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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 119: Iron dog mercenaries digging their own graves


“Damn! Damn! That little mongrel! How dare he… god damn it!”

Curses flew all over inside the headquarters of the Iron dogs mercenary. There are also sounds of stuff being thrown on the ground and breaking, none of which reduced Tigre’s ire. He didn’t care about the fact that he is putting this all on grand display in front of his group members.

Recalling ¬†how he was threatened into compromise by some dude he didn’t know, his anger spiked and he raged. He would smash anything he could see after charging up dou qi in his fits of anger.

His high ranking members all cowered and lowered their stance. They are afraid that in the unlucky timing that they got aimed, they would be the one on the chopping block.

Any new or veteran member of this group knows that if the leader is angry, even the slightest offence will be met with by gruesome death.

This is probably the greatest fit he has thrown so far. If someone fucked up, the guy would probably get wrecked pretty bad.

And so, they kept their heads down and prayed that they don’t get picked up.

Disintegrating a table, Tigre turned his grim face around while heaving. When he saw the subordinates all acting meek, his anger spiked again.

“You useless tub of lards, no one of you can serve any purpose at all. When I was held hostage by the little prick, couldn’t one of you even come up with any plan to rescue me? Ah?! What are you guys good for!”

As expected, they got scolded but they can only agree on the surface while feeling bitter inside.

Not even the strongest tier 6 warrior in the group, Tigre, could respond in time. What can they the measly tier 4 and 5s do in that situation?

Even if they thought about this none of them voiced it out.

They suffered through his storm of saliva and curses, hoping time will pass faster so they can be spared of this torment.

After venting his anger at his subordinates, his mood calmed down a bit. But his face is still as dark and grim as ever, no question about it, he’s got it for Wu Yan now.

Sitting at the main seat, he drank some water to quench his dry throat that said nothing but curses and criticism. Then, he said in a low tone,

“And? What’s the prick’s background?”

The high leveled members looked at each other before turning to look at one particular individual. The mentioned individual could only brave up and come forth.

“Lea- leader, we have used all possible alternatives available to find out his background but not one of us could determine where this guy came from. It’s almost as if the guy magically appeared out of nowhere. They simply is no trace of him any where. What we did find out is that he used to live in the supply town for 2 or 3 months and he only came to Beherl only just recently….”

As Tigre listened, his face grew darker and darker before he waved his hand and slapped the reporting guy away. The guy was smashed against the wall, and passed out after vomiting blood.

Tigre didn’t even look at him and hmph-ed.


The high level members all gulped and bitterly laughed. They already expected this outcome when the subordinates presented their findings. At least nobody died.

The headquarters had a very heavy atmosphere. The members all saw the grim look on Tigre’s face and could only lower their head and stay silent, all of them terrified deeply.

Malice flashed past his eyes, he is so frustrated right now. He got done in by some brat that crawled out from god knows where. The whole town has probably heard by now, how a big and mighty tier 6 like him got turned into someone who ‘couldn’t truss a chicken’ (Tl:bottom bitch/ass whoppin cushion/wrekt-so-hard-elixir-couldn’t-heal).

With his temper, he wouldn’t call it quits so easily. If he doesn’t let this anger out somehow, he wouldn’t be able to eat properly or sleep at night.

But, what can he do?

Mad as he is, he can’t deny the fact that he couldn’t determine the enemy’s strength. He got taken down in an instant, the enemy is clearly much stronger than he is.

He’s pretty sure he could hold up himself against another tier 6 peak fighter since he is only that much further away from the peak of tier 6.

The enemy had the ability to subdue him in an instant. Even after accounting for the element of surprise his strength is unquestionable.

That means the brat is very likely to be a tier 7!

Tigre’s face distorted in displeasure when he thought about this possibility. He didn’t want to admit some twenty something dude actually managed to reach a stage he himself could not achieve. At the same time, he can’t deny that the only enemy that could take him down in a short period of time is no tier 6 but definitely a tier 7!

It’s tier fucking 7! How can his background be unknown when he’s a twenty something tier 7? To reach tier 7 at such a young age would make it impossible that he’s unheard of in Ailu empire. Why?

If he were some upcrust family’s disciple he would definitely not be unable to find out where he came from.

Hell, even if it’s a disciple of some big family, how many would not brag about a genius that can achieve such a feat at such a young age. They would make sure the whole world heard about this because it would bring honour and increase their respective family’s influence and increasing their power over territories.

By deduction, Tigre determiend that this guy is definitely not from some big family!

If he’s not from a noble birth then he’s a commoner. A tier 7 commoner is his early twenties?

The more he thought about it the more absurd it sounds. But once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. He could only accept this as a fact.

But then, even if he’s a commoner, with this kind of talent, it would still be impossible that no one’s ever heard of him. He needs to go on a learning journey, he must go to various places, interact with people. Surely they would notice his abilities, if a family were to see this they would definitely have recruited him at all cost.

But the present clues were something along the lines of: Wu Yan has not background, no traceable roots, the only reliable report they have of him is that he used to live about 2 or 3 months in the supply town. It couldn’t be that he emerged out of thin air in this world some 2-3 months ago?

Tigre couldn’t possibly know that this theory of his is actually the stranger truth…

The more he thought about it the less he understood and the frustration inside him grew until he snapped and slammed down on the table, leaving a hand print on the hard wood table. He then roared,

“Am I, Tigre, going to admit defeat and do nothing?!”

His mercenary group is big and influential, even if they go up against a tier 7 he has the confidence that he can use numbers to his advantage. The problem lies however, in that the guy is pretty tight with the little girl from Midobia family. The head of Midobia probably wouldn’t take it kindly to the fact that he used zerg rush.

Furthermore, ignoring the tight relationship between the two. Gray probably wouldn’t mind throwing a boulder down into the well when he’s fighting with the tier 7 guy. With the assistance of a tier 7, it would spell the end of his mercenary group if he went up against them.

It’s this dilemma to fight or not to fight that infuriates him so much so.

The high level members stayed silent when they heard him. Suddenly one of the high level member had a bright idea as his eyes shined before he scampered over to Tigre’s side.

“Leader, actually, there are other counter we could use.”


Tigre doubted him.

“You? What could you possibly be thinking of?”

The guy elatedly kissed his ass.

“Leader Tigre, according to our subordinates’ report, a big family is coming to Beherl to stay and rest for about 2 to 3 days. If we get on the good side of this noble family, we could ask them to get our revenge for us!”

“Is what you’re saying true?”

Tigre’s eyes shined.

“Is that family worth the effort?”

“Oh yes sire! The family I am spekaing of is the number one noble family in Ailu empire, the Lori family!” (Tl: Lucky I didn’t translate it as Loli clan)

“Lori family!”

Tigre got excited and laughed out loud.

“Hahahaha, with the backing of the number one noble family, what good can a tier 7 do, same goes for Midobia family as well. This is great, alright let’s go with that!”


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