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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 121: The arrival of Lulu and Fei Fei!

Oh my fawkin god, a new chapter!!! asdkfdlafdafl. Not supposed to post today butt….. Extra chap since it’s halloween. Happy halloween guys!

A lot of people are standing outside of Midobia family’s main gate today. There are dudes and there are chicks, but make no mistake, these people’s aura are great. It is obvious to any onlooker that they are all without exception, highly trained and skilled fighters and magicians.

Standing at the forefront of these people are two males and two females….

One of the girl has very lustrous silver hair and wore short sleeved shirt and short pants. Her bulging chest practically pressing against her shirt, it looks like the shirt might burst any second. 10/10 hotness, warmness and sterness meld together perfectly on that exquisite face of hers. She had a long blade in her hand so more than likely, she’s a fighter.

The other girl isn’t as matured as the girl mentioned before, her lovely face still had an immature air around it. She seemed to be very young as well. Her long shiny straight black hair like a flowing fountain behind her head as she moved. Her bewbs aren’t as big as the girl before but it’s still pretty impressive as well. Even with a long robe on, it couldn’t completely hide her knockers. Basically, two hot ass chick.

Meanwhile, one of the dude is a magician in long robes who stood behind the two chick. His handsome face still carried a sense of inexperience. He looked like he’s young as well. The thing is, he has his eyes pinned on the black haired chick and one could see obsession in his eyes. Those eyes are giving off the message that nothing else in the world could attract his attention more than the chick.

The other dude is the eldest one among the four, compared to the other 3 who seemed to be in their youth this one is a middle aged man. His looks aren’t that bad but the malice on his face destroyed his image. Plus, there’s a hairless dog by his side. He’s the one with the worst appearance amongst the four.

And this ugly mofo is none other than Tigre.

If Wu Yan were here he would have noticed that besides the pretty boy dude, he’s familiar with the other 3.

The voluptious silver haired sword lady would be Fei Fei and the long black shiny hair chick would be the first friend he came to know in Silvaria, Lulu!

Under the protection of so many people, Lulu pouted and puffed her cheeks. Mumbling out loud without any restrain.

“What is this? We look like we’re here to bully people with this many people tagging along, how displeasing!”

Fei Fei frowned, she didn’t seem to be enjoying this as well.

“I don’t like this kind of stuff…”

The pretty boy helplessly spoke up when he heard the girls.

“I know that young mistress Lulu and Lady Fei Fei don’t like this kind of large movements but seeing as the guy did his best to make us feel at home we should at least listen to the poor guy’s little request and help out a little. It’s just a small family, if it really displeases you then feel free to not take part.”

“Aha, you said it!”

Lulu chirped.

“I am not joining in!”

“That is only natural…”

Tigre who was sneering while looking Midobia family’s main gate suddenly came to Lulu’s side to kiss her ass.

“As young lady Merylu (Tl: Lulu’s real name) is of a noble birth, it is only natural that someone like you won’t act with lowly people like us!”

The iron dogs mercenary were expecting someone who had a little fame inside Lori family. But who would have thought the one who came to visit Beherl is none other than the sole daughter of Lori family, the daughter of Lori family head herself!

This isn’t some young upstart, it’s a fucking star!

After a brief period of excitement, Tigre did all he could to get on Lulu’s good side. With a big family like hers, even if 10 Midobia family came charging at him, he wouldn’t even mind.

If he’s lucky, he might even be able to strike up a business relationship between Iron Dogs Mercenary group and Lori family, at that time, he would really be hitting it big!

Tigre even thought about getting a beefcake and try to court this precious pearl of a daughter from Lori family. If he managed to pull it off then he would be able to get anything he ever wanted.

Too bad though, he could see that the pretty boy with Lori’s group seemed to have some feelings for Lulu. That’s why he stored away this idea for the time being.

After a few days of being a sycophantic leech, Tigre managed to seize an opportunity to ask Lulu & co to take care of Midobia family + Wu Yan for him.

The Lori family can’t refuse after such generous treatment from Tigre as well. Moreover, in their eyes, Midobia family is but a small family. So, the young magician dude agreed without consulting with Lulu and Fei Fei, like he runs the joint around here.

Naturally, the two girls got pretty mad when they heard about this, they aren’t the type to push people around by using flailing around their authority. In fact, the two girls hate those who abuses their family name for personal gains.

It’s just that since her side has already made a promise, as the premiere family within the empire,  she can’t renege. So, helplessly she came with her company to where they stand now.

Lulu isn’t too hot with this idea, when she heard she could sit this one out, she took it and ran with it.

Fei Fei seems like she wanted to do the same as well. Not a fan of douchebag lords who abuse their power, if she can avoid joining that would be the best outcome.

Tigre noticed her looks and hurriedly urged her.

“Midobia family has a tier 7 dude by their side, we don’t have anyone on hand that could fight against him. Please, Lady Fei Fei offer us your help!”

Fei Fei resigned herself on the idea of sitting on the side bench. She nodded in an annoyed manner but she couldn’t stop herself from feeling a bit excited.

She don’t like this operation but she heard Tigre saying the tier 7 super is someone who is around her age!

She spent all her time from young to adulthood in the Lori family. She had the talent that’s why Lori family took the time to cultivate her. And now, she’s a tier 7 at only a young age of 20, a feat only achievable by few geniuses.

Being a part of Ailu empire’s number one family, she has seen quite a few tier 7 super. But a tier 7 super of her own age? For sure, that she has not seen much.

So, when she heard there’s someone who is her own size nearby, she wanted to meet this guy. Of course, she had the idea of picking a fight with someone her own size as well.

I hope it isn’t a detestable fellow…

Fei Fei thought. She has seen many who thought they are hot shit because they had talents no one else had. She hate this kind of person the most, that’s why she hopes the guy she meet will surprise him.

Fei Fei didn’t know the surprise she wished for is coming pretty soon…

Inside Midobia family, Grey is currently sitting on a big chair in the living room. He had a document on hand as he glanced over it. By his side, Dra is on standby with sword in hand like a responsible guard leader.

“Family head, bad news!”

A guard came running and shouting, making Grey frown. He know that unless it’s a really big issue the guard won’t act so brash. He looked towards the guard and said to him in a low tone.

“What’s the matter? What reason do you have to make such a big fuss?”

“Family head!”

The guard, still panicky, reported to Grey.

“Outside our gates, Tigre brought a bunch of Iron Dogs mercenary people with him to mess with us!”

“Tigre that little bitch!”

Grey roared and snapped to his feet.

“I haven’t had the time to go find him but he would rather come find me first. Very well, I haven’t settled the score with him on how he attempted to make his move on Lirin, time to collect the dues.”(Tl: in case y’all don’t remember he wanted extort and his deceased little bro tried to go rapity rape on Lirin, our cute ass mascot.)

The guard didn’t stop freaking out even after hearing that as he continued.

“Fa.. family head, it’s not just the merc group, they got outside help!”


Grey frowned grimly. But normally those helpers are only worth chicken shit in assistance to either him or Tigre. Tigre himself should be most familiar with this.

“who’s the ally this time?”

The guard looked at Grey and gulped before continuing.

“They…. they got Lori family, the number 1 family in the empire to back them up!”

“Say what!”

Grey screeched.

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