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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 110: Spoiling my beloved Kaichou-sama…

Tl: double chapters. Because erections don’t last two days.

“Hinagiku, Mikoto be my women!”


Twas a stunned Hinagiku.


Twas a stunned Mikoto.

The whole room fell into silence after the extremely shocking words uttered by Wu Yan. As if time stood still, one thing is for certain. Hinagiku and Mikoto broke down.

Even with the super thick face he has, after declaring something like that and seeing their reaction, he can’t help but feeling like running away.

It was only something he thought of and subsequently planned on doing with his over reacting brain…

Something along the lines of disabling Kaichou-sama and Railgun and then crawl up in them…

What wicked means, and how incredibly exciting!

Even Wu Yan is admiring himself. Damn, why didn’t he have the reckless balls to this earlier?

“You… do you understand what you are spouting right now?”

If she weren’t feeble and couldn’t move at all, Mikoto might have went full sparta and electrocuted everyone with no delineation between foes and allies.

Hell, not just Mikoto, even Hinagiku is blushing red with rage and embarassment to the extent that she could just die.

Brazenly standing in front of the two girls and spouting something like making them his women. If it were any normal girl, they would have given him a big ol slap to da face. What Kaichou-sama would give to be able to draw her Shirosakura and shank the bastard. That should teach him what no zuo no die means.

Maybe it’s because of this that Wu Yan decided to disable them first? Well at least he has the foresight for this…

Now, whether or not he could live to see another day however…

In response to Mikoto, he laughed bitterly as he took in the sight of two girls flushed red, due to embarassment or anger or a mix of both. He stayed silent for a bit before reaching out and caressing Hinagiku and Mikoto’s faces while softly continuing.

“I know what I’m saying is asking a bit too much. No, it’s too much but really I have no choice…”

With an upset face, he continued ignoring the two girls who got even redder by his touch.

“You see, I have no choice, I don’t want to choose between the two of you, and I don’t want to see anyone of you hurt. I can’t ignore your feelings as well. That’s why there’s only this next strategy…”

Lifting his head he resolutely declared.

“I don’t care what happens, you can hate me, beat me or scold me but I won’t give up any one of you girls!”

Done with that, he waved and emitted a blast of air to close the door before turning back to Hinagiku and Mikoto.

“Wha.. what are you doing to do…”

The sound of the door slamming shut was pretty clear. When the girls heard this, they flinched their body as a dark feeling started crawling up inside them. It’s like they are going to lose something very important to themselves!

Breathing in deep, he hope this will calm down his nervousness. But doing so only made him even more nervous.

Can’t be helped, looking back at his live. In the twenty something years he has lived, he has been a devout magician, in other words a virgin. Now, he’s going to make a job change. The target: two shoujos that used to be the 2D idols of his dream, what’s more, there’s tow of them!

An exciting first time experience right in front of him. As a cherryboy, how can he not be nervous about it?

He placed his trembling hands on the their bodies. And then, throwing all caution to the wind, he did away with their clothes in a rapid manner…

“Ah! You you you you, what are you doing! Stop!”

“Hya! You pervert! No… don’t…”

“Don’t remove… don’t remove…that piece definite shouldn’t… arh..”



The two girls’ pleas for mercy notwithstanding, he utilized a speed he didn’t know he had before to strip them bare. And soon, two beautiful pristine pearly white body appeared before his eyes!

Gawking at the two exquisite figure before him, he gulped violently. Even so, his saliva did not stop, as they flooded his oral cavity. Gulping and gulping he couldn’t stop in time and a strain of saliva dripped down the corner of his mouth.

His nasty hog appearance is of course clear as day to Hinagiku and Mikoto. They didn’t think much of it because their brains entered a hazy state when they recognized that their bodies are now in full view for Wu Yan.

On the other hand, a part of his body has come so hard it hurts, his pants can barely hold it back anymore. Without much thought, he put on his birthday suit as well.

Eyes popping, smoke coming out of their head as they watched this whole thing. It did little to stop their embarassment and anger, especially when the nasty object appeared in front of them…

Everything happened so fast, the two girls didn’t get any chance to say anything…

Now that mutual trust has been established, he heaved and dived straight for Hinagiku!


Feeling the weight pressing down on her, Hinagiku finally panicked. She wants to push him away but she just couldn’t muster the strength, even her insides felt weak.

With no other alternatives, she can only beg from the bottom of her heart.

“Yan, please don’t… don’t… u….” (Tl: u, being sfx for sobbing or mewling)

Bending over, he put a cork in her pleadings with a very fast blitzkrieg on her clenched teeth and seized her tongue with his, capturing it. He then started a dance with it…


They exchange saliva and Hinagiku released herself to sink into the euphoric french kissing. She even closed her eyes in the process. The smooching ‘tskstk’ sounds didn’t stop ringing…

After that exchange, he felt unsatisfied and he reached out his demonic claws and grabbed onto Kaichou-sama petite breast.

She instantly opened her eyes wide in shock and returned from her stupor. Feeling his movements and her body’s strange reacctions, she turned deep red, so bashful and angry she could die.

His first impressions: 1) soft and 2) so small..

Well, Kaichou-sama isn’t in the A cup angst group for nothing…

Maa, fuck it if it’s small, at least it’s better than nothing. There is still a long journey ahead of them and plenty of chances to slowly develop them…

Holding that kind of thought he cupped onto the two tiny white bunnies and while still maintaining what he’s doing with his mouth he started moving his fingers and fondled them bewbs…

“ugghhh.. ngg…”

Following his movements, Hinagiku’s body became more and more sensitive and the surging sense of happiness became even more intense. Under its influence, the light in her eyes started drifting away.

Indubitably, she’s turned on now!

Not saitsfied with just conquering one area, the hand after sating itself changed targets, he moved one of his hands, down and down it goes….


Don’t know where she got the strength but Hinagiku arched her body up in an intense manner and then she fell back down. She can’t stop the feeling she’s having as it grew and grew while she lost further control over herself and sunk deeper, unable to come back up.

At a certain point, he removed himself from her lips and looking at her aroused manner, he grinned in a satisfied way. He retrieved his hands that were fondling the space at the center between her legs. Along with his hands came liquid with dubious scent on them.

It is time…

Stopping all movements, he hoisted her up onto him before concentrating his efforts on abs and slowly pushing up into her. It rubbed against her inside before it hit an obstacle. He breathed in and pushed harder!


She felt intense pain coming from her bottom and she moaned in pain while tensing up. She grabbed onto him with the strength that came back to her since an unknown period of time before. Her tears won’t stop flowing.

“It hurts.. it hurts so much… uuuu…”

Flowed the waterworks. AFter the pain subsided what replaced them was a euphoric one. She knew that after this, her everything belonged to the young man before her!

He’s also panicking when he saw her crying face. He rubbed away her tears in a frantic manner and ┬áthen tried to kiss away her pain.

When felt what he was trying to do, a sense of happiness flashed by her and the pain slowly receded. What came after that is a feeling of electric coursing through her and then an abnormal feeling of emptiness. And so, she inadvertantly twisted her body.

Receiving her message, or at least what he interpreted of that. He grinned and started going to town…

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