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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 102: Uranus system!

“This.. this really is quite…”

Wu Yan and Mikoto exchanged glances while looking at the spectacle before them. They had the same feeling, that is a feeling of being fortunate while they patted their chest in relief…

Kalas, Momiri and Jared stood slack jawed when they saw the ground.

What was it like?

Well, the originally cracked battle torn surface is now completely gone after a hit from Apollon!

It’s not just the ground, even the small fries that were battling against Wu Yan and Mikoto got obliterated with nary a trace left on this world. The only trace that could be seen is one huge ass hole in the ground about a hundred meter in diameter!

Just one shot from Ikaros and poof, 70% of the hostiles that were busy engaging with Wu Yan and Mikoto got massacred.


Gulped the lucky ones who weren’t in the immediate area of effect or those who got out just in time. Of course, including Kalas and the other two as well.

The remainder of them either got hurt from the aftermath or got sent flying by the ensuing raging winds. Those unfortunate ones who got incapacitated by Mikoto also died from Apollon!

If Wu Yan and Mikoto didn’t drink Resplendent Breath before hand, they are going to get hurt if not dying. Given of course, that if they didn’t drink Resplendent Breath, Ikaros wouldn’t have shoot there in the first place!

Thinking about how he was having the time of his life cutting down people over there, he gulped.

Note to self: Ikaros is not just naturally air headed, her latent attribute might very well be air headed evil, don’t fuck around with her, absolutely not. (TL: 天然黑 combining the natural air head/air head with haraguro or evil hidden by a mask inadvertantly or intentionally is irrelevant 天然呆(天然)+ 腹黑, examples cited by moe girls are himeji from baka and test, yamada aoi from working!, uiharu from toaru)

“That… that monster…”

At this moment, Kalas, Momiri and Jared are not angry or jealous anymore. Those emtions got blown away with that terror inducing strike of hers.

Replacing those feelings, a little bit of fear could be seen from their eyes.

They haven’t felt this kind of fear since the encounter with the spider queen…

Missing, Ikaros moved her slender hand and onto the bow it went…

“Stop her! Don’t let her fire that armament again!”

Kalas and the other two practically had their souls jumping out (Tl: pissing their pants), they were so close to throwing away the armament in their hands. That alarming destructive power, that bow can only belong to the absolute highest of Rare Armaments!

To dodge that arrow, they used up 50% of their dou qi just for that short overcharge of their power and now their bodies are hurting all over. All of that barely got them through one arrow, now if another came at them…

They dare not continue with their imagination. Ignoring the intense agony of their practically crying bodies, the 3 channeled their dou qi and rushed like their lives depended on it!

The act of drawing and nocking requires time, not to mention the fact that Apollon needs charging time as well. The time frame may not be too long but it is there. Perhaps Kalas and the other two might not have been able to stop it just a few moments ago. but right now, under the threat of death the 3 individuals practically exploded. They didn’t care about the stress their body is taking from the intense channeling of dou qi and jumped at her like mad.

They didn’t gave her the chance to nock an arrow and raised their arms against Ikaros to which she could only block with the bow.


Blocking the three’s attack, she got pushed back by the force. Raising he rhead, she saw 3 red eyed individuals charging at her again!

Deploying her barrier, she blocked the attacks. Only by using their strongest battle skills can they break through the barrier so normal attacks naturally wouldn’t work on the barrier.

Kalas and the other didn’t give a damn at this point, if they stopped that horrid arrow would be shot and they didn’t have the confidence to say they can dodge the arrow!

Desperate, Kalas, Momiri and Jared kept swinging and swinging their armament down on the barrier!

While deploying her shield, Ikaros can’t use Apollon, she can’t even use Artemis. So she retreated while deploying the barrier, looking for another chance to fire an arrow.

But Kalas and the other two wouldn’t give Ikaros any inch to use Apollon. When she retreated, they pushed and kept attacking the barrier.

It’s not that they don’t want to use their battle skills, but if they did Ikaros would immediately use Apollon at which point, the ones dying would absolutely be them!

Even if the situation is dire, they can only keep this up…

While the intense rounds of defense and offense are taking place. Wu Yan and Mikoto has already dispatched the ones on the ground. Looking up, they felt helpless.

Well, what can they do? They can’t fly…

Even if he bought a tool that allowed temporary flight, it would be impossible to intervene like this!

Thus, they stood there watching…

Ikaros noticed Wu Yan & co had put down their enemies and she looked at the 3 persons still attacking her barrier. It looked like she resolved to something and she stored away the bow.

Kalas and the other two are startled by this development and stayed their hands for a moment, being unable to comprehend. Why store away that horrifying weapon?

They didn’t know that the real nightmare has yet to come…

Ikaros suddenly spread her light wings wide and the wings flickered before turning to 12 light sashes esque objects!

Kalas and the other two are even more baffled after seeing this scene but seeing as this might be a chance. They stopped and gathered their dou qi, preparing to unleash their battle skills and break through the barrier in one go. Wu Yan’s eyes on the other hand, are shining bright.

That’s because this scene is a familiar scene, a scene he has seen countlessd times before on screen!

He knows, the Ikaros now is in the truest meaning the strongest version of her!


Her wings extended and reached for either side. Suddenly, the space itself rippled when the light sashes touched them, it reached inside the ripple and looked like it disappeared into thin air to outside viewer!

A short burst of light flashed and following a jolt of electricity spreading out, a hologram started appearing. Soon, a fighter jet looking figure started appearing like an illusion behind her back.

“What is she planning to do now…”

This bizarre scene would naturally not go unnoticed by anyone, having a prior experience something snapped with a “katak” sfx inside Kalas and the other two. They felt some bad feeling creeping up…

Looking at Kalas and the other two, her expressionless face took on a slight sense of coldness. Arms spread wide, a few cannons started appearing from thin air.

Uranus system!!!

“What the fuck is that shit!?”

The cannons appearing gave them the shock of their lives. It felt like living all this while, all the previous surprises they encountered could not total up more than today. Gawking at the towering cannons, the three can’t help stepping back.

“That’s… a fighter aircraft!”

Mikoto and Hinagiku are stupefied by the Uranus system behind Ikaros. Their mouths are opened so wide, their jaws almost fell to the floor.

“Rather than fighter aircraft, it would be more apt to call her Uranus system a battle fortress!”

Wu Yan amusedly say. With eyes shining bright with excitement, how he has longed to see this in real life!

When Mikoto heard this she asked him.

“Uranus system? That’s Ikaros Gold Armament right?”

When he nodded, she returned her sight to Uranus system with twitching lips.

“Who would have thought…”

Tl: in case anyone is wondering what it looks like Look below and skip to 18: 28 if you just want to see its form. It’s episode 13 of the anime series btw.

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