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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 114: Beherl! The dog owner appears…

Beherl is a rather high classs region in Ailu empire. It might not be able to compete on par with Mafass (Tl: 玛法艾斯), the region in which Lori’s family resides in but it’s a rather well known area compared to those small area with only 1 or 2 family running them.

Special mention goes to this world’s airship for their efficiency aided by the gigantic magic formations that are normally invisible and inert.

A distance that would take a plane in Wu Yan’s world quite some days to arrive, the airship accomplished in less than half a day!

When the airship is still descending onto the airship field below, Lirin started to get super hyped up. She’s finally home!

Some uncles/middle aged dudes were displeased at first when they heard someone making an uproar. But when they turned around and saw Little Lirin, those frowns got turned upside down pretty damn quick. Wu Yan subconsciously cringed inside when he saw them.

Ossan, a type of creature that must exist in any kind of world. From the surrounding uncles’ faces, he could tell that even Silvaria’s Ossans are all lolicons….

“Little Lirin, where do we go from here?”

Hinagiku pulled Lirin’s hand and squatted down while smiling at her. She can’t help beaming seeing little Lirin smiling.

Who would have thought the same Kaichou-sama with a beautiful smile on her would be so aggressively resistant to boarding the airship because of her acrophobia….

What would have happened if he didn’t buy some status stabilizer from the system. Perhaps she might have suggested something preposterous like walking to Beherl…

Little Lirin felt troubled when Hinagiku asked her. She’s was born here but she didn’t really go far from home normally so for a relatively big place like Beherl there is still a lot of places she hasn’t been to before.

And it just so happen she hasn’t been here before.

She raked that cute little head of hers, trying to figure out where her house is. Her eyes darted around trying to recall where in Beherl is the airship field. Finally, she drooped her head.

“Uuu, Lirin don’t know the way either!”

Hinagiku helplessly rubbed her head.

“If it’s like that then we will just have to take our time to find it won’t we.”

Ignoring the jealous haters, he looked around and thought for a bit before walking in front of them.

“Let’s shop around, maybe we will stumble upon a place the little lass is familiar with…”

“Well that’s true…”

Don’t know if it’s because of the word ‘shop’ but excluding Ikaros, the trio: Hinagiku, Mikoto and Lirin instantly perked up and had a wide grin on their face. He could feel his eyelids twitching at this.

Walking on the streets, sure enough their head-turn rate is still a perfect 100%. But Wu Yan didn’t mind this extra attention, if someone out of them could recognize Lirin then that would be great.

Anyway, the three seems to have forgotten to objective of finding someone’s home. They are all too busy looking around at the shops and stalls around and pointing at stuff from time to time. No doubt having the time of their lives going by the laughters.

He can’t but exclaiming,


Only Ikaros is scanning the surroundings at his side. She’s looking for anyone or anything that could threaten Wu Yan’s well being. He retorted once more.

He didn’t know how long they walked around but he feels like he’s about to die already before Hinagiku finally said something.

“All this walking is a bit tiring, let’s find somewhere to sit down.”

Straightening his back faster than a bullet, Wu Yan instantly revived and pointed at a family restaurant with a smile.

“There’s a family restaurant over there, let’s go there!”

He didn’t give Hinagiku or Mikoto any room for opinions and walked on over in big strides lest Hinagiku suggested somewhere else. The two girls can’t hold back their snickering and a bit of it got out. Everyone followed after him.

“This other world’s restaurant doesn’t look that much different from the ones in Academy City.”

Before they even warmed up the seat they found, Mikoto blurted out after looking around the restaurant. She’s so loud it’s like she’s not afraid being overheard by anyone.

He chuckled and waved his hands while holding a menu in his hand.

“There might be some difference in those minor details.”

Hinagiku turned to Lirin after looking outside at the pedestrian and street.

“Lirin, is this place ringing nay bells?”

Lirin’s face turned upset and she whimpered.

“Uu, I still don’t know…”

“Maa, take your time, there’s no need to rush. Since we are already here, are you afraid we won’t find your home?”

Mikoto said while pinching her cheeeks.

She has a point, they are at her hometown, what’s the rush?

Although going by Lirin’s silly looking face, it will still be a while before they actually find it…

They chatted away under the gaze of the diners over there, completely unaware of the fact that everyone is looking at them. Maybe they know and is just too blase to care.

With a straw in his mouth, he laid back on the backrest and sipped at what appears to be some kind of fruit juice. He looked out the window out of boredom and noticed something that made him frown.


They may look like they’re having a conversation but Ikaros, Mikoto and Hinagiku are all concentrating on him, noticing every little movements he make.

His frown also fell into their sights.

Still keeping his eyes on the outside he didn’t relax his frown and continued.

“Don’t you girls think that something is wrong with the pedestrians outside?”

Hinagiku and Mikoto looked over and soon saw everyone hastily making their way in one direction.

He thought for a while before spontaneously blurting out.

“Let’s go see what’s up!”

Everyone nodded and exited the restaurant. He grabbed one of the pedestrian that are gossiping about something and rushing towards somewhere.

“Hey bro, is there something going on ahead? Why are you all running over there?”

“Oh you guys didn’t know?!”

Feeling he’s a bit off, teh pedestrian responded in a rather patronizing manner as if he’s very in the know.

“The two strongest faction in Beherl: Midobia (Tl: 米多比亚) family and Iron dog mercenary gang is over there!”

Midobia family! Iron dog mercenary group!

When they heard this, he was surprised, so too are Hinagiku and Mikoto.

Iron dog mercenary group, isn’t that the mercenary group that were with the disgusting dogs and tried to kidnap the little Lirin?

The mercenary group turns out to be here as well?

“Erm, does that have anything to do with why you’re running around?”

“Aiya, you people are really uninformed!”

Holding back the urge to punch the guy, he forced a smile and continued listening.

“The two are fighting over there!”


Flinching, he frowned once again.

The two local power don’t seem to be in good relations with each other…

He feels like there is a connection between Lirin’s home town, Beherl, Iron dog mercenary group and the Midobia family but he just couldn’t quite put his hands on it. He thanked the annoying dude and let him go.

“Yan, the Iron dog something mercenary group is here, should we go take a look?”

Hinagiku whispered in his ears. The group was responsible for kidnapping Lirin and if they bring over Lirin, something undesirable might happen that’s why Hinagiku is concerned about this.

“Let’s go have a look…”

He said in a low tone.

“Those dog mercenaries kidnapped Lirin for a reason. And this is Lirin’s home town so maybe we will find out more clues if we go there.”

Seeing her giving him a weird face, he grinned while taking her small hands.

“Maa, if anything happens, what’s there to be afraid of? You’re a tier 7, don’t forget that!”

She blushed as he held her hands.

“Who’s afraid, let’s go!”

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