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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 126: Declaration! To stake one’s life!

Merylu Lori: (level 44)

When Lulu channeled her magic, Wu Yan opened his system detection and was quite surprised at what he saw.

When he parted with her about 2 to 3 months ago, Lulu was just at level 35. And now, she’s actually increased her level by 9. Just one level short of a whole tier jump!

It’s not that hard to go up to tier 5 from tier 4 in this manner but it surely isn’t as easy as it was on lower tiers…

Even Wu Yan can’t help but feel admiration for her talent, though he might have made it to tier 7 in a duration of not more than half a year. Even if she had the support of the number one family within the empire, she can’t possibly compete with Wu Yan who is basically a haxxor…

The exchange of wind blade and ice pike between Hughes and Lulu shocked the spectators. It’s not just the sudden development between the two and also because they were shocked by the two’s abilities.

They could all see that the two are clearly still young, at least they aren’t twenty yet. And yet, they had such strength that they could cast a spell in such a short time without anyone seeing them chant.

The spectators that are shocked calmed down after a while. It’s only been a few days after a twenty something tier 7 appeared. This level  of spectacle has lost its rarity so to speak.

Back at the field, Hughes flinched when he saw Lulu intervene. Lulu on the other hand has a very angry look on her beautiful face.

“Hughes! How dare you attack my friend like that!”

Lulu stomped her feet.

Back at the supply town some time ago, her own subordinate attacked Wu Yan. At the end of it, Wu Yan was alright but Lulu couldn’t stop blaming herself over the whole thing ever since.

Wu Yan is her friend and her own people attacked her friend. Lulu placed all the blame on herself because she’s too kind and pure.

It was lucky that Wu Yan got away without a scratch otherwise Lulu will probably carry this trauma with her for her whole life.

Lulu’s actually quiet nervous when she met him again. She wondered whether or not her precious friend would leave her because of reasons like that.

She thought it to be fortuitous that Wu Yan didn’t seem to have given the event much weight. Although it was quite awkward when she met him again, but the two quickly returned to the state of familiarity the two once had in the supply town.

Lulu could finally relax and then it happened, again. Her own people attacked Wu Yan again!

Due to people looking to take advantage of her background, she had to grow up learning how to read people out of necessity. How could she not know the reason that Hughes attacked Wu Yan is because of her!

Thus, Lulu is mad.

Her first and probably the only male friend she made, attacked time and time again by her people. Lulu felt guilt and at the same time she felt anger.

In other words, Hughes fucked up big time!

“Yan, I’m so sorry, I…. I…”

Lulu turned aroound to look at Wu Yan wanting to say something but couldn’t exactly figure out what to say until finally she began to tear up.

Wu Yan lost control of his laugh when he saw her feeling all wronged.

“Dear Lulu, surely you don’t think I would be mad at you just because of some dude I met today who by the way doesn’t leave a very good impression?”

“You aren’t mad?”

Lulu tilted her head while asking in a weak manner.

Wu Yan sighed.

“Of course not. No matter how you look at it, from right to left and up to down, this isn’t related to you at all.”


“No buts!”

Wu Yan placed his hand on Lulu’s head and then he rubbed it good. He kept rubbing until her hair turned into what resembles a chicken nest before he stopped.

“Just know that it isn’t your fault and that’s all there is to it!”

Lulu nodded her head while in a daze. She stopped crying and smiled when she saw Wu Yan’s face. She quickly realized her hair’s state and tidied her hair while looking unamused.

“Trashy peasant! Abominable trashy peasant!”

Hughes cultivation his whole life disappeared without a trace today. His heart started to turn dark from the mixture of him calling her ‘Dear Lulu”, that intimate action going on between the two and their apparent interaction.

“Young miss, he’s just a lowly trashy peasant, how can you lower yourself and associate with someone of his level ? If the elders were to hear about this they would be retorting as well!”

His hand that were holding onto the staff began to turn green just from the sheer strength he is putting into them. Hughes didn’t notice this however as he kept looking at Wu Yan with animosity, how he wished he could tear him to shreds.

“I haven’t settled my matter with you yet, how dare you start pointing fingers at me!”

Lulu who managed to improve her mood got her mood spoiled again.

“Let’s not talk about whether father would think I’m lowering myself in status. Even if he did, he wouldn’t scold me for it!”

Lulu looked damn confident when she said this. Hughes finally recalled that the family head loves her daughter like no other…

Hughes bit his lips and then threw a cold look at Wu Yan before mocking him.

“Lowly peasant! I don’t care what method you used to deceive the young miss but a person should know his place in life. Let’s not talk about status, you have no power and you still have the audacity to hang around the young miss? Aren’t you afraid of being the laughing stock?!”

Joke? In a way it is one actually. When Hughes said this, the spectators around them laughed inside. Even Grey and Tigre had amusing expression on their face.

A twenty something bearing the power of a tier 7, is that someone who has no power?

If so, what are they and what are you, Hughes?… (Tl: probably from pov of Grey or Tigre or could be author pov)

They didn’t say a word. Hughes is clearly too furious at the moment. Plus, they don’t have the protection of someone like the young miss of the Lori family. If they messed with Hughes, the consequences could be dire for them.

Lulu didn’t say a word. Indubitably, her rating of Hughes has gone down the drain to the point where she didn’t even wanted to talk to him anymore. She looked towards Wu Yan before saying.

“Yan, don’t listen to him, I don’t care about something silly like strength!”

“Oh is that so?”

Mocked again and again, being called lowly this trashy peasant that,  it is amazing that the petty Wu Yan didn’t look angry at all.

“I know Lulu don’t care about stuff like that…”

In fron of everyone, Wu Yan walked in front of Lulu and lightly said.

“But, I do!”

“Yan, what are you…”

Lulu can’t believe what she is hearing. How could he say something like that. Fei Fei flinched too and she kept wondering what he was trying to pull.

A happy Hughes sneered.

“At least you have some tact in you!”


Wu Yan helplessly waved his hand before laughing.

“Sorry but you see people of my generation don’t know how to write tact…”


“Hey, little white face…” (Tl: 小白脸, sponger that lives by his face somewhat rude to call a guy with this term as it implies some form of weakness)

“What did you call me!”

Hughes got so mad he maniacally shouted while laughing. At this point, he made a decision. He doesn’t care what the young miss will do to him after this, but this guy is dead!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s because of that insult he received or because of the perceived threat he feels…

Wu Yan closed his eyes and when he opened them again, his eyes were different, there’s no playing around or any sense of easy going. These were the eyes of someone serious.

“Like you said. Staying at someone like Lulu’s side whos talent and background are all outstanding, if one were to have no strength then not only would they be a joke but perhaps even the person himself would feel pressure right?!”


Lulu started to panic.

Yan won’t stop being friends with me because of something like this right?

Wu Yan looked around and saw the faces of the spectators around them. Then, he smiled and said with a tone so calm yet somehow it reverberated throughout the place like a voice from heaven, tranquil yet distinct.

“That is why, to get rid of any possible accidents in the future and to ease Lulu’s heart. Let me show whether or not I, Wu Yan  have the right to stand at Lulu’s side!”

Ignoring the stunned spectators, Hinagiku and Mikoto who are grinning, Wu Yan stared straight into Hughes’s eyes and smiled before saying.

“Take a shot! If I move back even one step, my life is yours!”

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