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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 125: Hughes’ killing intent and Lulu’s anger

Lulu and Wu Yan looked at each other upon hearing Grey. They stayed silent for a bit before blurting it out at the same time.


Grey’s lips twitched as he looked at these two who are oddly harmonious and familiar with each other. And that reply, it’s almost as though he could feel pain coming from a certain lower part of his.

Wu Yan and Lulu both laughed out loud after saying that. Fei Fei on the side can’t help leaking a ‘pfft’ as well. Wu Yan’s hearty laugh and the girls’ slight chuckle resounded in that quiet area.

What a familiar scene, it’s like that time when Wu Yan first met Fei Fei, she asked him whether or not he knows Lulu and the two replied almost the same thing as this time as well…

The 3 recalled the past at the same time, it might have been 2 or 3 months but the feeling of not having seen each other in a while is mutual for both Wu Yan who had been through template worlds and the girls who never experienced a template world.

When Fei Fei stopped laughing, she curiously asked Wu Yan.

“Yan, You said ‘Our Midobia family’,  are you perhaps a member of the Midobia family?”

“Oh yeah!”

Lulu had the same qualms s well.

“Didn’t you said you had no family and you were just some brute descended from the mountain?”

“I said that before but why do I feel unamused when it’s you who said it…”

Wu Yan sighed before dismissing the girls by waving his hand and laughing.

“Maa, that was just a joke on my part. However, it is true that I have a close relationship with Midobia family so if trouble is what you’re looking for then I’m afraid you will have to go through me first!”

“You? You think you can stand against us just by your powers?”

A line interrupted Wu Yan when he finished talking. Wu Yan narrowed his eye as he stared at the direction behind Lulu and Fei Fei.

The handsome guy called Hughes who were standing with Lulu, Fei Fei and Tigre until some time ago appeared. He used a nonchalant face while crossing his arms when facing Wu Yan. Those eyes are as if he’s looking at a refugee in a disaster area, filled with disdain and loathe.

Wu Yan took a look at the guy and then turned to Lulu.

“Lulu, who’s the dude?”

Before Lulu can reply, Hughes had a change in expression and a dark expression revealed itself.

“Impudence! Do you know who you are referring to? It’s the young miss of Lori family, she’s not someone you can casually refer to like that!”

Wu Yan finally realized something. He understood the feeling of Deja Vu. It’s because another Slime appeared.

Hughes . Lori: (level 42)

Hmm.. compared to the other slime, this one is much stornger, at least this one is tier 5…

“hey, Hughes, what did you mean by that?”

Lulu frowned, one could see from the way she looked at Hughes that she’s not amused.

“How is what my friend calls me a concern of yours!”


Hughes flinched. He seemed like he can’t believe what he’s hearing while pointing at Wu Yan.

“You’re saying, this guy is your friend?”

“You’ve got a problem with that?”

Hmped Lulu. While it might be a cold hmph but when Lulu does it, it becomes sorta cute in a way.

Hughes expression dropped to its lowest. Friend? This might be normal coming from any other person but when it came from her mouth, it’s totally different.

Being adopted into the Lori family since young, Hughes practically grew up with Lulu. It’s not that he hasn’t heard the term friend being uttered by Lulu, but those are very rare existences. If one were to count with fingers, it would definitely be enough to count.

Hughes likes Lulu since young. In fact, he had been charmed the first time he saw Lulu. She has a very high and distinguised position but she possesses a friendly and cute personality, completely different compared to the lofty and spoiled attitude of the other ladies of noble birth.

Add to her personality those talents in cultivation which is better than his and that country ruining beauty of hers that were already somewhat showing when she was still small. When Hughes saw Lulu for the first time, he silently said to himself.

She’s mine!

As something like childhood friend to her, Hughes has better chances than most to court Lulu but tried and tried he did and yet for some reason unfathomable to him, she never looks at him favorably.

If it were not for the fact that Lulu treats the other males with the same treatment, Hughes would be panicking.

However, Lulu, who in the past would remain distant from any male actually called a male her friend today!

Hughes turned quiet. The eyes he used when looking towards Wu Yan were filled with an astonishing amount of killing intent. It surprised Tigre who was standing at his side. Fei Fei frowned when she observed this and she kept her eyes trianed on Hughes. As for Wu Yan, he grinned and then dismissed him without any further reaction. Boy, did Hughes face contorted.

This average looking (author note: speaking relative to him), low status class (author note: surmised from how Lulu said she came from the mountain), weak lower than plebeian prick (author note: can’t detect because of the lack of dou qi and magic power). What warranted him a friend status by his most loved young miss!

When he recalled how Wu Yan and Lulu were putting on a show of how friendly they are by throwing jabs at each other, he can’t restrain his killing intent anymore. Everyone could feel his intent.

Ikaros’s pupil shrank and she was that close to changing into her Sky Queen mode. To her, anyone who means harm to Wu Yan must be eliminated.

Hinagiku and Mikoto held back Ikaros while shaking their head, gesturing for her to stand down. Ikaros hesitated a bit before resting her hands.

Hughes who is focusing on Wu Yan never knew how close he was to death’s door. He’s thinking about how to brutally murder Wu Yan but since Lulu is standing by his side, Hughes endured the impulse to do so.

“Dirty trash, know your place and stay away from the young miss, she’s not someone you are worthy enough to associate with!”

Hughes said without any intention to hide the coercive tone of his.

Wu Yan was about to say something regarding his threat but Lulu got mad first and stood in front of Wu Yan before shouting at Hughes.

“Hey! What right do you have to say something like that! I said Yan is my friend, he’s not someone who is unworthy to associate with!”

Hughes didn’t say anything but the anger and killing intent appeared again in his eyes. Her defensive behaviour served only to add fuel to his desire to end Wu Yan.

From start to end, the specatators didn’t say anything, not even Tigre who started this and Grey who thought his days are over. None of them interrupted. Now that the situation has developed to this kind of state, it’s no longer an issue of conflict between powers but more towards a conflict between individuals. The people didn’t know what to do at this point so they opted watch how this unfolds.

Hinagiku and Mikoto are the same as well but rather than watching the development unfold itself, the two girls are looking at Lulu.

They had heard Wu Yan talking about this girl before, they are quite curious of this so called first friend Wu Yan met on this world. One could see they are examining Lulu from their eyes.

Wu Yan finally made a move. He ruffled Lulu’s hair and made her gorgeous hair a mess. He ignored her puffy look and pulled her behind him.

“Remove your filthy hands!”

Wu Yan’s series of action infuriated Hughes to the point of exploding. Those intimate actions and that look on Lulu that seemed more like a coquettish protest than being annoyed all tested his limits.

He snapped as that pompous air disappeared around him, anger filled him and he took out a Mainstream Armament in the form of a magic staff. He waved it and a wind blade flew out toward the hand that is resting themselves upon Lulu.

Almost at the same time, an ice pick dispersed negated the wind blade.

Lulu lowered the magic staff in her hand but her angry look didn’t diminish as she started channeling magic.

Lulu’s pissed, this isn’t going to end well…

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