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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 128: And thus it is shown to everyone!


Like a broken doll, Hughes kept repeating that line with a dumbfounded face, even the spectators felt a bit sorry for him.

Everyone already knew how their confrontation is going to end. Thus, they aren’t surprised but they all have the same thoughts inside.

Tier 7, truly formidable…

Naturally, not everyone is like the spectators, Midobia family or the guys from Iron Dog mercenary group. The members of the Lori family are the same as Hughes, dazed by what they’re seeing, including Lulu and Fei Fei.

“Is this really Yan?…”

Lulu is still stunned as she looked at Wu Yan who had lightning arcing around him. Her train of thought had already derailed since a while ago.

Compared to the dazed Lulu, Fei Fei behaved much better. Her pupils shrunk when she saw Wu Yan negate the “Savage wind beast magic” with just one finger but she quickly recovered.

The reason is that she’s also a tier 7!

What seems like an unthinkable scene to the masses are nothing to Fei Fei. If she wanted to achieve the same, she could do it much in the same way as Wu Yan, without sparing much effort as well.

So, Fei Fei stood there looking very calm. It’s just that if one were to see her shaking hands, one could see how she’s actually not as calm as she appears.

There are a lot of questions going through her head at the moment. Like how Wu Yan became so strong in a duration of about 2-3 months when he clearly is still just a tier 2 before? Or, another question: how he circumvented the common knowledge of Silvaria that magic and douqi simply can’t coexist by using lightning magic when she clearly recall him being only a sword wielding warrior some months ago!

There’s more where that came from…

But she changed her mind. Everyone has a secret of their own, even she has her own secrets. That’s why, thought there might be a lot of question marks, Fei Fei didn’t think too much about them. As long as she is sure of one thing, that Wu Yan will mean Lulu no harm, then everything else didn’t matter.

Fei Fei could more or less guess Wu Yan is the young tier 7  Tigre was talking about. Fei Fei couldn’t even begin to fathom how someone can reach tier 7 within a period of 2 -3 months.

But this inability of hers to imagine how quickly turned into a desire to do battle!

Wu Yan and Fei Fei are about the same age. Anyone who can reach tier 7 at such a young age is no doubt a a rare genius countable with one’s hands in this continent. It isn’t that she hasn’t seen other tier 7 geniuses, they all gave her bad mood.

To sum them up in one description would be ‘too cocky for their own talent’. These kind of people are very distasteful for Fei Fei. How she had wished so hard that the tier 7 super she’s going to meet soon to not have such an odious personality…

Now that her wish came true, she felt elation and excitement all at the same time for she knows after spending much time with Wu Yan that he’s not that type of person.

She’s happy that she finally met one genius of her own age range that didn’t earn her annoyance so she can fight a big bout with him!

The corners of Fei Fei’s mouth crept up and her hands started shaking uncontrollably. She wished that Wu Yan would quickly finish trashing Hughes so she can have her turn to fight with him.

By the way, Hughes is in the ‘distasteful persons’ classification, even if they are of the same faction…

At the fighting grounsd, Wu Yan reined in his electricity and laughed when he saw how shocked Hughes was.

“O Mighty Young Master Hughes who stands above many, is my strength to your satisfaction?”

Hughes is still in a shocked state, doesn’t seem like he will be recovering anytime soon, much less responding to him. This is understandable because ‘Savage wind beast magic’ is the strongest magic Hughes could cast!

To make sure Wu Yan would die beyond certain doubt, Hughes unleashed all his cards, his tier 5 strength, his Rare Armament, his strongest magic and everything was stacked in that one hit. It was his strongest attack!

But his strongest attack got negated with one finger by what in his point of view should have been nothing but a lowly commoner!

What did this mean?

This meant that the powerless lowly mongrel in his eyes is stronger than him! In fact, many times stronger!

Hughes had absolute confidence that his attack just now could have been negated by a tier 6. But the tier 6 wouldn’t have such an easy time fending the attack off, on the off chance that the tier 6 fucked up, injury is a possibility as well.

But that blow which can harm a tier 6 was nulled by a simply gesture from Wu Yan. Doesn’t this mean that Wu Yan’s power is manyfold stronger than a tier 6?

Stronger than a tier 6, the next possibility must be a tier 7!

Wu Yan’s a tier 7? That infuriating little turd that he spat on who’s planning to defile his beloved woman is a tier 7?

“Impossible… impossible… this absolutely is impossible!”

Hughes roared like crazy. His stupefied face distorted and his eyes looked red like a wounded beast. He didn’t look any different from a wounded beast anyway. At the moment, Hughes is a wounded beast, it’s just that his wound is a major trauma on his pride and that’s why he went berserk.

He channeled as much magic power as he could and giant magic fluctuations rose up from his body making the air around him very thick.

All of a sudden, Hughes waved that armament in his hand and 5 blades of wind appeared around him. With another wave, he sent them all flying at a rapid speed towards Wu Yan!

Wu Yan simply raised an eyebrow at the crazed Hughes. He stood his ground without moving and waited for the blades of wind to come closer before making his move.

He snapped his finger and countless iron grains floated up from the ground and willed them to revolved around him in black waves. The wind blade hit the iron wave and drew some sparks before disappearing.

The spectators were surprised again. What the hell is this black coloured wave?…

To the inhabitants of this world, manipulation of iron grains by magnetic force is probably a concept that would befuddle them all. They just thought it was another one his trickeries.

His attacks failed to bring any harm whatsoever to Wu Yan like rocks thrown into the sea and served only to distort Hughes’ expression. He waved the armament again and 5 blades of wind appeared, he didn’t stop and waved it again to conjure up another 5 blades of wind.

In flock of 5, the blades of wind flew and hit the iron wave. But it didn’t matter how many wind blades came assaulting, Wu Yan didn’t move at all as he merely used the iron sand wave to block all the attacks.

The blades of wind keep coming and disappeared after making crisps sound. The whole place kept ringing with the crazy rhythm.

Everyone including the people from the 3 parties all looked at Hughes with pity.

Wu Yan and Hughes. One side blocked all the attacks with a nonchalant face while another kept attacking like a rabid dog with no effect. As long as the spectator isn’t retarded, they could all see what the final result will be.

As time passed, Hughes staff swinging frequency slowed down and the magic power fluctuations died down gradually and the blades of wind lessened and lessened until Hughes collapsed to the floor, half kneeling and just as stupefied as he was before, again.

His machine gun of magic spells finally ran its course and he exhausted his magic power, he can’t continue fighting anymore…

From the start to the end, all Wu Yan did was pointing a finger and snapping his finger in addition to saying a line. He didn’t move at all, exactly as he promised before the fight begun.

If i stepped back even a step, my life is yours!

And the result of this round was an overwhelming victory for Wu Yan without taking a single step anywhere!

The black wave already calmed down as Wu Yan walked to the front of the dazed Hughes before saying with much fanfare.

“It’s my win! Now then young master of the Lori family, run along and tell your so called ‘high statused’, ‘strong’,’good background’ acquaintances that I, Wu Yan is a friend of Merylu Lori!”

“I am her friend now! And I always will be!”

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