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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 117: A stunned crowd! The king captured instantly!

Perhaps because she is upset at Wu Yan for bullying her father, Lirin lifted her head and told him off in a tender voice,

“Big brother, you cannot bully my father you hear me?~~”

The spectators laughed when they heard this. Looking at this scene, it would really seem like the daughter is defending her own father. Gray felt awkward when he recognized this.

Then, Wu Yan shook his hands and reined in his inappropriate before smiling

“Just a joke, don’t be offended. The name’s Wu Yan, the girls at my side are my wives. Greetings, family head, Gray!”


A lot of cries of disbelief rang when he was done. And they were quite a lot of people as well, including ones from Midobia fmaily and Iron dog mercenary group.


Hinagiku and Mikoto went red with a ‘poof’, but they can’t refute this. The two got pushed down on bed just a few days ago.

But to be called his wife in front of so many people is something the bashful Kaichou-sama and Railgun can’t take, how they wish they could find a place to hide. They clenched their teeth as they stared at him who is maintaining a poised face. Of course, going by those flushed cheeks of theirs, it’s clear the two are willing.

The two girls missed something when they are busy being shy. When the guy said ‘my wives’, the ‘girls at my side’ included Ikaros…

Compared to Hinagiku and Mikoto, Ikaros is rather mild in the expressions department. But if one were to inspect closer, one would find ripples flashing in those two eyes of hers.

The spectators and and the two parties’ subordinates? They have turned into Spartans. (tl: 斯巴达化, sparta-fication)

They kept looking back and forth between Hinagiku,Mikoto and Ikaros and then comparing it to Wu Yan who’s appearance though not completely average is still something that no one will notice if he were to be thrown into a sea of people. They felt a little bit dizzy at this.

This… no matter how one look at this, it isn’t likely…

And yet not a single one of the ladies beside him retorted, hell they even looked shy. In other words, they indirectly admitted to being his ‘wive’!

Therefore, they got jelly! They admired! They hated!

Basking in the mixture of jealousy, admiration, and hate he curled his lips and dismissed them.

He has already honed his not-giving-a-damn skill to a level where he is blase through countless treatment of the similar kind en route here.  He also understands that any bigger than winners in life will have to go through this baptism. This baptism by leers is the most superficial. It’s not as if they are going to tie him to a pole and burn, there isn’t any reason for moi to be afraid…

While everyone is silent, Gray laughed out loud.

“You little rascal, you have quite the good fortune there, your wives are so gorgeous they can make people kill themselves out of envy!”

He glanced at Hinagiku and Mikoto before smiling with tender sentiments.

“That’s right, I have always thought it is a lifetime blessing of mine to be able to stay with them!”

When Hinagiku and Mikoto heard him, they lifted their head and saw the tender sentiments in his eyes. They couldn’t hold back their smile the same way they can’t help growing redder. They lowered their head again, unable to exchange with the gaze that might make them fall even deeper.

“Haha, your relationship with your wives sure is excellent. And, it seems my daughter has been in your care as well. I, Gray wishes to express my gratitude!”

Gray said and did a noble bob.

Wu Yan lightly smiled and dismissed him.

As they are greeting each other, Tigre’s face on the side grew grim. His opposition ignored him and went off to bust balls with a brat who still stinks of milk. Anyone with a bit of inflated ego would be unable to tolerate this. So, his gaze turned into a leer.

This unfriendly attitude, whether or not it can be attributed solely to Gray or because of the stunning wives besides Wu Yan. This is something only Tigre himself knows.

“Gray! It looks like you aren’t even taking me seriously!”

He screeched when he saw Gray still chatting with Wu Yan, he can’t contain the flames anymore.

Gray coldly glanced at Tigre before turning back to Wu Yan again.

“Little bro, I have some business to take care of over here. I will express my gratitude and we can have a chat again after I am done in a bit!”

Tigre wants to take Gray down after losing control to his anger, will Gray sit here and wait for him? Of course not, under the relentless challenge from Tigre, Gray has already become so infuriated that this can only end in them both fighting it out.

Too bad though, with Wu Yan here, the battle royale is destined not to happened…

Wu Yan smirked as he laid his cold eyes on Tigre. Ignoring the fact that this is Lirin’s father they are talking about, but the Iron dog mercenary guild rubbed him the wrong way so he decided not to sit this one out.

That bastard, Tie Li not only wanted his weapons, he even planned to have Hinagiku and Mikoto. This ugly personality of his being displayed so brazenly tells a lot about what this den of snakes led by Tigre stands for. Plus, the assholes kidnapped Little ol Lirin…

Wu Yan walked onto the plaza like nobody’s business. Hinagiku, Mikoto and Ikaros followed suit. It turned into a 3 party face off with the other two being Gray and Tigre’s forces, again much to the spectators amazement.

He looked at Tigre and squinted his eyes while saying,

“Tigre, the group leader yes?”

“That’s right! It is I! Tigre!”

Tigre coldy stared at him, as if trying to figure out what game he is playing at.

Wu Yan nodded and continued in a low tone.

“Tie Li, is he one of your guys?”

“Tie Li…”

Tigre’s face stirred. He thought Wu Yan is going to expose him since the little brat from Midobia family was with them, it’s very likely that Wu Yan & company rescued her from Tie Li!

But without concrete prove, what can Gray do against me? What can a rascal like you possibly do against me?

“Tie Li is my little brother!” (Tl: welp should not have westernized the minor mob’s name, should have been Tie Ge instead of Tigre but meh gonna keep consistency by using Tigre.)

“Oh? Is that so?”

He chuckled. Just when Tigre thought he’s going to expose him, his tone took another turn.

“Group leader Tigre, I wonder if you know?

He dropped the smile on his face and turned steely.

“Your brother once tried to hit on my wives.”

Spectators gasping as they turned to Tigre who laughed it off.

“Oh? And then what? What’re you going to do about it? Team up with Gray to gang up on me?”

Tigre turned ghastly and told him off.

“Young man, don’t be too reckless, there are some muddy water you can’t easily wade through!”

Wu Yan flinched and then laughed once more. He might sound happy and cheerful but a look at his eyes would show that he is not amused.

“I take it that was a threat?”

Gray got a bit worried. He liked this boy and the boy took good care of her daughter as well. Is he not afraid of being at odds with Tigre by snubbing him when he is already so pissed?

“Yeah, so what!”

Tigre said in a haughty manner.

“You think you’re some hotshot or something?”

When he finished his sentence, Tigre froze up, an expression of surprise plastered onto his face, he didn’t dare to move an inch while a ddrop of cold sweat slowly dripped down on the floor.

Gray couldn’t believe what he is seeing, the stern and composed face now an expression of astonishment. Dra on his side as well, so stunned he dropped his sword and didn’t noticed it at all.

Not only them, everyone there were surprised as the whole place went silent. Nobody said anything.

What did they see?

They saw Wu Yan who was smiling and looked harmless a split second ago, appearing the next second in front of the tall and overbearing Tigre. His slim and long blade that appeared out of nowhere at Tigre’s neck.

The cold sweats continued to drip down, his cocky face still remaining on his face but he didn’t have the guts to even budge an inch.

Feeling the temperature of cold steel on his skin and the killing intent flowing out of a smiley Wu Yan. Tigre could only stay frozen awkwardly in place like this.

He’s afraid….

The place is so quiet one could hear if a needle dropped onto the floor…


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