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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 113: Bringing Little Lirin back home…

Supply town: Airship field…

This is an airship contact plaza for arriving and departing the supply town. It’s like the bus stops and airports in Wu Yan’s world. The only difference being only airships are here and there are no planes or buses.

Because the supply town is a supply station established close to the Giant Beast Forest by the Ailu empire, there are many airships from all parts of the Ailu that can be seen here.

Since there are many airships that come from all parts of the empire, there are also airships going to various parts of the Ailu empire.

Airships coming and going, amount of people like that of mountain and sea (Tl: read fuck ton of human traffic). This place could be said to be the most visited place in the supply town.

Business as usual today got disrupted. Rather than a big scale one it’s more a small scaled change in a small population of this place. Specifically speaking the males are all gawking at a certain direction…

What can catch the eyes of so many male eyes? Hot chicks of course!

Yellow frock and a dainty white coat, pink hair dancing along win the wind. Hinagiku rubbed her flowing hair and smiled slightly.

Beautiful! Charming!

Not losing to Hinagiku attire in freshness, a black shirt with white ridges, not wearing a skirt but a short jeans instead, her tea coloured hair waving ever so often. Not very exquisite but still abnormally smooth and pretty legs in full view. Crossed arms and an impatient look on her face.

Heroic! Unconstrained!

Short pink hair reaching her shoulders, 2 long ponytails reaching down to her legs hidden behind Ikaros’ back tied together by red hair ties. A short sleeved small shirt and a pleated skirt made her seem housewife-ish (Tl: any english words for waifu material?). The owner of the expressionless face made people fall prey to her melancholic charm, invoking a desire to protect her.

Gorgeous! High class!

Long blonde hair waving around, body wrapped in an innocent white one piece. A face that is always beaming no matter what time or place, dashing around all over the place.

Bubbly! Cute!

The heroic, captivating, pretty and cute four girls group made a lot of males from this side of the airship field look over.

Compared to this four person idol group, the only male standing behind them draped in all black shirt, trousers and hoodie with black eyes and black is the most inconspicuous of them.

He is very self aware of this matter. Of course if it were him, rather than a dude he would rather be a hot chick.

To prevent death from being doused in a vat of jealousy, hate and admiration he stood behind the group acting as the bodyguard.

Not that they need the protection anyway. Except for Lirin, 3 of them has power equal or above tier 7. Anyone who comes here starting shit is going to get whacked.

Bodyguard Wu Yan’s job is to chase away the pretentious, posing Mr Tall Rich Handsome that thinks they can hit on the girls.

He just showed one or two instances of his abilities and the flirts went away in disappointment. With a tier 7 as a bodyguard, these girls can only be disciples of some royalty or something right?

So the posers assumed the girls are just some nobles out to play in town with their tier 7 bodyguard or some setting along those lines.

If they knew that the girls aren’t nobles and Wu Yan is the center of this team and not some bodyguards they would probably gang him to death and then devour the girls in flocks.

Of course at that point, they would probably have dug their own grave…

3 days had passed after  Wu Yan ate railgun and Kaichou-sama.

During these 3 days, these 3 boring days. So very boring that he wants to shout out loud it is at  a ‘ why you do this to me’ kind of extent.

He changed job at much effort of his and got to taste some booty. He originally thought days filled with happiness will be arriving soon but whether or not those days will come at all. These 3 days had been an excruciating experience for him.

He is pretty sure that he has integrity. He’s not some Liu Xia Hui but it’s not easy to tempt him.

That “integrity” is in the past now. After having a taste of sweet sweet bootay, of course he wants to ride another time. Otherwise how can he be at peace with himself?

But who would have thought after forcibly tapping those asses, Kaichou-sama and Railgun didn’t give out anymore boarding pass and locked him outside!

This… is there no heaven’s law?…

And so, for the past 3 days. He has been living a life where he can see but he can’t touch. During the nights he is forced to sleep alone and the only one he can feast upon is himself.

His weight has dropped as a result. (Tl: He wanked. Move along.)

And to top it off, he would wake up every morning to Ikaros resting her body against his while watching him sleep. Those rocking boday jiggling before his eyes.  For a super horny Wu Yan, how would he be able to resist?


But every time he lost control and is pushing down Ikaros, Kaichou-sama and Railgun would come out of no way to block his cock in an abrupt manner.

During these days, he cried…

He reckons this is Hinagiku and Mikoto getting back at him for pushing them down. That’s why he surrendered, for now that is. He is waiting for the exact opportune moment to get his revenge. Nn, using a special method…

Luckily, after the 3 days, Hinagiku and Mikoto’s anger died down significantly. The two girls didn’t clash over the fact that they had sex with Wu Yan, in fact their relationships are even better. Maybe they had a secret understanding that turns a blind eye to his philandering behaviour…

Their lives are connected and they will pretty much be fated to stay together for all of eternity so something like fighting against each other unhappily is not as desirable as living together in a fulfilling and love filled way. Plus, they don’t have to worry about how to hang out with each other.

Furthermore, what Wu Yan said before has some good points to them. If he chose one of them, the other girl would have to stay together while having her heart broken. The two kind girls can’t live understanding this.

Moreover, his womanizing behaviour might be a bit unbearable to watch but being ones who understand him, they could see that he really does care about them. Hence, they somewhat reluctantly accepted the status quo. (Tl;DR operation harem is approved)

Given of course, they are still pissed at him for it…

When he thought about this, he cried again…

These 3 days, he wanted to shout ‘I’mma restore the patriarchy’, but it is all only in his fantasy. He drew first blood on Hinagiku and Mikoto no? He can’t give them all of his love, he’s feeling a little bit guilty about this so he decided to give them the best love.

At the same time, he revised his attitude towards those who can blatantly build their crystal palace, these people are the gods among men. Well, his crystal palace is also at a fledgling shape so…

Now what are the five doing here appearing here at the airship field?

The reason is pretty simple, they are getting out!

They can’t just stay at the supply town forever yea? Grinding in the Giant Beast Forest? Nonsense, they are all high level now, how would they be able to grind as easily as before?

If not for the treasure hunting event and the sheer amount of mobs that was brought before them, it is questionable if Wu Yan would reach tier 7. Also, at that time, Kaichou-sama is only a tier 4.

If they are getting out, where are they going?

The five didn’t know any places or much people. Even the native Lirin don’t go out that often…

Finally, the five decided to send Lirin home! (Tl: hero of the story everybody, no empathy at all with her parents who are probably worried sick)

More specifically speaking, towards Little Lirin’s home town Beherl! (Tl:贝赫尔)

The deal is, Beherl is very far away from the supply town, even farther away then the small mountain range they went to before. Therefore the only alternative available to them at this point is to take the airship.

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