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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 123: Long time no see? A special greeting…

At the gates of Midobia family….

Maybe the news about Iron Dogs picking a fight with Midobia got leaked, there’s a ton of spectators here where there were only Iron Dogs and Lori family some moments ago.

The crowd would cheer from time to time because they know that one of the parties involved is none other than the number one family in this empire, the Lori family.

Hearing the crowds noise and whisper, Tigre can’t help showing a pleased expression. If today’s news become known to everyone in Beherl then the fame of Iron Dog would only get bigger and stronger!

On the contrary, Lulu and Fei Fei are trying their best not to pout. They don’t want to deal with this shit but as more people know what they are doing today, the more irritated the two girls become.

Meanwhile the pretty boy seemed like he didn’t care about the commotion. He just kept his eyes on Lulu.

At a certain point, Midobia family’s gates slowly opened and the crowd lowered their voice. The spectators know that shit is going to get interesting from this point on.

Grey appeared before the crowd with his family members and guards. In addition to Grey, there’s a young man and 3 girls whos’ beauty rivals flowers, plus a cute little girl.

Lulu and Fei Fei were stunned when they saw the young man.

Tigre reined in his cockiness and sneered.

“Grey, you have finally shown yourself, I was thinking you wouldn’t dare step outside…” (Tl: rich coming from a guy who begged 3rd party help to actually come face said dude)

Grey didn’t say anything but Wu Yan noticed he clenched his fist. It appears that Grey is not as calm as he looks.

Probably, anyone would feel the same if they were in his shoes. Just look at the opponents he might have to face.

Just looking at the numbers, Grey can sense 10 people in addition to Tigre on his level.

In other words, he might have to face 10 other people who are tier 6 on par with him or stronger.

Not only that, he can’t detect the strength of one of the foremost four members, the silver haired girl.

Normally when one can’t detect another’s strength, it could only be one of two scenarios. One: The other person is cultivating some weird exotic art, masking their dou qi and magic power. Two: The other person is far stronger and thus one could not detect their strength.

Grey could feel danger emanating from the silver haired girl. He deduced that this person must be of the latter scenario!

She’s at least a tier 7!

Grey felt bad inside, he guessed this would would happen. How can Lori family not have any tier 7? But when it really happened, he realized how poorly he underestimated the situation.

He knows it would take more than a fluke to get pass today’s trouble. This will definitely be big…

Lulu and Fei Fei stood at such a eye catching spot in front of all the people, how can Wu Yan miss them? When he saw these 2 familiar figures, he was also surprised. And then he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He was just thinking how interesting it would be if he met Lulu and Fei Fei. Well, he’s looking at them now.

When he got back to his senses, he looked at a very smug Tigre. Wu Yan smirked, his grin had a playful air around them.

What would Tigre look like if he knows that Lulu and Fei Fei are acquaintance of mine?

Wu Yan is looking forward to that. He thought about something and then put on a serious poker face as he tagged behind Grey who’s walking towards Tigre& co.

Faced with the four people, Grey ignored Tigre and asked the other three.

“Who might you guys be?”

Grey’s attitude snubbed Tigre the wrong way, so Tigre sneered and replied.

“Well don’t get a heart attack, the 3 has a very noble background and it’s not something you should know but I am going to tell you anyway!”

Tigre pointed at pretty boy.

“An adopted disciple of Lori family head, the genius given the family name of Lori, Hughes Lori! (Tl: fuckboi’s name 休斯·洛莉大人!” edit changed from Zeus to Hughes, see suggestion by Ophis in comment section below)

Grey flinched. He thought it was just some young upstart from Lori family, an adopted disciple of all people….

His reaction is the same as Tigre when he first heard about this…

Seeing Grey’s face change, Tigre felt like he managed to slight Grey and then pointed at Fei Fei.

“This young lady here is another adopted disciple of Lori family head. This one is adopted even earlier. She serves as the personal bodyguard of Lori family head’s only child, Fei Fei Lori!”

And then he pointed at Lulu with an even more exagerrated grin.

“And this young lady is none other than the only daughter of Lori family, the great young miss, Merylu Lori!”

Grey felt even more bitter when he heard that the sole daughter of Lori family is present.

Adopted disciples? Only daughter?

Not only Grey but any other family of the Ailu empire wouldn’t dare offend them right?

If these kind of people really wanted to take any action against Midobia family.

Grey shuddred at the thought of it, but he bowed towards Fei Fei, Lulu and Hughes.

“Midobia family head, Grey Midobia, at your service!”

Before Tigre could rub it in Grey’s face like a poser, Fei Fei and Lulu noticed the guy standing at Grey side is none other than the Wu Yan they know!

Joy appeared on their faces. The two girls felt happy seeing him again, especially Lulu!

As the only daughter of Lori family, she’s as pampered as they come. Probably no one else could live a better life than her other than the princess of the royal family.

The downside of this is that the life she lives has detracted from those of her age. Those around her whether male or female would attempt to take advantage of her, especially those guys.

Lulu might be a little bit young but her looks could cause town and country to fall into ruin. Even compared to Hinagiku and Mikoto, she only loses in appearance by a few basis points. Ikaros is the only one who could outmatch her in appearance.

Who wouldn’t want to date someone with her looks and background?

Whoever can obtain her heart, won’t just get the person, one would be able to obtain the support of the whole Lori family. Lori family only have one such heir. If Lulu does not become the next head of family, the only other candidate can only be her husbando. (Tl: not typo, I am looking at you nepuko)

The family head of the number one family in the empire. Just thinking about it would make anyone drool yeah?

Because of this, there are no one who honestly wants to hang out with Lulu. Except for those rare individuals that are of the same situation and background who would hang out with her of course. Also, there’s no male in these rare group of individuals.

But a few months earlier, someone came into her life, the first one she considers worthy to be friends with, Wu Yan!

Lulu can’t forget that day in the Giant Beast Forest, when she first met Wu Yan, she could that besides admiration, there’s no lust or greed in his eyes like those other boys.

Thus, Lulu considers Wu Yan to be her best friend. Of course, it’s only on the level of friends….

One could imagine the delight when Lulu saw Wu Yan again. Noticing her delight, Wu Yan jumped out and dramatically pointed at Lulu before shouting out loud.


There he goes again with his stupidity….

Was what Hinagiku and Mikoto thought….

(Tl ps: sorry this chap was a bit late, too busy playing hentaiverse before i got bored with it)

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