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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 136: Sending 3 girls away, next stop?

Beherl: Floating ship airfield…

“Uuu, make sure to remember me, everyone…”

Holding hands with Lulu, reluctant as she is, Little ol’ Lirin waved goodbye to Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros and her father all of whom stood opposite to her at the station.

The battle between Fei Fei and Wu Yan had ended quite some days already and during these period the group got much closer to each other. Lulu and Fei Fei familiarized themselves with Hinagiku and Mikoto, even Ikaros got closer to Lulu and Fei Fei with the other girls’ help.

In the first place, Lulu and Fei Fei were easy to get close to. If it were  not for the fact that they are surrounded by superficial people courtesy of them having a big background, the two girls would have made a pretty big network by themselves.

And during these few days, the two girls found Hinagiku, Mikoto and Ikaros to be worthy friends. And so, the girls were fast approaching a state of familiarity where they could call each other sisters.

Now it’s time for Lulu and Fei Fei to depart. They were just passing through the town of Beherl. If the Iron Dogs Mercenary group didn’t come and pester them, they would have already been long gone from this town. And they wouldn’t have had so many things happening to them.

When the two girls explained themselves, Wu Yan & co then found out that Lulu and Fei Fei were planning on bringing people from Lori family with them to the academy.

Wu Yan looked so stupid when he heard them saying they go to school, why would they? Only then did he know that when they said academy, they didn’t mean the flip-your-book-to-page-x kind of school but the school where they teach dou qi and magic!

Of course his face became even more confused when he heard this. As expected of another world, one just couldn’t leave out the dou qi and magic academy…

As to why Lirin will be going to the academy with Lulu and Fei Fei, it’s actually because Grey decided so.

Cultivation at too early an age would only bring more harm then good. Although Lirin is still quite young at this stage but her age is just about the right time to start. Education starts from an early age, the same goes for cultivation.

Which is why Grey asked Lulu and Fei Fei to help take Lirin to school. And since Little ol Lirin is just too damn cute, the two girls didn’t waste a second in agreeing to his request. Grey and Lirin trusts Lulu and Fei Fei and that’s how the deal got settled on.

At the start, Lulu & Fei Fei invited Wu Yan &co to go with them. Though the academy in this world piqued Wu Yan’s interest and he agreed immediately, for some reason, Mikoto wanted to stay for just a bit so even if he’s a bit confuse as to her reason why, he told them that they would go at a later time.

“Lirin, remember, when you go to school make sure to listen to Lady Lulu and Lady Fei Fei’s words got it?”

Grey can’t help reminding Lirin as he hugged her.

“I understand, daddy!”

Lirin rubbed her cheeks against her father’s chest and then turned to Wu Yan & company.

“Big brother, sister Hinagiku, sister Mikoto and sister Ikaros, please remember to come find me…”

Hinagiku rubbed Lirin’s hair and smiled.

“N, we will go and find you soon enough!”

“Little lass, I hope by the time I see you there, you’re already an amazing warrior or magician…”

Wu Yan smugly said when he glanced at Lirin. She nodded vigorously and pitter pattered over to Fei Fei before grabbing her shirt.

When Lulu saw how Lirin escape, she curled her lips and then looked at Wu Yan.

“Hey, I am going as well, why didn’t you say goodbye to me.”

Wu Yan put on a very friendly smile and said in a worried manner.

“Well, Lulu, please don’t let yourself get sold by other people against…”

“You’re the one who got sold! How vexing ugh!”

She made a mon œil at him before stomping her way over to Fei Fei, she felt helpless at how to respond.

She looked at Wu Yan and bid him farewell.

“Off we go then, let’s duke it out again when you come to the academy!”

“Ma, if it’s just a spar then I’m fine with it but please spare me another duel until each side’s puckered out….”

He dryly laughed.

The two implicitly knew that in the battle a few days ago, even though they fought at their full power and wreaked chaos, against people who they are friendly with, even if the two did use their full strength, they more or less held back a little bit.

Starting with Wu Yan, he might have used all his strength but it’s only a part of his true extent, he still didn’t use his lv4 ESP power.

Fei Fei must have some killer trump card up her sleeves seeing as how she’s the disciple of Lori family head. In a way, she too, used only a part of her true power.

“Alright we’re going now, we will be expecting you guys!”

Fei Fei glanced over Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto and Ikaros. She then pulled Lirin and Lulu as they made their way towards the floating airship along with other Lori family members.

“Yan and the gang, I will see you on the other side!”

“Bye big brother! Bye three sisters! Bye daddy!”

“Bye bye!”

The gang bid Lulu, Fei Fei and Little ol Lirin farewell. Before he left, Hughes glared at Wu Yan and then ran aboard the airship. Wu Yan just rolled his eyes without saying anything.

Thus, Lulu, Fei Fei and Lirin as well as the other red shirt members of the Lori family boarded the airplane, or in this world, the airship and everyone watched it fly away towards the horizon.

♦ ♦ ♦

“So, what are we going to do now?”

Wu Yan asked after returning to Midobia residence. Inside the room, after everyone has taken their seat, he asked while looking only at Mikoto. Hinagiku and Ikaros also did the same thing.

Mikoto’s the one who said she wanted to stay didn’t she…

As everyone looked at her, Mikoto’s eyes wavered and it looked like she had some thoughts but couldn’t quite put it into words. She opened and closed her mouth but no words came out as she hesitated.

Seeing how she couldn’t bring herself to say it, Wu Yan helplessly said.

“Mikoto, if you have something to say just say it, what’s there to be ashamed about, unless…”

Wu Yan smirked and uttered a few lewd laughs.

“You want to stay and do some Hanky-spanky stuff”

“Wh-Who would want to stay and do those kind of stuff!”

She instantly jumped up like a pussy who had her tail stepped on and she pointed her finger at him furiously while blushing.

Hinagiku was flushed as well. She viciously leered at him for being so nonsensical at a time like this before turning to look at Mikoto.

“Mikoto, what is going on here…”

Mikoto sat back right about the same time Wu Yan hmphed. She wavered a bit before looking at Wu Yan.

“Yan, now that I am at tier 8, I was thinking maybe it’s time to go back to Academy City!

Wu Yan and Hinagiku realized what is going through her mind. She’s missing her sisters!

Can’t blame her, her sisters are in peril and this thought kept nagging her. When Wu Yan advised her before, she understood that her strength was still lacking and therefore she shelved the thoughts of going back and turned her attention towards strengthening herself!

Now that she’s tier 8, although she’s still new but with power in her hands, she can’t wait to go back to Academy City and save her sisters!

Wu Yan frowned, but when he saw how she looked so worried, he sighed.

Truth be told, he didn’t really want to go to Academy City so soon if at all possible. Since there is still that Aiwass , he (She?) must be an entity of at least tier 8 in addition to accelerator.

Moreover, the enemy they are going to meet this time also includes another SS type in addition to the aforementioned two SS, Aleister Crowley!(Tl: don’t ask me what SS means 了这两个SS,还有一个终极大SS, prolly classification for someone stronger than Wu Yan)

Aleister’s power may only be slightly short of that angel but if one were to talk about pure power alone, Wu Yan isn’t afraid. he has Ikaros and as long as there are no tier 9, what Wu Yan is really intimidated by though, is that ridiculous brain in his head.

But clearly, judging by how Mikoto looks, she probably won’t sit this one down.  If she didn’t save her sisters, she won’t be able to calm down!

Under Mikoto’s delighted eyes, Wu Yan nodded and said.

“Alrighty! Let’s go to Academy City!”

Tl:The magic number is 264.

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