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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 124: A development that everyone didn’t foresee


The time stopped, along with everything else when Wu Yan shouted that line.

Lulu is stunned, her happy expression froze there as she tries to understand what Wu Yan is trying to achieve here.

Fei Fei is stunned as well, she don’t know how to react just as she doesn’t know how things developed this way. She’s suddenly rendered at a loss of how to respond.

Grey is shocked and then anxiety started building up. He doesn’t know what the hell Wu Yan is thinking but he knows one thing, Wu Yan’s line is a major slap to the face to the other party.

Tigre was shocked at first but then he quickly recovered and stayed silent. He has only one thought going through his mind at the moment,

He’s so dead…

Hughes was stunned followed by outrage, his nonchalant attitude from before went straight into the rubbish bin as he leered at Wu Yan with killing intent.

Hinagiku, Mikoto, Lirin and even Ikaros is surprised. They might have been together with Wu Yan for quite a while now, but even they don’t what to say when Wu Yan acts so spontaneously.

The same applies to everyone else there, they aren’t exactly sure what is going through the mind of this super who, just a few days ago, took down the Group leader of the Iron Dogs Mercenary group in one bout like a boss. However, since he insulted the Lori family, strong as he is, he’s dead meat, the only way he can get out of this situation is if he’s a tier 9!

But, could that really be true?

At the very least the present spectator don’t think so. To them,  Wu Yan is just another youth who got too cocky for his own good after defeating the group leader of Iron Dogs Mercenary Group and now his chuunibyou is kicking in full throttle.

After a bit of time had passed, Lulu who had yet recover from the sudden change got mad after hearing him call her a ‘witch’ even though she didn’t know why.

She puffed up her chest and stood arms akimbo. Those bountiful mountains blinded Hinagiku and Mikoto with their magnificence. Lulu didn’t notice this though while she pointed at Wu Yan and retorted back.

“Who’s a witch! Do I look like a witch to you?!”

Wu Yan smirked and then waved his hand to dismiss her further rebuttal before pointing at Lulu and talking with the full confidence of someone who is right.

“Then you tell me, how exactly aren’t you a witch?”

“This young miss here does not resemble a witch at all, I am clearly a human!” (Tl: she used a rather pompous 1st person pronoun to refer to herself here : 本小姐)

A fuming Lulu roared.

Wu Yan instantly lost strength. Not just him, everyone else lost their strength as well.

You’re retorting to the wrong statement here aren’t you? Nobody is doubting whether you looked like a human…

Wu Yan awkwardly laughed and shrugged.

“Alright, even if you’re a human…”

“What if?! I am a human, a bona fide human down to the core!”

Lulu shouted at him in retort, the way she’s reacting it’s like the word ‘witch’ very offensive to her ears.

Wu Yan coughed and then put on his serious face before continuing.

“Well then, so you’re the human that wants to pick a fight with the Midobia family?”

“Who wants to pick a fight with you..”

Lulu pouted before continuing in an irritated manner.

“I don’t want to do something like coming up to someone’s house and then bully people. It’s all that guy’s fault, he made me come here!”

Her jade fingers pointed at a surprised Tigre. She passed the buck right on over to him while sounding like she’s justified without the slightest notion that she’s dragging people down with her.

Wu Yan’s poker face collapsed. He rolled his eyes before continuing in an agitated tone.

“But you’re the biggest one here aren’t you? Isn’t it a bit irresponsible of you to blame someone else….”

“Oh~ don’t give me that, it’s the truth!”

Angered, she continued.

“I didn’t come here with the slightest intention to bully someone!”

“Then what are you here for?”

Wu Yan curiously asked her. He’s actually puzzled as to why Lulu would appear in a town like this.

Regarding Lulu leading a party to come challenge Midobia family?….

It’s not that Wu Yan is looking down on her or something but screw challenging someone. If she were to be sold one day, one might not even be able to find her… (Tl: implying she’s too ditzy to come up with an idea like this)

Wu Yan’s face turned into 囧 along with everyone else when he heard the next 5 words she said.

“I’m just a passer-by…”


Wu Yan is speechless at the moment, he kept looking at her like this until he finally sighed.

“Alright, little missy who’s a passerby, what are you doing here?”

Lulu then explained everything to Wu Yan like how she was practically begged and how the guy treated them very nicely and how it would be inappropriate to decline a request. She spilled everything out while looking like she’s complaining about this and that. As drops of sweat made their way down Wu Yan’s head, he confirmed his hypotheses.

If Lulu were to get sold one day, she might even help the individual who sold her to count the money. Yeap, no doubt about that….

Tigre became more and more upset. Overlooking for the mean time the question of why the young lady has such a friendly mood going on with the little bastard, just the matter of him going out of his way to kiss their asses is making him feel very uncomfortable.

Inside Beherl, he’s technically a big shot. Even if the number one family in Ailu empire (Tl: gonna assume author made a mistake here, since in this world there’s no such empire as 巴结帝国, Bajerl) as is not something to be trifled with, but now everyone knows how he had to get outside help to deal with Midobia family.

Tigre had a bad feeling when he saw Lulu and Wu Yan throwing jabs at each other like really tight friends.

Similarly, Hughes on the side for different reasons felt upset when he saw Wu Yan being amiable with Lulu. He’s frowning so hard, the muscles probably won’t relax even after half a day had passed.

After listening to Lulu’s explanation he more or less got the picture. Lulu was passing by this town and planned to rest here when Tigre came knocking and practically stuck to them and did whatever he could to kiss their asses. And then Tigre asked Lori family for help where she couldn’t really refuse so she got dragged her against her will.

“In other words, you got duped into coming here!”

Wu Yan said after rubbing his chin in a fit of realization.

“That’s right yeah!”

Lulu nodded as well before she realized something and she shook her head like mad.

“No no no, I didn’t get duped, well that’s not true I kinda did. Wait, but that doesn’t sound right either. Argh jeez, now I am all confused…”

Watching Lulu at her wit’s end as she tries to figure this mess out made everyone laughed out loud. It’s a jovial laughter born from the realization that the great and noble only daughter of Lori family is but a cute little girl in real life.

Given of course, in Wu Yan’s own words, a simple, ditzy and somewhat air headed girl…

“I think it’s better if you don’t think too hard about it, just admit that you got scammed and be done with it!”

Wu Yan laughed.

“How can I just give it up like this…”

Lulu crinkled her little nose.

“I don’t want to admit I got duped. It would make me look like a fool.”

Wu Yan lost control and laughed out loud.

“You don’t look like one, you are a fool!”

“No you’re the stupid one!”

Yelled a very dissatisfied Lulu.

The two bickered like no one is watching, no one came to stop them either.

What more to say? While it might be a fight but no matter how one slice it, with the friendly mood going on between the two, even if they are fighting, it doesn’t the least bit tense like one.

Of course, only Fei Fei is bitterly laughing on the side. This kind of scene happens pretty much everyday when they were acting together with Wu Yan back before they left the small supply town.

Fei Fei didn’t do anything to stop since while it might look like Wu Yan is bullying Lulu, Fei Fei who had raised Lulu from young knows that deep inside Lulu’s heart she’s actually happy being able to interact with Wu Yan like this.

Wu Yan and Lulu didn’t know what the others thought about them. However, at this moment, they are quite happily engrossed in their squabble because they could feel the gradual disappearance of distance between them and the familiarity with each other that they once had is now coming back.

Grey finally returned from a state of alarm, he thought his ‘insults’ would make the situation with Lori family’s sole daughter unsalvageable but in the end things turned out alright in a comedic way through various developments.

What he thought was going to be a major opponent is now ‘happily conversing’ with Wu Yan. Even the spectators could see the two’s apparent familiarity with each other, Grey naturally noticed that as well.

Could they actually know each other?

Grey looked curiously at Wu Yan before asking him.

“Er… are you two perhaps acquaintances?”

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