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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 135: The scampering Tigre…

Can’t blame them for their disbelief. (Tl: raw readers might have noticed this by now but i change redundant double negatives like “can’t help not doubting to more understandable form”)

Keep in mind that Fei Fei who achieved tieer 7 power at such a young age is already a testament to her genius talent. If one were to scan the entire continent, there probably won’t be too many of these geniuses running around.

Inside the small town of Beherl, the fact that the spectators could bear witness to two 20 something year old individuals with tier 7 strength is already something one doesn’t get to see everyday. And now, somebody is saying that these 2 girls who look like they’re super young are actually tier 8?

How can that be. Seems to be the sentence everyone has in their hearts. Wu Yan and Hinagiku could only laugh bitterly.

“Erm, Fei Fei-sama, you’re saying those girls are tier 8 supers?…”

A smile that could only be described as contorted beyond ugly is currently plastered on Tigre’s face. He asked in an unsteady voice after toughening up his face.

Everyone instantly perked up their ears which some moments ago, were being shielded with all their might just so they wouldn’t miss anything.

Fei Fei looked at Ikaros and Mikoto, she then laughed.

“To block my [Night Moon Flash] while it made collision with another battle skill of roughly the same magnitude and then saving Yan and me without breaking a sweat. Other than my teacher, I don’t believe there’s any tier 7 that could do the same!”

Fei Fei’s implication is clear, a tier 7 couldn’t but her teacher could. Since the spectators knew the head of Lori is an individual with tier 8 strength. She indirectly answered them.

These two girls before them are indeed at tier 8!

Everyone took a deep breath. Looking at Wu Yan, and then Ikaros who looked about the same age as Fei Fei, taking a last look at the imposing looking Mikoto who had a childish air about her. They felt like their perception of reality has gone out of sync.

It’s tier 8 for god sake! It isn’t some kind of vegetable you could see everyday. One could see from Lulu’s father who at the same time, is Fei Fei’s teacher and a family head of Lori family that tier 8 is already enough to qualify one for the highest position in the number one family of the empire. Tier 8 was in their heart an admirable status.

Just because Ikaros exterminated 3 tier 8s shouldn’t be a factor to say that tier 8 status is easily attained. Those 3 came from a crowd made up of countless factions. Out of so many treasure hunters, only 3 had tier 8 strength. This should be concrete proof that tier 8 existences are very rare and grand!

That’s why everyone couldn’t help feeling out of touch with reality. These kind of existences are standing amidst them at this very moment. Grey and Tigre especially, started shivering, it’s clear that these two couldn’t remain calm.

One of them felt awed: To think two tier 8 stayed at this very home and had such good relationship with my daughter, what a blessing for the Midobia family…

The other one felt terror. Terror because before this revelation, he had his eyes on them. Not only does he want to slaughter Wu Yan, he wants to take the girls for his own pleasure…

The girls he had been aiming for were actually tier 8 supers?…

Thinking about this, cold sweat rapidly flowed down Tigre’s head. If it’s just Wu Yan, he’s not scared, so what if he’s tier 7, he could just get Lori family to help bring him down. But tier 8 is a different matter altogether, not only does he have no intention of messign with them, even if he did, Lori family probably wouldn’t agree to offer assistance.

As a number one family within the empire, the tier 8 under Lori family’s control isn’t just one. However, they could definitely count the number with their fingers. Suppose one had to make a choice between giving up Tigre or going into the bad books of two tier 8, even a fool could make the obvious choice.

If the number one family wouldn’t dare mess around with these kind of individuals, would Tigre have the balls to pick a fight and risk death?

Terrified by his circumstances, Tigre can only opt to lower his sense of presence, hoping no one would notice him.

Besides him, there’s another person who had weird thoughts. The guy is Hughes.

Oh he’s not afriad. It’s true that he can’t earn the ire of tier 8 supers, it is also true however that the other party can’t harm him, at least his teacher will definitely not agree in him being harmed. He’s not afraid of what will become of him, he’s just super jelly…

Why? Why can that dirty little scum earn the affection of these two gorgeous tier 8?

Younger than him but charismastic af Mikoto, and then Ikaros who’s appearance in his mind won only slightly in comparison to the young lady of his family.

How can Hughes not see the intensity of the feelings these two abnormally beautiful tier 8 girls had for that shitty commoner.

Why do those strong and alluring girls dig him? Why aren’t they mine?!

With those kind of thoughts, the hate for Wu Yan grew within him no newer heights. Of course, no matter how much he hates the guy, Wu Yan still didn’t consider him worth the attention…

“Tier 8! That’s awesome!…”

Said Lulu with stars for eyes. She didn’t dig into this matter too much, what she does know is that the other party are as great as her father!

“Ne ne, how are you girls cultivating? One of you is just a bit older than me and the other is a bit younger than me but how did you both attain such a state of cultivation!”

Still having stars for eyes, she asked them in excitement.

“Ha… haha… well it’s no biggie, just a little training here and there…”

She seemed a bit upset when Lulu heard “just a little” but going by how she looked. Lulu reminded Mikoto of that one twin tailed kouhai that wouldn’t stop fondling her bed, this gave Mikoto shivers so she replied in a half ass way.

Nonetheless, her words astounded people. The crowd raised their eyebrows when they heard how she apparently reached tier 8 just because of a little training.

Fei Fei is also quite interested in Mikoto and Ikaros as well. She’s not jealous of the fact that the other two girl had better talents than her but she is still curious as to how the two girls apparently reached tier her teacher’s level of tier 8.

From how Mikoto ambiguously answered Lulu, Fei Fei interpreted their cultivation method as being trade secret which couldn’t be spread around as they please. So she didn’t pursue the matter, instead she made a mental note to put in more effort in her own cultivation!

Lulu pouted her cute little mouth when Mikoto blew her off. She then looked at Hinagiku.

“Ai, since Yan is so amazing, this girl is also strong, how about miss over there, don’t tell me that young lady is a tier 8 as well?”

It’s just a tongue in cheek statement by Lulu. However, her words attracted the attention of the spectators as the look in their eyes changed.

Hinagiku wryly laughed.

“I am not as great as Ikaros and Mikoto, I’m still tier 7!”

Another tier 7…

Fei Fei bitterly laughed. The spectators looked at the girls and then looked at themselves. No matter whether they are young or old, they felt like they’ve been living for nothing all these years…

Meanwhile, Tigre and Hughes both felt more fear and envy respectively…

Sitting on the ground, Wu Yan watched the crowd go wild upon finding out the girls’ strength. He sighed helplessly and said in a tired tone.

“Okay, stop chatting over there and go home, I don’t want to sit here through your chatters…”

Ikaros helped Wu Yan to his feet after recovering, Hinagiku and Mikoto also hurried to his side. If the spectator couldn’t catch the drift then they’re going to have to up their intelligence stat.

When this scene unfolded, Tigre’s heart chilled. He felt terror at the group he was planning on destroying. So, he quietly stepped back and planned to phase out via ‘ghosting’.

Wu Yan who’s being helped to his feet by Ikaros saw this and ‘recalled’ something.

“Ah yes, Group leader Tigre, what is it that you have come to teach us today?”


Everyone casted their eyes on Tigre making him freeze in place. Under everyone’s gaze, he awkwardly said.

“Not- nothing, just a friendly visit is all…”

“Ohhhh, a visit eh~”

Wu Yan sneered with weird underlying tone.

“Well then Group leader Tigre, why don’t you come inside and please take a seat!”

“Th-there will be no need for that, I have matters to attend to. Bye!”

And whoosh, Tigre ran so fast he left no trace of him behind…

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Lulu, Fei Fei and Grey exchanged glances before laugh out loud…

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