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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 115: The faceoff, Gray and Tigre

Beherl, a cleared path…

At the center of this vacant place is a group of people. A part of this group has weapons in their hands and spotted mean expressions. Another group is with a bunch of nasty ass hairless dog. Face to face, the stares exchange between them made it pretty clear that the two groups are not on friendly terms with each other.

More and more onlookers are running over and surrounding them. Pointing and gossiping, they are obviously here for the shit storm.

Standing at the forefront of these two opposing groups is a leader type character. One of them a young looking fella and another a middle aged man with a hairless dog.

The young looking dude spoke up

“Tigre! If you don’t hand over our young lady we will not leave here without drawing blood!”

Tigre, the middle aged man with a hairless dog laughed out loud. Sarcasm filled his laugh as he snickered at the young dude.

“Oh who are you anyways, if you want to talk to me only someone like Gray will do, you’re just a puny bodyguard. I bet if I killed you right here right now, Gray wouldn’t complain at all.”

Clenching his hands and teeth the young dude adamantly retorted.

“If I can save our young miss, I, Dra would die with no regrets!”

“Aiya, so touching, so admirable, my ass!”

He spat on the ground and the dogs licked it. Tigre waved his hands and the ones behind him took a step forward, so too did their dogs as well.

“Based simply on your words, I could kill you. With which eyes did you see your young miss on my hands. For slandering me, I will kill you right here right now!”

“Hmph, Anyone in Beherl would know that you people of the Iron Dogs mercenary group are haters of our family’s leader, Gray. Everyone knows you want to devour the Midobia family. Besides you, who would think of doing anything towards our young miss!”

Tigre’s face darkened when he heard Dra talking. He was just bluffing, afraid that Midobia would come for his ass, but who would have thought that this fella before him is not a pussy!

“Oooh the dude is so dead…”

A lackey beside Tigre said with the tone of someone who enjoys watching the world burn.

“He sprayed some salt on Leader Tigre’s wound. Even if the leader of Midobia came, nobody can save him now.”

Well it’s just side talk but the mook on the side knows for sure that unless Midobia’s family head came the fella before them will not escape.

Tigre coldy scoffed at Dra.

“Since you like digging your own grave, let’s put you inside yours, everyone will!”

“”Yes!”” (Mooks)

“How dare you dirty my name, I am the head of an organization, if I don’t slay you right now everyone will be climbing on top of me soon enough, where will I put the honour of the Iron Dogs mercenary group. I would like to see if Gray can stop me!”

Tigre said in an imposing manner.Looks like he’s still afraid of Gray the family head. Done with that, he waved his hand.

“Kill him!”

When the Iron dogs are about to move, chaotic sounds of footstep resounded. Since it can be so noticeable in such a large crowd then whatever started that must be quite numerous in number.

Tigre also heard it and shouted “stop” before turning to the source of the sound.

The crowd parted way and a group walked out led by a fit looking middle aged man. Tigre’s face turned grim while Dra light up with joy.

“Family head!”

The head of Midobia family, Gray Midobia appears!

Tigre’s eyes shined with hate for a bit before he quickly retrieved it as he watched Gray walking to Dra. Tigre motioned to his man to stay their hands and kept silent.

Gray leered at Dra.

“Do you understand the gravity of what you have done? Who gave you the permission!”

Dra looked frustrated. He knows the family head might be scolding him but there is a deep concern for his wellbeing behind those words. And it is for this that he would follow after the head with his own will. But he also wants to make his intentions known.

“But family head, the young miss, Tigre must have…”


Gray stopped him before he could finish talking. His eyes filled with hatred when he heard what Dra said.

“Stand aside!”

“But family head…”

Before he could finish, Dra sees that Gray will not tolerate insubordination. Without waiting for him to speak, Tigre interjected.
“Gray! It seems you don’t know how to tame your own family’s dog!”

Gray stopped before losing control and laughing heartily. He then pointed at him.

“Tigre, ¬†you silly nitwit, aren’t you eager to be the joke of the town. Everyone here knows only the Iron dog mercenary group would raise dogs. We of the Midobia family raise humans!”

“Why you!”

Tigre threw a malevolent look at him. He’s burning him because they use dogs, he can’t retort to that so he only snickered.

“Say what you will Gray, but know this. Your bodyguard over there sullied my name, let’s settle this dispute!”

Gray dimmed down his laugh and turned to him.

“How would you suppose we do that?”


Tigre chuckled like a villan and pointed at Dra.

“Hand that guy over and we are done!”


Gray immediately gave his reply.

So quick and abrupt was it that Tigre got surprised. Dra felt moved.

“If you want my men, then you can dream on!”

“You don’t want to hand him over?…”

As if he expected this, he smugly laguhed.

“He slandered me, since you’re not handing him over, does that mean the Midobia family will be protecting him? If so then let’s go to war, if not then there won’t be any grounds to reason on!”

Reasoning? Tigre and reasoning? The people of Iron dog mercenary group knows only of roughshoding the populace, when have they ever protected anyone, I say we reason and see what happens?

9 out of 10 people present here took Tigre’s words with the slgihtest pinch of salt. Of course, none of them would speak out. Relative to Iron dogs mercenary group they are just minor characters…

Gray clenched his fist, he’s not afraid of going to war but Tigre has the moral high ground here. If they really struck then Midobia’s reputation would be ruined.

“Change your terms, Tigre…”

“You should very well know that I will never hand my men over to the likes of you!”

Tigre knows this that’s why he intentionally made that term. Tigre laughed and pointed at Gray.

“For your face, Gray. I will be merciful, I will let this matter go if you apologize to me!”


Dra yelped and hurriedly made way to Gray’s side and started protesting.

“Family head, you can’t, you absolutely can’t!”

Gray shushed Dra with a talk-to-the-hand, his face grave as can be.

Why wouldn’t he know why Tigre said that? It’s not just because Tigre saw a chance and took it but also because if he did say sorry, by the next day, everyone in Beherl would hear of this. The head of Midobia apologized to the leader of Iron dogs mercenary. Their negotiating power in any future disputes after that point would definitely be disadvantaged.”

When big powers talk about face, and this face is lost then a lot of people would lose their hearts for the loser…

However, he can’t just hand over his most loyal of bodyguards….

When Gray is preparing to apologize, a soft and tender voice came. It’s the voice of a little girl. But this voice made Gray’s body shake.


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