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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 131: The Effulgence that lights up the whole place! Sword beam!

Beherl: Midobia family’s main gate…

The Midobia family has a pretty fucking big main gate, at least big enough to hold the spectators present which by the way is a little bit more than 1 thousand…

And yet, even though this place is so crowded, there isn’t the ruckus one would expect of a crowd this big. They are all quietly watching the centre of this area with bated breath lest their noise disrupt the good part.

The only sound we could hear at the moment is the sound of clashing swords and the wind that started blowing as a result of the collision. Those and the sound of cheering from time to time.

The male and female figure kept going back and forth, clashing against each other and then quickly retreating away, rinse and repeat.


After another bout, the two separated again. They both grinned as they stared at each other.

“It has been quite a while since I last had a satisfying fight. As expected, challenging you was the correct decision.”

Fei Fei sighed and then she sighed again. But contrary to what she might be saying, her face told the spectators that she had a blast.

Wu Yan shrugged and didn’t reply. He brandished Nietono no Shana, this is also one of the rare instances when he actually got all fired up, naturally he didn’t want this to end so quickly.

Fei Fei noticed this and she kept her grin on making that gorgeous face of hers even more salient. She then said out of nowhere.

“So, was that your full power?”

Wu Yan smiled when he heard this. He then looked up and at Fei Fei.

“Full power? Please!”

The rounds they fought were merely warm up for him. It should be the same for Fei Fei as well, otherwise she wouldn’t be asking this.

Wu Yan naturally didn’t know how shocking his statement was…

That just now, wasn’t his full strength?

Everyone was stupefied as they looked at each other completely at a loss of what to say. To them, the battle just now is worthy of their aspiration, even for Tigre and Grey who were tier 6 in power. But even what happened just now wasn’t an all out assault?…

It didn’t matter whether or not the crowd believed them, for Fei Fei and Wu Yan, it was merely warmup!


Fei Fei stored away her smile and tightened her grip on Night Elf when she heard him.

“All the more better!”

A gigantic force surged from her body. It looked like steam surrounded Fei Fei and this materialized form of power blew up dust and sand while scattering them all over the place!

“Sister Fei Fei finally used dou qi!”

That’s right, she didn’t use dou qi during the exchange of blows just now. The same goes for Wu Yan, he didn’t use all his power just now!

“You aren’t going to channel your dou qi? I won’t be going easy on you after this you know?!”

Fei Fei slightly lifted her head and a big distortion around her immediately happened in response to her small action. Needless to say the spectators were awestruck.

Meanwhile, Wu Yan just laughed. No choice, he didn’t have any dou qi to use in the first place, how would he? He didn’t even cultivate dou qi.

“Sister Fei Fei, my art is a bit more quirky, it’s hard to explain but I am sure it won’t disappoint you!”

Wu Yan cracked his neck but there were no weird tangible phenomenon to be observed aside from the fact that the dou qi exerted by Fei Fei on Wu Yan had not so much as a sliver of effect on him, the dou qi scattered like it was met with a being of terrifying nature!

If one were to use an analogy of the rolling waves as Fei Fei, then Wu Yan would be the immovable reef!

Fei Fei could clearly feel that Wu Yan underwent some sort of slight change as compared to earlier but she couldn’t quite point out what it is.

“Well, here it come!”

With two hands on the grip, Fei Fei raised the blade up high. At the same time, the dou qi revolving around her all went striaght for her long sword, she sucked them in and slashed at Wu Yan.

A radiant sword beam made out of dou qi came out of Night Elf and headed straight for Wu Yan.

Like a hot knife through butter, the sword beam sliced its way and came to Wu Yan!

His expression quickly changed as he roared and smacked Nietono no Shana right at the oncoming beam. With a ‘bam’ the sword beam made contact with Nietono no Shana!

An indescribable amount of force transmitted from Nietono no Shana onto him and pushed him back. Passively being pushed backwards, his two feet dragged visible trail across the ground.

His hand holding onto the blade already had its veins bulging right under the skin. His gaze turned steely and he roared once more before giving Nietono no Shana a mighty swing!

The sword beam got deflected towards the sky by Wu Yan’s attack. It shot upwards and away like a rocket and soon disappeared from everyone’s view.

“Yan, how do you like my attack just now?”

Fei Fei lifted the corner of her lip and gave a cheeky grin. Wu Yan exhaled in satisfaction. He opened and close his palm, feeling the decrease of load in his hand he smiled.

“Not bad, it had power!”

“Oh? Here comes another serving then!”

Dou qi gathered at Night elf again, giving the blade a slight tinge of light at the same time brightening up Fei Fei’s face. When she lifted her hand up high, the second sword beam came flying at Wu Yan again!

This time, Wu Yan didn’t wait for the sword beam to come for him, he placed his foot down and leapt up before slashing down at the sword beam’s center.

A bright light radiated out where Nietono no Shana met the sword beam and quickly following the light was a sound that signaled the dismissal of the sword beam!


Fei Fei couldn’t help praising Wu Yan. She knows full well how powerful her sword beam is and with Wu Yan’s strength blocking it is obviously possible but he will definitely be troubled by it.

But the son of a gun attacked where it was the weakest and boosted his destructive power thereby thwarting her attack!

After shattering the sword beam, Wu Yan leveraged the residue momentum from destroying the sword and rushed Fei Fei. He’s not just gonna stand around and let the girl whip him.


Nietono no Shana and Night Elf crossed yet again. The difference this time is that Wu Yan can’t overpower Fei Fei. Under the effect of dou qi, her strength had increased considerably and she too had margin to spare just like Wu Yan a few moments ago. It is impossible to achieve any sort of advantage by just relying on pure strength alone.

Looking at Night Elf being coated with dou qi, Wu Yan turned grim but he understood why immediately. If she kept being dominated by him, Fei Fei wouldn’t be fit to be a holder of strength for someone level 68.

However, now that Wu Yan is close to me, then…

“Are you perhaps thinking that I won’t be able to use sword beam against you again if you came close enough”

Fei Fei’s voice reached Wu Yan’s ear and he was shocked. Fei Fei had a very mysterious smile on her face before she slowly explained it to him.

“If you think it’s like that, boy have I got a big surprise for you…”

Night Elf brightened up when she said that. Wu Yan’s pupils shrank before Fei Fei roared and Night Elf suddenly released an effulgent light and the familiar dou qi sword beam appeared and simultaneously exploded!


The light flashed up and dust rained down on the whole place. Following the explosion, Wu Yan and Fei Fei’s figure became enveloped by the dust screen and they disappeared from sight.

“Sister Fei Fei! Yan!”

Lulu shouted towards the center of the dust cloud, she hoped someone could reply to her, her worst fear at the moment is that someone might get hurt.

Too bad though, nobody replied to her and veritably this made Lulu very anxious. Pretty soon however, a slender figure came flying out of the dust cloud and she felt her worry eased a little bit.

Fei Fei stopped her backwards momentum and stood her ground before lifting her head and gazing at the dust cloud with a shocked expression on her face.

A silver blade stuck out from the dust cloud, with a quick swing to the side, the dust cloud dissipated and revealed an unharmed Wu Yan standing there!

Seeing her surprised look, Wu Yan laughed.

“Sister Fei Fei, how does it taste like?”

Fei Fei stood up and laughed as well. She then nodded in a very serious manner.

“Not bad, it packs quite a punch!”

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