blocked again!

Without giving him the leeway to muster up another attack, Ikaros canceled absolute defense circle and did a 360 degree turn with her wings spread. Kalas got slapped far far away by the back-hand looking wings.

Momiri appeared suddenly in front of Ikaros and thrusted his pike at her while Jared  swung his double axe down at her back from behind!

With shrinking pupils, Ikaros flapped her wings and dashed up and away from the pincer attack only to be ambushed by Kalas who was waiting for her…

Concentrating the dou qi in his body like mad, and channeling it all into his giant blade, it lit up with a flashy red and smirked at Ikaros who went straight into his striking range.

“I would like to see… If your shitty barrier can block my strongest battle skill!”

Bloody soul slash!!!” (血魂一斩)

Her already deep red irises flared up even more reflecting the oncoming sword flash. With no other alternatives at hand, she deployed her barrier again.

The baleful strike  struck the barrier. Faced with the strongest skill of a same tier opponent, the barrier could only hold on a bit before being reduced to shattered fragments!

Kalas’ battle skill continued without stopping!

Failing to block the strongest attack, it did however mitigate the force and momentum of the attack by a lot.

Lifting her hand, a concentrated miniature barrier formed, like a shield it blocked his giant blade!


He didn’t even get the chance to rejoice about destroying that annoying turtle shell of hers and now his attack got blocked by another mini turtle shell. Kalas can’t believe what he is seeing, he can’t accept the fact that his strongest battle skill got a no sell just like that.

Ikaros smashed a fist into a very surprised Kalas’ face. The pitiful guy took flight once more, the first time a wing slap, and the second a fist in the face….

Jared and Momiri’s face fell when they saw this. Among them, Kalas is strongest, his battle skill also contains the strongest destrucctive abilities among them and yet he still can’t harm her, could she really be some kind of monster?


Here comes another round of salvo, seeing the sight of this flying metals that could rival mosquito in terms of being tough escaping from, the trio can’t help feeling their scalp paralyzing. Sure it’s annoying as mosquitoes but getting hit by one of them is definitely not going to sting like one!

Scampering away from the missiles they ran. And like usual, the missiles come flying at their asses again. Kalas and the gang quickly unleashed their battle skill to defend against the missiles. They looked so ghastly in the whole process.

A bit farther down below, Wu Yan who’s in the middle of slaughtering became excited.

Honestly speaking, Ikaros going up against 3 same tier opponents is worrying. If he didn’t have Resplendent Breath and the crystal scroll, he wouldn’t let Ikaros take this kind of risk.

But lo and behold, Ikaros + aerial advantage can actually fight on par with the 3 opponents while managing counter strikes form time to time. As expected of one holding the title sky queen!

At this rate, a reward is in order when they get home, hmm… yes it’s decided…

What he thought of when he said ‘reward’ is up to one’s imagination but his toothy smirk and his horrifying laugh scared a would be ambush from a warrior in his tracks making him want to run away as quickly as possible…

“Can’t help it, if we fight against her in the air it would be bad for us individually, her strong defense is not helping either, I say we gang up!”

Shouting like that, it’s like he’s not afraid Ikaros heard this…

Forcibly channeling dou qi to achieve flight, Kalas, Jared and Momiri came at her from three different directions.

Weapons in hand going kling klang as they destroyed and cut their way through the missile salvos. Finally, closing in on Ikaros and using their battle skills in sync!

Hurricane flash!!!” (大爆风闪动)

Heavy berserk strike!!!” (狂袭重劈)

Bloody soul slash!!!” (血魂一斩)

3 persons, 3 skills, 3 directions, all of them aiming for Ikaros. If it hit her cleanly, it’s clear that even Ikaros would be seriously harmed!

Streaks of light flashed pass her pupils as she calculated the magnitude of the force behind each strike. Deploying her barrier she covered herself.


The attacks connected in the blink of an eye, it hit the barrier with a loud clamor!

At that moment,  the blue light from the barrier, white light from hurricane flash, black light from heavy berserk strike and blood light from bloody soul slash persisted in the air along with a loud booom!

Wu Yan and Mikoto’s heart stopped beating for a moment. They hastened their hands to end the battle just a bit quicker in order to give Ikaros a helping hand.


Another loud sound came, but this time it’s the sound of Ikaros’ barrier being broken. Noticing this Kalas and the other two put more force into their hands and came at her with vengeance!

With three battle skills approaching, dodging being impossible, a streak of light flashed past her eyes before she moved her wings!

“It’s useless!”

Thinking that Ikaros is going to use her wings to make a quick escape, the trio laughed at the thought. Being surrounded by their attacks from all directions, where is she going to fly to?

Thinking somewhere along that line the three moved their armaments and continued their effort of delivering those heavy attacks down on that super desirable smoking hot body of Ikaros. (Tl: weird time to be describing her body…)


When Wu Yan heard this loud boom, his pupil shrank. Clenching his teeth, he unfurled one bout of Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz and shredded 3 warriors to pieces before glancing at the sky.

When he saw what happened he calmed down.

Ikaros shielded her body with her light wings and subsequently blocked the 3 attacks!

“This is impossible!”

Kalas went crazy when he saw this. How could he accept it when the strongest skill he takes pride in got blocked continuously like this, at least not with his big ass pride…

Momiri and Jared drew out even more dou qi but like a steel hard wall the light wings stopped their attack from advancing even after they used every last ounce of energy from drinking milk (Tl: every last ounce of energy basically).

Perhaps if Ikaros tried blocking with just her light wings at the start of the onslaught then it would have been next to impossible to stop their skills.

But too bad, their attacks are already weakened when they broke through the barrier by force. The remaining force could not achieve the threshold of breaking past her light wings.

The trio collected their thought and thought that this might be the case as they draw back to prepare for another round of skills to once again attempt to take down Ikaros.

Ikaros lifted her head swiftly and her light wings expanded several folds. With a flap of her wings, they overwhelmed Kalas and the other two making them resort to a hasty retreat…

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