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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 116: Reunion! Lirin? Midobia!


On the wide field where storm cloud approaches, the tender and lovable sound made the place go into a status that might as will be described as time freeze. It made the 2 parties facing off to stop simultaneously.

Gray turned his head around in disbelief towards the source of the sound. He took so long to turn his head around millenias had probably passed. He’s afraid that what he just heard is only a hallucination conjured up by his own mind.

Quickly following the call is a jubilant tune and a smol figure flying out of the crowd, and then onto Gray’s shaking body.

“Daddy!” Little ol’ Lirin hugged Gray and started chuckling exuberantly like a kid that just returned home. The innocence and the bubbly attitude finally managed to persuade Gray, this is definitely not a hallucination.

“Lirin, it’s really you, where have you gone, do you know how worried papa is?”
(Tl: Aha! Called it!)

His eyes fierce and slightly moist, but his words are those of rebuke. His action however said otherwise when he hugged that petite body of hers with much strength.

Heaven knows how he has lived past the days when Lirin was gone. The other person who might have an idea is Dra standing beside him. He has witnessed on numerous accounts, the brilliant family head, Gray sitting on his seat spacing out.

The situation that was at a critical point turned into a scene of reunion between father and daughter. The spectators are stunned, Gray meanwhile is still in deep joy. Tigre is shocked beyond belief.

How can this be…

Those words passed his head while he is still in shock seeing the little girl in Gray’s embrace.

The others might have no idea where the young miss of Midobia family have gone but Tigre? How can he not know? He’s the one that gave the orders that resulted in the young miss being kidnapped!

Tie Li that oaf! What the hell happened! What a trash, can’t even do something so simple!

Tigre clenched his fist. The veins on the side of his head are also bulging, proof positive that he is raving mad. Judging on the fact that Lirin made it back, Tie Li and the others over the other side must have fucked up!

Tigre seems to be missing a minor detail. Given that the hostage has made it home, what happened to the ones that were supposed to kidnap her? It’s uncertain whether or not he has forgotten or simply don’t give a damn…

Tigre breathed in deeply and readjusted his composure. He drew a superficial smile before saying,

“Family head Gray, I am very sorry to disrupt your father daughter reunion but our business with each other isn’t quite finished you see..”

Finally, Gray returned from his rapture.

At this point however, Gray took on an indifferent attitude. He didn’t care anymore, his daughter is back!

When Tigre saw that beaming face of his, the fire inside him won’t go out. His plan failed, Gray is a happy chap, that naturally makes him very displeased.

“Gray, now that your daughter is back, this proves my innocence. We of the Iron dogs mercenary guild would never resort kidnap somebody only to return them right? Your subordinate has slandered my name, if you don’t give me a proper compensation, I absolutely won’t let this go!” (Tl: I honestly had to go back to where his bro died to find out what his bro was named. I don’t have good memories for minor mobs)

Even if his plan failed, he still wants to take one last bite at Gray.

When Gray heard him, he put down Lirin and stood up, facing Tigre.

“Fine, I apologize!”


Tigre guffawed, his laughter is annoyingly loud but one could discern a bit of anger born from frustration inside those laughter. In fact, quite a lot of the spectators could hear this slight anger. And the more intelligent part of the group could deduce the circumstances of what happened leading up to this situation, including Gray.

When he is done laughing, he lifted his sword and pointed at Gray, his eyes brimming with resent.

“I am the leader of Iron dogs, if you can call it even with just a sorry because your subordinate slandered me then doesn’t that mean in the future, anyone who steps on my foot can go away with just a sorry as well!”


Gray is startled at this guy, even the spectators are starting to make a ruckus. the one who said he would let it go if the other party apologized was none other than Tigre, and now he is saying he can’t call it even with just an apology is him again. This is a clear intent to go back on his words is it not!

But of course Tigre couldn’t give less damn what other thought. He only wanted to quell the rage inside him. Now that the condition is favorable for him, if he doesn’t bite hard then he won’t be able to mend the butthurt inflicted upon him.

Tigre made a hand signal and the mobs behind him took out their weapons while the dogs started going mad with their barking. No matter how one looks at this, the gloves are off now.


Roared Gray.

“It seems you never planned to let this go, don’t think I, Gray is someone who would stand to be bullied like this!”

Dra by his side already charged up his dou qi. The bastard almost used him to make the family head bow down to him. Needless to say, Dra is pissed now, he might be the only one in his party that wants to kick ass the most!

The two sides charged up their dou qi and the few magicians among them charged their magic power as well. The sharp fanged dogs arched their back ready to pounce at any moment.

The two sides entered into a state of extreme duress. A fight might break out any moment. Little ol’ Lirin, frightened, lowered her head. Scared as she is, she left Gray’s side and dashed over and into an unknown lady’s embrace.

The sudden scene inevitably startled the two sides. When they saw who Lirin flew into, they were startled again.

It’s a super beautiful pink haired girl. By her side is two other extremely beautiful tea coloured hair girl and another pink haired girl. They stood out in the crowd they were standing in, they are just that distinguishing!

When the surrounding noticed they were standing next to the 3 aforementioned beauties, they were stunned as well. When they managed to recover their senses, they stood aside as if they are afraid of attracting trouble. There was only this one fella who still stood at their side while smiling faintly as he watched the people on the plaza.

Gray was stunned when confronted with the beauties. But nevertheless, he is still a family head and he already have a wife and a daughter. Meanwhile, Tigre over there had his breath taken away and he couldn’t regain senses at all.

Seeing as his own daughter decided to seek asylum in Wu Yan & co, Gray could guess the relationship between them is not a simple one, he hesitated before asking,

“And whom may I be addressing?”


Hinagiku, Mikoto and Ikaros didn’t answer Gray, instead they looked over to Wu Yan, it seems they left the job of speaking to him.

Wu Yan grinned and shurgged before meeting eyes with Gray and laughed.

“Ma, let’s just say we are some random passer-by. Yep.. just your pedestrian off the streets… that’s right.”


Gray didn’t know what to say, Hinagiku and Mikoto rolled their eyes. They knew the guy is screwing around again…

Gray has greeted many an individual in his lieftime but never has he seen a response like today’s, at this point he’s feeling awkward on how to respond back.

“Then, mister, how should we call you?”

“Me? I’m…”

Wu Yan lowered his head and pondered for a bit before a bright idea hit him and he slapped his head.

“That’s right, passer-by wouldn’t have any kind of presence. Names and whatnot, the author normally wouldn’t give to passer-by, how can I possibly overstep my boundary and thin so seriously about what to call myself, how ridiculous!”

To this, Gray and the true passer-by of this story and even Tigre who couldn’t move his eyes away from Hinagiku and the other two girls can’t calm their jimmies. If it weren’t because Gray could control his temper and if he didn’t appear to have a good relationship with his daughter, even if Gray didn’t outright beat his ass, he would have given him the cold shoulder.

Hinagiku and Mikoto lowered their head and side stepped away. They drew distance and act like they didn’t know him.

They are afraid of being embarrassed…

Wu Yan is only playing around a bit with a bit of revenge mixed in as well. Just now when Lirin flew into Kaichou-sama’s embrace, everybody only looked at Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros, and completely forgetting about him who is standing just next to the 3 ladies.

He has met this kind of treatment countless times on the way from Supply town to Beherl. But a little bit of complaint still piled up inside his heart. If he didn’t expressed them now he would feel uncomfortable.

Lesson of the day is: Wu Yan is very petty….

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