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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 109: Wu Yan’s decision! The prelude before the push down…

(Tl:推倒 literally means pushing down or push down something, it’s actually shortened language for sex so… yeah. Also, when i googled the two words, what comes up is a bunch of chinese memes about pushing down and lolis, perhaps because it’s related to the 3 perks of a loli: soft, mellow voice, easy to push down, also contains sparse amount of nsfw material so i don’t recommend googling the two words at work)

“Good morning! Master…”

Hazy, Wu Yan could hear these kind of sound as he pried his eyes open. That was when he saw it. A twin peak of such scrumptious volume, swaying in front of him with an approximate distance of 10cm!

“Am i dreaming? If so, please don’t wake up…”

With his eyes half opened, the first impression he got when he saw the scrumptious feast before him is that he is still sleeping…

Ikaros  is currently leaning on top of him as she curiously observed her master. She sensed that her master was awake and right after she gave him a good morning the master seemed to have entered into a strange state.

Perhaps it’s because her voice was too small?

Ikaros tilted her head while scrutinizing Wu Yan. After she’s sure he’s awake she decided to greet him again.

“Good morning! Master…”

In actual fact, Wu Yan is wide awake after that mumble just now. But when he saw the twin peaks of fabulous glory he turned slack jawed and couldn’t muster a proper response.

When Ikaros called out again, only then did he manage to recover. He figures it is Ikaros who came to his room, and the big bunnies before him belonged to Ikaros for sure!


He couldn’t help gulping his saliva. Insdie the silent room, this sound was quite audible and it elicited more curiosity from Ikaros before he awkwardly laughed.

Resisting the urge to turn into a wolf, he pushed Ikaros away while heaving and grinning.

“Ikaros, could you please not wake me up in that manner? I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold myself back from…”

“Unable to hold back from?”

Tilting her head, she looked into his eyes. Although it was still her expressionless face, he could see within her eyes that she wants to inquire as to what kind of thing he won’t be able to hold back. This made him choke on his words, unable to blurt anything out.

“Oh yes, where is Hinagiku and Mikoto?”

With no other alternatives, he diverted the subject with a helpless intonation to his words. He also tugged at the blanket to cover up a certain area that won’t listen to his brain.


“We are quite alright actually!”

A voice that is definitely not Wu Yan or Ikaros resounded. It disrupted what Ikaros was going to say and made his frozen smile stiff.

Like a machine he slowly turned his head around. What he saw standing at the door was a Mikoto drabbed in dark aura with her head lowered and her face covered by bangs and a smiley Hinagiku.

“Y…Yo, good morning Hinagiku and Mikoto…”

Smiling and rising his hand to greet them, he could have passed as greeting them, if not because he’s sweating fountains.

Too bad though, Kaichou-sama and Railgun has no intention of reciprocating his gesture. Standing there, the two girls stared holes into him while ignoring Ikaros.

“I was thinking why I don’t see Ikaros anywhere every time I wake up in the morning, so it’s because she went sleeping somewhere else…”

“No, it’s er, please I can explain..”

His face is basically drenched in sweat. His grin might as well look like a broken one even fuglier than crying as he pleaded to Hinagiku and Mikoto.

Hinagiku and Mikoto didn’t say anything and turned silent. He feels even more anxious at this. He would rather the two girls beat the shit out of him, at least then he would know everything’s still okay but now that the situation has become like this, he’s truly scared.

“Hinagiku, Mikoto…”

“Yan, you big idiot!”

Hinagiku Mikoto roared before they turned around and walked away leaving two drops of tears there.

Shit just hit the fan…

His heart sunk and he became absent minded. It looks like the two girls are really hurt now…

Who could blame them, the person they love spent a night together with another woman inside a room. Anyone would misunderstand.

“Master, is it Ikaros’ fault?”

Ikaros watched the whole thing go down from the side so she asked while squirming around seemingly upset. This is the first time he has actually seen any kind of emotion reflected on her face.

He breathed in deep before continuing to rub her head.

“Ikaros, this is not your fault. Don’t beat yourself up over it!”

“Yes, master…”

At least that’s what she said, but any reasonable human could tell she hasn’t let the matter go judging by that anxious face of hers. She is probably criticizing herself.

He sighed and then looked at Ikaros and the tear drops on the ground, a sense of pain surged inside him.

Hinagiku and Mikoto, will they not care about me anymore after this?…

Mulling over the matter, he felt like there’s an increasing chance that they might just do that and he started panicking.

In a way, his present state is basically him over reacting as a result of seeing Hinagiku and Mikoto expressing that kind of behaviour for the first time. It never crossed his mind that he could have settled the matter if he just properly explained himself.

Well, if he did then what is going to happen probably wouldn’t have happened…

With a grim face, his body might be here, but his heart has gone to chase after Hinagiku and Mikoto. He has this intense urge to go and check up on how Hinagiku and Mikoto are doing.

But he’s afraid that after going to check up on them, he would only hurt them even further.

Clenching and relaxing his fist, he repeated the action. He then looked at Ikaros who’s dimmed down. Finally, he made a crazy decision!


“Yes, master…”

Ikaros saw a resolute Wu Yan looking at her as if he has resolved himself to something grand. It temporarily stunned her.

“Ikaros, stop deprecating yourself, I am going to solve everything, will you please lend me your help?”

As if he just made some kind of breakthrough, Ikaros who saw this beaming Wu Yan looked at him a daze before her expression returned to her usual deadpan manner.

“Yes! Master!”


Standing outside Hinagiku and Mikoto’s room, he knocked on their door.

“Hinagiku, Mikoto, it’s me, open up!”

Pausing for a bit, the room remained motionless. After a brief while, a small mewl came out while sobbing.

“Go away, I don’t want to see you!”

He showed a face like he was expecting this as he grabbed the door’s handle. Activating his ability, a spark flashed and the door opened up and he went inside.

He saw two girls hiding themselves in their blanket. The only visible part would be their tear stained eyes looking back at him from the edges of the blanket.

‘They even ran back into the same room to cry’

He retorted silently before waltzing in.

When the girls saw this, they screamed at him.

“Get out!”

Wu Yan only smiled. With an ever beaming smile he responded to them. But Hinagiku and Mikoto felt a sudden sense of bad foreboding.

“You.. what are you planning on doing…”

Stammered Hinagiku and Mikoto as they retreated inside their blanket due to the feeling of something bad that’s going to happen. They have clearly forgotten that they were possed with Wu Yan.

He didn’t say anything, he only took a small pouch and blew it towards their face. A cloud of powder went floated straight for the two unprepared girls.

“What are you doing!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto rubbed their face while screeching in fury. Suddenly, they lost strength in their body and fell down on their bed.

“What is this? What did you do? What are you going to do?”

Hinagiku shot the question out but Wu Yan only responded with the sound of his approaching footsteps.

It is at this moment that Hinagiku and Mikoto knew they’re fucked. They can’t move their body, esper power, Shirosakura, the two girls can’t use any of them. Add to this the weird direction in which things are progressing, they are definitely panicking now.

Listening to the footsteps, the two girls knew Wu Yan is slowly approaching them. At the same time. Their hearts are screaming.

This isn’t right! This isn’t how things are supposed to proceed!

Alas, the ensuing development is really beyond their expectation…

Grabbing Mikoto under the eyes of the alarmed girls, he placed her at Hinagiku’s side. Looking at their face, he sighed before taking a more serious face.

“Hinagiku, Mikoto, become my women!”


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