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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 104: Graduation from beginner village…

Wu Yan, Hinagiku and Mikoto are currently completely stunned. Yes, even Wu Yan who had a ton of confidence in Ikaros.

How could this real life scene even compare to the one seen on screen?

The giant pillar of light descending from heaven didn’t just pulverized Kalas and the other two in an instant. It struck a very deep impression into the Wu Yan & co.

Comparing her joy and pride railgun against that lazer in all its glory, Mikoto felt like hers didn’t really match up to it…

When this submissive thought started floating up, Mikoto broke the train of thought immediately. She’s going to save her sisters, how can she give in to something like this?

Blowing all of her sense of frustration a new feeling started up, the burning feeling of passion.

Someday, I. Misaka Mikoto will be just like that light pillar. No. I will transcend that light beam!

Bluish white lightning arc started raging around her. The lightning flowed faster and faster until nothing but brilliance could be seen around Mikoto’s body.

The sudden transformation gave Wu Yan and Hinagiku a jump. The strong light rose drastically in intensity as the lightning raged violently like a raging storm. Some of it got into the ground and headed straight for Hinagiku and Wu Yan.

He turned grim and raised his hand to block the oncoming stray electricity. It should be easy to stop this flow of electricity seeing as they both have the same ability but what’s surprising is that he can’t seem to exert control over the stray power!

His body had a taste of lightning as a result. He wasn’t harmed due to having the same ability but he got stunned in place, unable to move. He’s pretty shocked at this revelation!

But there wasn’t any instance of this phenomenon before…

This discharge of electricity is clearly a few times stronger than her peak discharge before!

Judging from how she looks a bit panicky, it’s ridiculous but it seems she’s doing this without conscious command.

“What happened?”

Hinagiku who’s hiding behind Wu Yan is curious as to why Mikoto suddenly ‘went crazy’.

Wu Yan frowned, he saw the aura on Mikoto growing stronger and stronger before rising an eyebrow and exclaimed an “oh”.

“I think Mikoto is ascending!”


Hinagiku jerked. Mikoto also flinch when she heard this, she got excited soon after.

Striving to get the lightning under control, mk tunleashed her computational capabilities and reined in her raging electricity gradually. It seems he’s correct as it turns out, she’s able to control her powers.

Very soon, the electricity she discharged were back in her control and slowly she absorbed it back into her body.

She assessed the condition of her body while closing her eye. Soon, she opened her eyes and yelled in joy.

“It’s true! I can feel that while my ability is still at lv5, it has increased a lot in strength!”

“Well it looks like you have successfully made it to tier 8!”

Wu Yan’s happy she’s elated. To him, the ascension was just a matter of time, assuming they keep framing mobs, but this is a big deal to Mikoto. According to her estimates, Accelolirator is a tier 8.

This rise to tier 8 meant that she can now fight on par with Accelerator!

Is this nto a happy news to her who has the thought of saving the sisters everyday on her mind?

“It’s not just Mikoto, Yan. You and me both also ascended!”

With lil’ol Lirin in her arms, Hinagiku said. She had utilized the system analytic function and glanced over everyone including herself before happily continuing.

He checked his level  and i tturns out he ascended to tier 7 now.

Not just him, Kaichou-sama got power leveled to tier 7 as well! What a haul!

3 tier 8s, close to 7 tier 7s, some tier 6s, a ton of tier 5 and below, it’s no wonder Wu Yan got to tier 7 and Mikoto got to tier 8.

Hinagiku’s level weren’t that high to begin with. With such a big amount of ‘mobs’ to farm from, it’s as easy a grinding as they ever come (Tl: raw used something along the lines of she got the best keep-fit or beauty maintenance she could get), it’s also understandable she got  a boost to tier 7.

Now their lineup is composed of 2 x tier 8, 2 x tier 7, 1 x mascot (Tl: the author used counter for animals rather than human when referring to Lirin.)

If they walked on the streets with this kind of company in tow, jaws will be dropped. That is if they can detect their strength to begin with of course…

So far this treasure hunting trip has been worth it even without finding out what the treasure is yet!

There is something tiny he’s feeling a bit butthurt over though. How come sister railgun gets a lightshow when she ascended, it didnt help that it looked so badass one can’t miss it as well.

When he ascended, not even a toot of fart could be heard…

Urgh… to make comparisons between individuals…


Ikaros who returned to her normal state descended down in front of them. He rubbed her head before continuing in a soft manner.

“Thanks for the hardwork, Ikaros!”

Veritably, the expedition this time wouldn’t have been as successful without Ikaros’ help. At least 80% of their progress so far could be attributed to her efforts!

When Ikaros heard him, her eyes wavered a bit before she lowered her head to bask in the warmth of the hand upon her head. The warmth warmed up her heart and body as she closed her eyes while enjoying the warmth.

Afterwards, Wu Yan & company cleaned up the bodies and released the blindfold on Lirin. Heyo, an energetic and bubbly Lirin returned.

Cleaning up the whole battlefield, Wu Yan & company swiped away everything. The bounties are: 30+ Mainstream Armament, 3 Rare Armament looted from Kalas and the other two. Into his pocket, they all went.

Then there are some mixed items like coins and stuff. Of course, Wu Yan humbly undertakes the obligation to take real good care of them, and into his space ring they go.

The armaments are all turned into Equipment points, some 50’000 pts to be exact!

And he tried something out and sold the spider queen, and escorts’ body up to the system and got a nifty 600’000 back as Item points, that’s a pleasant surprise in itself because the spiders from before can’t be turned into points, he thought that the 3 Boss would be the same as well so…

Summing everything up, his mouth almost changed into that resembling a hippopotamus’. He got the levels and he got the resources, what can he say? Kalas and the other two are good guys inside his book.

Wu Yan
‘Kendo Master’
‘Master Chef”
‘Impeccable Memory’
Chaotic ‘Return to Horizon Waltz’
‘Electromaster (Lv4)
Nietono no Shana (Grade C), Conceptual Dragon Armor (Grade C)
Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros
Equipment points:
21’000 → 71’000
Item points:
8’100’000   → 8’800’000
Ability points:
Summoning points:
50 →65


Misaka Mikoto
C →B
C →B
B →A
69 →70


Katsura Hinagiku
C →B
D →B
C →A
C →B
Shirosakura (D →C grade)
35 →60


Uranus Queen mode
B →A
Artemis ‘Perpetual homing missile’ (Grade C), Aegis ‘Absolute Defense Perimeter’ (Grade C), Apollon (Grade C), Uranus System (Grade B)
77 →78


All in all, they got a fuck ton of upgrades this time around, disregarding the series of ‘B’ in their stats. The odd part about all of this is how Kaichou-sama’s Shirosakura upgraded from being D ranked!

When they asked the System later on. The answer was that since Hinagiku didn’t have any abilities and her stats are dirt poor at summoning, so System ugpraded her equipment!

Yet another pleasant surprise!

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