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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 118: Strong Wu Yan and a rage quitting Tigre…

Being looked upon by all the spectators there, Tigre is so ashamed he wanted to die. His anger and hate kept boiling up but he held it in and didn’t say anything.

Between honour and life, which one is more important?

Perhaps to some, honour is far more important to life but Tigre is not one of them.

If he has to give up his life, what good will honour do him?

So even if the gaze that are focused upon him made him feel very shamed, he didn’t dare to move at all.

He can feel the sharpness of the blade at his neck. It’s so sharp that his skin is hurting just by it being at his neck.

He also felt the killing intent given off by this fellow named Wu Yan is not a bluff. If he doesn’t play ball then he will definitely not be shown any mercy!

At that point, honour, Iron dog mercenary group and group leader, those things will not be able to save him.

Under the threat of death and the anger that is boiling within him, Tigre lost the ability to think clearly. To the extent that he didn’t notice what the gazes were really about.

What didn’t occur to him is that, among the various gazes casted over here, none of them had any sign of ridicule or mockery. There were only shock and disbelief in them.

In Beherl, there are many factions big and small. The biggest two amongst them would be the Midobia family and the Iron dog mercenary group!

These 2 can stand at the top of hundreds of faction, that just goes to show how tough they are.

And the one leading them: Gray, family head of Midobia family as well as Group leader, tigre would be the strongest individual within the two forces.

In other words, Gray and Tigre are the two baddest mother fuckers in town.

But lo and behold, the mighty Tigre of the Iron dogs mercenary group got done in with a single bout by a twenty something young man.

Are our eyes deceving us?

Is what went through the mind of the spectators…

Had Wu Yan knew what they were thinking about he would have laughed his ass off merrily.

Mighty? That’s only a tier 6, it might have been a bit troubling if it were the same me some days ago. But even then taking him down is not so big an issue, what’s more to say now that I am a tier 7?

Talk about the strongest force in Beherl, they just slightly more capable persons under them. After the treasure hunting trip and having personally seen the legions of stone spiders, this kind of scale is something that he considers irrelevant.

In the highly unlikely scenario that he really can’t handle them, he doesn’t mind letting them play with Ikaros…

Looking at Tigre dripping sweat like it’s raining, Wu Yan lost his interest and curled his lips. So did Hinagiku, Mikoto and the gang, they felt disgusted by the guy.

He was talking so big just now and now with a blade at his neck, he turned into such a pathetic appearance. With a brother like this it’s no wonder he has that kind of little brother. If the upper beam is not straight the lower beam will be crooked, coming from the same nest, it’s a given they are as low as they come!


Returning to their senses, a mook behind him caught up to the situation and he grabbed his sword. Then they rallied and the dogs barked like mad as well.

“Don’t move recklessly!”

Tigre shouted at the mercenaries behind him. The mercenaries obediently stepped back and helplessly accepted the fact that their boss has been captured.

“Hold on leader, we are going to save you!”

Tigre isn’t comforted by that claim, on the contrary he got mad.

When the enemy came for me, I didn’t see you guys shouting so loud. When I’m captured, you all blanked out and only recovered when enough time has passed for the sun to shine again. I sooner expect Gray to speak out for me than help from you people.

The situation Tigre is in calls for help from someone of higher abilities. Beside Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros, nobody else could see Wu Yan’s move clearly. The person themselves couldn’t comprehend what happened, what more to say of the few tier 5 mercenaries on hand.

Wu Yan gave them the time to fnish their little discussion before nudging his Nietono no Shana. He laughed at Tigre who got scared by his slight actions.

“What’s the matter? Group leader Tigre, weren’t you saying something about me not being a hot shot? Why not continue that statement of yours?”

Tigre released a sigh of relief inwardsly, Wu Yan didn’t take immediate action, that means he still doesn’t plan to harm him, this more or less calmed him down a bit.

His lips puckered before he continued,

“Little… what do you want?”

Tigre put on a cool act but how can Wu Yan not see through such a thinly disguised act? He knew there are so many openings he could use. He tilted his head and then continued,

“It’s not what I want, rather it’s what you want isn’t that right? You said what am I going to do about you threatening me…”

Tigre choked as he hatefully glared at him. Can’t be helped there are few words available to him,

“Just my luck, you’re stronger than me!”

He was warning him about how some individuals are not to be trifled with but look at him compromising under his coercion. Rather poetic but it’s only able to make him admit his bad luck, it seems impossible to get him to say ‘My bad’.

Unless he explicitly said this as a threat, Tigre would only compromise to this extent out of consideration for his own life. Wu Yan didn’t want to push him too far anyway, a panicking dog would jump wall. Given their nature as dog breeding mercenary guild it would be fitting that they would practice something like that devoutly.

He laughed and dismissed the guy with hand waves. This haphazard manner infuriated his sore bum all the more, holding the rage back he said in a barely restrained manner,

“You can let me go now yeah?”

Wu Yan indifferently nodded while taking in that face of Tigre’s.

“I didn’t plan to offend Group leader Tigre but when you questioned my status I decided I must show a few hands, please don’t feel offended!”

Oh the rage, he’s definitely not going to get a good night’s sleep now. The previous anger he has felt in his past probably didn’t add up to the amount of rage he felt today. Not just that, he can’t let it out as he used to.

Wu Yan then looked like he remembered something out of no where before saying it out loud at his own pace.

“Oh yes, by the way that ‘fine’ young brother of yours, I think you can forget searching for him. Probably even if you did find him, it would only be a corpse!”

“You killed him?”

Tigre cried out.

Wu Yan smirked.

“Well yeah, he wanted to take my wives, if I didn’t kill him, then should I have let him continued consuming precious food?”


Tigre gnashed his teeth as he glared at him only to be met with by cold eyes. He dejectedly turned his head the other way.

The piece of trash can’t even finish a mission, if he’s dead then so be it!

Seeing that Tigre isn’t going to pursue the matter regarding the death of his younger brother, his sneer grew wider. As expected, both the brothers are nothing more than brutes…

He removed Nietono no Shana from his neck. Immediately, Tigre used dou qi to leap back, lest the sword come after him again.

Wu Yan ignored him and brandished his blade before returning to Hinagiku et al.

Seein ghis back, Tigre thought about sneaking up on the guy and ending him but demonic figure he left behind made him incapable of taking any reckless actions. Holding down the killing intent in his heart, he roared to the mercenaries behind him.

“Let’s go!”

The Iron dog mercenaries slowly retreat away. The spectators, out of fear of retaliation and the fact that there is no more show to watch, dispersed quickly.

Wu Yan led Hinagiku and the others over to Gray’s side. He didn’t know what to say about Gray who can’t quite catch up to the series of changes that has transpired.

You’re a family head for god sakes, adapt much?

How would he understand what it is like for his arch nemesis to get wrecked by some 20 year old dude in an instant.

If it’s any other person, perhaps they would behave even more unsightly than Gray…

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