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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 112: The morning after

Hinagiku sat on the bed, hiding her body in blanket and stayed silent with head lowered.

Mikoto sat on the bed hiding her body in blanket and stayed silent with head lowered.

(Tl: I shit you not, author just used different name for the same sentence.)

Meanwhile, Wu Yan’s calmly standing in front of the two girls, smiling all the while being silent.

Ignoring what happened before, one could guess what happened in this room just by looking at this scene. Plus, from the start the vague smell that permeates the room has not completely disappeared.

The sun has already risen up high above their heads. Originally, he woke up early this morning and that was the time he went and find Hinagiku and Mikoto.

After a brief ‘intense wrestling’, time has slipped by and past morning for lord knows how long.

The battle has ended with a full stop but when the rice is already cooked the scene has become like this and stayed this way for close to half an hour without much change….

And the whole room fell into an awkward silence…

Hinagiku and Mikoto aren’t taking any action so Wu Yan didn’t dare to do anything as well. He did took quite an aggressive manner in scoring some ass this time. The fact that he didn’t get shanked and electrocuted to death is already pretty damn good.

Hence, the status quo stayed this way…

He cautiously glanced over the two girls. They still don’t want to talk but he can’t handle the weird atmosphere anymore.

“Er, hinag, mkt will you two please say something…”

He might have been pretty confident before doing the act, what with saying something along th elines of ‘you can hit me or scold me’, but when push comes to shove, he got a bit scared…

The girls are still not responding. It somehow feels like he’s on death row just waiting to get executed by guns, he can’t sit still…

Silence and more silence greeted him. Somehow, after he spoke up the mood has changed a bit. A brief while later, he heard some murmuring.

“Get out…”

He flinched.



Hinagiku raised her flushed face. With teary eyes she pointed at the door with her slender little fingers and screamed at him.

“Get out!”

He held the urge to speak but failed and mumbled.



He hasn’t finished talking yet but electricity crackles started sounding up. Shivers climbed up his spine because he knew who this was even if he used his knees to think.

Awkwardly laughing, he zipped his mouth. Quickly glancing at Hinagiku and Mikoto, he confirmed that there are no anger in those flushed and agitated face so he released a sigh of rleief inside. Nodding his head, he picked up his clothes and exited the room.



After he left, the room became silent again. Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged gaze, they could both see complicated feelings in each other’s eyes.

A while later, the two released a sigh at the same time. Their thoughts synchronized.

“Just my luck…”


When they finally emerged from their room. The girls saw the usual expressionless Ikaros and Lirin sitting at the table. Lirin’s busy banging on the table while Wu Yan is busy serving platters of food lke a busy bee onto the table.

“Big sis Hinagiku, big sis Mikoto, you’re both up already?”

Lirin chirped and waved her small hands. She would have asked the two what they were doing in the room if Wu Yan had not told her to stay quiet about asking the touchy matter.

Ikaros glanced over at Hinagiku and Mikoto and a strange light shined within her eyes. The reason being she discovered the two girls to be walking in a rather awkward gait.

Are their feet feeling uncomfortable?

Question mark floated over her head as she thought about this.

Hinagiku and Mikoto squeezed out two smiles before greeting back and stumbling over to the table and prudently tried to see their ass down.

“You girls finally came out!”

When they heard this sound, the smile on their face disappeared immediately. Their face darkened and they turned before jerking.

Wu Yan is holding a plate on his hand while having the most resplendent beaming face like that of a bright sun on his face. His eyes practically squinting into a line, his sclera could not be observed. Adding those features to his chef outfit, his overall appearance seemed like that of a fresh sunshine.

Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged looks when they saw this house husbando of a Wu Yan. They scrutinized him over and over, wanting to see if he’s faking this somewhere. Before they said something, they recalled something and they turned their heads away with a hmph.

His sunny smile collapsed immediately and down went his acting as well. Originally he was planning on faking it until he makes it…

As expected, 3P is a fantasy, even if one achieves this the bill comes due…

He’s ignoring the fact that he did this to himself…

Sighing, he adjusted his face and put on his sunny smile before walking up to their sides and placing two plates of dishes all the while servicing them with a bright smile.

“Hinagiku, Mikoto, you two must be hungry. I made these especially for you two, eat up!”


Silence and then some more silence.

His lips twitched when he saw the two girls didn’t even give him the time of day. Wryly laughing he urged them again.

“Maa, your stomach must be crying out loud, come on hurry and eat. These are very nutritious. I thought you girls might want to resup… supply your body…”

Close to the end of his sentence, two unnaturally ¬†sharp leer from the two girls shot him. He lowered his tone gradually and his heart shrunk. If their face weren’t red as well he might have ran away.

He gulped and turned to Mikoto and dryly laughed.

“Ne, Mikoto why don’t you eat first, I guarantee you are definitely going to love it.”

He opened the lid and motioned for her to take a look. She put on a front like she’s not particularly interested in this dish as she peeked. And her eyes never moved away again.


She clasped her hands together beside her right cheek as she stared at the plate with cat eyes.

Yes, it’s a gekota shaped dessert on the plate that he made specially for her!

A smile of victory started floating up his face as he grinned, of course in a not so apparent way.

“How’s that? Do you like it?”

“Nn nn!”

No hesitation at all she nodded.


Hinagiku yelled. Frustration filled her voice but inside Mikoto’s world there is only gekota, fueling much to her agitation.

He didn’t know what to say as well, although he was hoping she wouldn’t be angry anymore who would have thought the whole matter was solved with a gekota dessert. This made him thought of a formula along the lines of ‘her first night = gekota’.

Well anyway, that’s one down…

He turned over to a heaving and mad Hinagiku before he put up a smile and walked on over to her.

“Hinagiku, you should try it as well, I made the burger that you always liked just for you.”

Revealing the plate, he smiled.

“Look, it’s custom made, have a taste!”

And then he used the puppy eyes on her.

Against that sad hopeful eyes and the special made hamburger, Hinagiku’s eyes started wavering.

She hesitated a bit before picking it up and chomping down on it viciously. Her eyes brightened up with that bite as she consumed the hamburger in a rapid fashion.

He released a sigh of relief and laughed. It wasn’t his fake ass sunny smile but an honest one.

‘This means they have forgiven me right?’

He thought while looking at Hinagiku who’s dealing with the hamburger swiftly and Mikoto who’s still cat eyed with the gektoa dessert.

Perhaps because she saw through his thoughts, Hinagiku stopped eating the hamburgers and turned her head away with a hmph. Then she mumbled while still chewing on hamburger.

“Don’t think I have forgiven you just because of this!”


Mikoto who returned from Gekota heaven stared at him grudgingly while voicing her agreement.

“If you want us to let you off the hook, then it’s still too early. Your reward will come soon enough just you wait!”

He cried. With how things turned out, it is a matter worth celebrating…

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