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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 137: The preparations before leaving…

It’s night time, within one of the rooms within the quarters of the Midobia family is Wu Yan flicking through the air like he’s fiddling with something. Only Hinagiku, Mikoto and Ikaros would know that Wu Yan is currently flipping through the system’s menu but too bad the girls aren’t here at the moment…

In the menu that only he and his summons could see, Wu Yan kept switching between the abilities menu, items menu, and the equipment menu. He would also look at summons menu all to look for stuff that could help him out.

If it’s anything he thinks would be a great help for their next trip into Academy City, then he would buy it without hesitation. Given of course, it’s only with items that he could be so generous in spending. Other stuff like equipment or abilities where he didn’t have enough points to buy anything, he merely flipped through prudently filtering the choices.

Since the decision had been made to bring Mikoto back to Academy City and save the sisters, and given the fact that Academy City isn’t a place where he could fuck around, if he didn’t have enough preparation, even though he might be able to guarantee his survival, Aleister might still be able to screw him over through ingenious means.

If at all possible, Wu Yan really would like to avoid contact with that ridiculously smart devil. That’s why, without proper insurance, Wu Yan didn’t want to barge in recklessly. So, he’s browsing through the System to see if there’s anything useful.

Soon enough, he closed equipment menu and turned his attention over to the abilities menu. If it’s not B rank Gold Armament, the addition to his strength wouldn’t be that big anyways. He already has two Rare Armament in his possession, there wouldn’t be much utility in adding another piece.

He quickly gave up on abilities menu as well. The cheap stuff are commensurate with their quality, and if it’s a high quality ability, he couldn’t afford it. At this point, normal abilities are pretty much useless to him, same goes for talents and bloodlines. The cheap items are all useless…

It seems, he would still need to put off any notion of buying abilities for the time being.

He sighed and then closed the abilities menu. Instead of spending every point he has for some practical and cheap ability, he would rather save them and buy even greater abilities.

Until now, he had never bought any talent or bloodline type ability. The superpower he has is the one he got from Mikoto. He’s cautiously choosing which talent or bloodline he wants as his first, he didn’t want them to be useless only after buying them.

Giving up on equipment and abilities, he studied the item list. By the way, Item points is the only amount he’s not lacking in. Many thanks to the monster who so gallantly ‘contributed’ these points…

But sweet sassy molassy, there really is a wide range of wonderful stuff within this list making Wu Yan’s eyes brighten up.

Bio containment unit: A spatial item that can store lifeforms, any lifeforms that goes into this item will go into deep stasis and be deprived of activity. (300’000 Item points)

Genetic fluid infusion: Used on genetic lifeforms to restore subject to original life status (Note: can’t used against beings of higher than 30 level ) (1’000’000 Item points) (Tl:Don’t ask me what it means, idk too. Probably author evoking artistic license: biology on us)

Gene recovery infusion: Used on genetic lifeforms to repair damaged bases to their original form (100’000 Item points)

Character insertion card: Usable only for transcript worlds, if used before user enters a transcript world, an identity as set by the user’s preference will be entered into the world, the identity is original and cannot be a character that already exists in said world. 20’000 Item points.

Electromagnetic barrier: An item against electronic gadgets, mask the influence of electronic devices within the area of effect: 10’000 Item points

‘Bio containment unit’, ‘Genetic fluid infusion’, ‘Gene recovery infusion’, ‘Character insertion card’, ‘Electromagnetic barrier’, these five items might play a rather large role in the upcoming incursion into Academy City.

Wu Yan was having a headache thinking about where to put the sisters they would save because even if he did manage to save them nobody could guarantee the safety of the sisters. In the original work, the sisters are something almost every faction would like to take a bite out of.

The bio containment unit would solve this problem although the sisters will enter a deep stasis after entering it. It beats having to save the sisters whenever some shit happen.

‘Genetic infusion’ would play an even bigger role.

Level 6 shift project begun way before the official plot of the original work in terms of timeline. Otherwise, at a rate of 10 sister death per day and given the number of days between the beginning of the story and the appearance of the first sister, the casualty wouldn’t have reach 10’000!

That is to say, during the start of the arc, many sisters had already died!

This genetic fluid infusion could be used to revive the dead sisters!

Even though it is a little bit pricey at 1 million Item points but if the sisters could be saved. Fuck 1 million, he would pay 10 million if need be!

Gene recovery infusion could cure the clonar cellular degeneration inherent to the sisters due to the process in which they were ‘grown’. Their condition caused them to be able to live only for a few years after maturity and thus there is a need for this.

Character insertion card is also very important. In a place like Academy City, walking around without identification will no doubt bring about troubles. Suppose all is well, Aleister might still notice this and so an identity must be prepared.

The EM barrier is also for protection purposes. Any 21st century otaku that is worth his salt would know that Aleister is a nasty ass peeping tom. Just thinking about Under_line gives him the bumps. This EM barrier will definitely come into use!

Tapping the air a few times, a black bracelet, 2 vials filled with golden and green liquid respectively, 4 cards and two necklace appeared before him and he grabbed them.

The black bracelet is the bio containment unit. The vial filled with golden liquid is the genetic fluid infusion and the green one would be the gene recovery infusion. The cards are character insertion cards and the two necklace would be EM barrier.

Ikaros is a multi purpose angel so she carries with her electronic jamming features. The EM barriers would best be given to Hinagiku and himself.

Mikoto would have no use for it. Although for Wu Yan and Hinagiku, since they are going in as original characters not native to that universe, Aleister probably wouldn’t have the time to scan everyone and notice them hiding from under line through the barrier. Mikoto’s situation is different however, she’s one of the seven lv 5 espers and the subject from which the sisters were made from. Why wouldn’t Aleister use under line to monitor Mikoto?

If she were to suddenly disappear from surveillance, it would definitely cause Aleister to investigate and when it comes to that then sooner or later everyone will get exposed.

To avoid alerting him and entering his manipulative equations, Wu Yan must do a disservice towards Railgun…

Having spents some 1.5 mil Item points, Wu Yan stored the items within his space ring and got back to flipping through the item list. One could never have too many useful gadgets under their belt.

Following that, he found a lot more useful stuff but as neat as they are, they might turn out to be obsolete. Everything has its pros and cons, and for now he couldn’t justify their usage.

And as for those items he would definitely be in need of, aside from the ones he already got, the ones he didn’t is because they are expensive as hell and he didn’t have the ability to buy them despite the gargantuan amount he already has. But oh god, their OP functions…

It’s at this moment that Wu Yan regrettably found out how the points he had actually isn’t as big an amount as he thought it were…

Still happily browsing through them, he really could not find anything else so he closed the menu. Since the points will still be there and the items within System won’t disappear anyways, if the time ever comes for the items to shine, then he would just have to buy it then.

Looking at the remaning 7.3mil Item points he has, he closed the System and walked towards Mikoto’s room…

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