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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 11: The legendary transcript mission! Hayate the combat butler, starts!

“Ding! Congratulations on leveling up! Current lv28!”

His tired body shook, and he started to become invigorated. This sensation leaves him wanting each and every time, not just because his strength is increasing, but also because his body would feel abnormally superb. Each level up is another feel good moment…

Slicing a piece of flesh from the tier 3 demonic beast laid down next to him, he sold the body off to the system in exchange for some Ip and Ap. He sat down and began to grill the meat in his hands.

Although he doesn’t have any seasoning on him, but he grilled with much intensity. With ‘Culinary master’, even if it’s just grilling, it can still become very tasty.

Unit: Wu Yan
Abilities: ‘Kendo master’, ‘Culinary master’
Equipment: Kusanagi sword (D)
Ep: 40000
Ip: 250,000
Ap: 70,000
Lv: 28

After two months, this is his haul for the period!

These 2 months, he kept travelling between the guild and giant beasts forest, endlessly accepting missions and killing monsters. Normally one would be fed up with this kind of grind but he made it through with sheer will.

He doesn’t want to admit it, but he understands that he is very weak. Since coming to this world, he hasn’t seen a person being lower lv than him. This might well be a sample problem in that those without power wouldn’t normally come here, but he’s not going to use such a sad excuse.

Even the piece of shit newbie mob, Slime had a higher lvl then him from before. He just can’t take this kind of insult. He’s blatantly ignoring the fact that he just arrived at this world for one month and that Slime was older than him…

As for Lulu the genius girl, omitting the genius part she’s a girl. However she had lv 35 and is a tier 4 magician.

And the guard mob uncles were each tier 3, much stronger than the previous him.

And Slime’s scrappy knight corps also had tier 2 individual strength. He was at that time, a tier 2 as well…

Lori’s family being one of the top powers in the world and number one noble family of Ailu empire won’t just have this one particular knight corps, there has to be others out there. This shows that they were indeed many more people stronger than him.

Moreover, being the number 1 family implies that there’s no.2 and no.3 families. They might be weaker than no.1 but they won’t be that much a big difference right? They are still part of the empire’s powerhouse families so that has to mean something.

Furthermore, this is just one empire, how about the other 2 empires, surely they have their powerhouse families as well.

And the most critical part of it all, Fei Fei, he managed to ask for her age, turns out she was just 24!

Older than him by 3 or 4 years and she’s already a tier  super. Even if she went out on her own in this world, she could still stand independently on her own.

Summing it up, reality is telling him, he’s weak as hell!

For sure he doesn’t have any ideologies on taking over the world. Prior to transport, he was just a home security guard, can someone like that have big aspirations? That being said he won’t be satisfied being the bottom bitch, he’s elucidated very well on the setting of this world, power, power is everything!

Without it, in a world of supers, if he’s the normal guy, he can only spend his day living a normal life. Living his day from day to day under constant fear, avoidance and defense from the warriors and magicians that could smite him down with one hand. Passing his life under the ‘norms’, entrusting his life and death on other people.

Even if he did die, nobody would give a shit about a normal person.

Now there’s another alternative, take control, take control of one’s fate, become stronger!

Stronger than anyone!

On this world, they can’t be just one such slime. Next time somebody gets pissed over a minor detail and decides to shank him, who knows what tier that guy would be? He can rely on Lulu and Fei Fei to dodge a bullet here and there. But come the day where a person Fei Fei can’t handle appears, he might as well accept the fate of being slaughtered.

Ignoring other factors, let’s just talk about Lulu, as a sole child of a big family, if he wants to continue being friends, he become stronger. These big families are all very realistic, she might not mind but her family members definitely would. They wouldn’t want someone feeble to loiter around her. They would judge him based on his worth and then deciding based on that.

And regarding Fei Fei, she’s a tier 7 magician. Sure she looks warm and approachable, but he knows, had it not been for Lulu being a middle person, he wouldn’t even have a chance to talk with Fei Fei.

It’s not that she’s being superficial. In a world where might makes right, this kind of situation is common, would a person want to talk to an ant crawling nearby? If anybody would, please do tell me…

In this world, no power, than you’re an ant. And the supers, not to say everyone but at the very least, the majority wouldn’t say suddenly that they would want to make friends with an ant, it’s that realistic and practical.

Certainly, there’s special circumstances. For example the ‘lake bathing voyeur episode’ enabled him to talk with Lulu. If he was just a normal adventurer (TL: the raws says adventurer not merc), and he was just passing by, perhaps not even before they met he would have been told off by one of the guards.

To make sure they aren’t two worlds apart, and to avoid being shot with ‘What rights have you’, he can only get stronger!

For his own sake, for others’ sake, and for not getting written off, he can only become stronger!

Hence, these days, his routine was drink, eat, sleep, bath, travel and for the major part of the remaining time, grinding. With a map from Fei Fei on the topology of giant beast forest, he knows where to tread and where not to.

Maa… he spent a lot of time looking at he confusing map that’s for sure…

Two months, he gained 9 lvls, looks small but in this world going from the beginning of tier 3 to the cusp of tier 4 in 2 months? Were this news to spread, a lot of jaws would drop to the ground.

One should know, Lulu being a super genius who started at 10, reached tier 2 magician at 11, tier 3 at 13 years old, and by 16 had reached tier 4. From tier 3 to 4, 3 whole years she spent training.

And Fei Fei trained for 2 years before doing the same.

Adding to his elation, he could get points while grinding, adding to his versatility stockpile. All in all he’s quite pleased.

Lifting his grilled meat glossy with grease, he chuckled while preparing to reward his body.

“Beep! Transcript system initiated!”

He just sat there in that position, ready to chomp down on the meat.

Frowning his brows, he returned his jaw to his original position.

“Transcript? System, what’s up with this transcript thingy?”

“User, upon 3 months of surviving in Silvaria, the transcript system will initiate, please choose a transcript of your liking and improve your levels and points through the transcript mission, time and resources.”

Glee went through his heart when he heard the news. Leveling up? Points? Nothing but good stuff…

Opening the menu, where there were only status, equipment, item, abilities, summon once. Now there’s ‘transcript’.

One after another he looked over the available transcripts, it’s not an exaggeration to say that he was almost blinded by the sheer awesomeness of it. Among many other things he doesn’t give a shit and don’t want to, there’s games and anime worlds!

Going into anime world? (TL: fuck truck kun, i has ze system #swag #transport 4 life #truck kun can shove it)

And for half the day he can’t calm down his matatas, until the meat in his hands has gone cool and the fire has died down did he return from his stupor. A burning feeling of bliss inside him.

The holy grail of all otakus, you get me?
(TL:宅男的幻想乡有木有, not sure referring to holy grail of all otakus or just gensoukyou because they are both possible here, putting holy grail because not all otakus are into gensokyo)

O’ system, I have no idea where you hailed from but moi wishes to show my appreciation for you, even though you always bust my balls…

Still dancing in joy he started going through the transcript list, immediately he noticed a problem.

“System, why’s the transcript options all grey?”

He tried clicking a transcript but nothing happened, this made him very baffled.

Oh god…. fees again?…

“To select a transcript, a certain fee must be paid for the path to open…”

Fees, I fucking knew it! So it’s like this huh!

I knew it, fortune doesn’t come raining down from the sky, one must obtain it for himself…

“Obviously you can enter a transcript for free, but the transcript would randomized.”

He was about to cry but he held it in, face distorted so much that it’s unbearable to look at.

Young lad, it’s not good to hold it in…

He sighed.

“If that’s so, can I choose the type of transcript? Like I only want to go into anime transcripts, the content can be randomized by you, can you compromise a little here?”


Looks like the system is thinking it over, if only this trolling system possess a proper thought process…

“Inside the system setting, there’s no setting against user’s request, therefore, according to system judgement, system decision and user’s suggestion, this compromise is allowed!”

Cracking a wide smile he guffawed.

“Well then, choose a transcript right away!”

Itching to go inside an anime world he urged the system.

“Beep! Choosing a transcript according to user power status!”

Wow, so thoughtful of you, system…

Feeling uncertained about the decision, it’s lucky that the system has such a function, if not, should he wander into any world like ‘dragon ball’, he would be sent to meet with Enma Daiou due to the whims of certain qi gong cannon throwing bastards. What’s worse, getting revived by goku and co and then after a new enemy appears, get sent back again, and revived once more….

After the system announced this, a band of light started flickering between the choices, it finally stopped on a transcript, and the transcript glowed brightly.

Transcript: Hayate the combat butler!

Hayate? Awesome! It has quite a high safety rating, and there’s monster and ghost to farm, for someone like him who’s just about lv30 this can’t be any more apt!

And, the most important part, kaichou samaaa! It’s kaichou samaaaa!!!

Ahahaha-ing there, he looked so goofy.

“Beep! Transcript <<Hayate, the combat butler>>, enter?”

Slightly stunned, he responded.


After shouting ‘enter’, without special fx, he just went poof, only leaving a dwindling kindling there.


(Is this world to everybody’s liking? I won’t follow the original work, hmmhmm! Please recommend and bookmark this, by the way, why’s there no big review on this?)

(TL: I normally don’t translate author’s rant because they don’t have connection to story and sometimes have spoilers. Almost every chapter there’s a generic line asking for likes, bookmarks, recommends etc i just omitted them, but if there’s anything important to the story like “I won’t follow originalwork” i will translate them)


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