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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 138: Another summoning! Ikaros’ comrade?

“Mikoto, open the door please….”

Wu Yan said while knocking on the door to Mikoto’s room. What he heard was a surprised yelp and then a bunch of crashing and tumbling sound from within the room followed by Mikoto’s panicky steps.

With a 囧 face, he thought it to be odd.

What could she be doing? Why is she so ruffled? Could it be, she’s hiding something she doesn’t want anybody to see?

Curious, he used his ESP powers to open Mikoto’s door and walked inside. What he saw was Mikoto who’s blushing like mad and looking really flustered. When she saw him, she screeched and turned even redder and looked like she’s flipping out.

“Yo-You! What are you doing here, get out!”

Mikoto backpedaled 2 steps and pointed at the door while shouting at him. The way she reacted is as though she’s an innocent maiden who saw a rapist climbing into her home.

“Why are you freaking out, it’s not like I haven’t been inside your room before…”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.

Mikoto clenched her teeth and blushed even more. Finally she lowered her head and muttered.

“Erm, We’re going back to Academy City tomorrow, so can we please don’t… do that… tonight?” (Tl: ಠ_ಠ)

Looking at the bashful Railgun and her tone, Wu Yan completely 囧-ed. So that’s why she’s so unsettled. She thinks he’s here to shtup her.

“I say, whatever could be going through your mind, I’m just here to discuss some stuff, where did you think this was going?”

Although swiggity swoot bing bang sounds enticing but it would better to inform them of his ideas before we get to the fun part. (Tl: safe search off and click this for what is 啪啪啪, I’m pretty sure it originated from our japanese compadre, doujinshi’s frequent use of smack smack smack or パンパンパン but I could be wrong so if any brother who’s familiar with the art would enlighten us that’d be great.)

“Who.. who would believe you…”

Her cheeks tinged in pink, Mikoto leered at him via side glance as she grumbled.

“You used similar lines these few nights when you crept into my room. Tell me when have you not used those lines huh?!”



“I really came here to tell you something… For real this time…”

While under Mikoto’s judging eyes, Wu Yan pleaded his defense and stated his aim. His aim is pure this time.


Mikoto looked at him with suspicious eyes. He wanted to shout his frustration out at her. If he really wanted to get some, he would have mounted her ages ago, would he still be making his case 8 feet away?

“Fine. I trust you but if you’re fucking with me…” (Tl: pun very intended, I’m sowy I’m not sowy)

Restraining her bashfulness, Mikoto threatened him. She thought about releasing lightning to get her point across but then she remembered the guy isn’t afraid of her lightning. So, she made a scissor hand gesture and Wu Yan’s back instantly froze up as he nodded furiously.

“And.. what’re you doing here again…”

She still had a bit of pink blush on her but she persevered and asked him.

“Ah right, ask Hinagiku and Ikaros to come over, I will announce it!”

“We’re already here, no need to send for us!”

When Wu Yan was done, another voice came from behind him, giving him a jump. Hinagiku and Ikaros stood at the door, seeing as he looked back, Hinagiku brought Ikaros over and sat down.

“Why are you girls here?”

Wu Yan is bewildered by their sudden appearance. He’s glad that he didn’t tap ass today otherwise he would have been caught in the act…

Hinagiku showed him the white of her eyes and said with a tone to match.

“Mikoto was so loud, Ikaros and me being just the next room over can naturally hear it so we came here to check. When we got here, we heard you say that so…”

Wu Yan didn’t relax his expression and instead sweat started pouring down his back. If they could hear her surprised yelp then wouldn’t that also mean they can hear Mikoto’s aroused moaning at night?…

It’s fortunate that Kaichou-sama don’t seem to be exhibiting any odd expression otherwise he would have fucked up good. It’s true that he had pushed down the two girls before but since Kaichou-sama always slept together with Little Lirin, Wu Yan couldn’t find the chance to taste that sweet ass a second time…

While staying at the Midobia family’s residence for the past few days, he would always take Mikoto at night for n+1 times, if Kaichou-sama found out he’s not sure whether or not she would get mad. Despite the fact that the relationship between the 3 of them are more or less known to each other…

“What are you doing spacing out, didn’t you have something to say?”

“I-It’s nothing..”

He uttered a few dry laughs, quickly taking out the items he bought, he presented it to the girls and started explaining it to them.

When he’s done, Hinagiku and Ikaros nodded while Mikoto seemed to be thinking about something. She then lifted her head and with grateful eyes she said to him in a warm tone.

“Thank you, Yan….”

Judging by the items before her, Mikoto could see that he put a lot of thought into how to save the sisters and he properly took action on behalf of her request, how can she not feel moved?

Wu Yan smiled and shook his head before brushing her bangs lightly. His intimate actions made her go red again.

“Why are you thanking me. Isn’t helping you just a natural thing?…”

Hinagiku curled her lips when she saw how close the two are. She didn’t say anything since their actions are still more pure than the stuff they did before…

The heart warming scene didn’t last long. Mikoto picked the character insertion card and complained.

“You could remember than Ikaros didn’t need to use EM barrier but why didn’t you think about the fact that I wouldn’t need this character insertion card having came over from that world, idiot!”

Wu Yan is surprised as he received the character insertion card. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s true that it was a bit dumb, Mikoto is already a character of the Magical index universe, she didn’t the card.

Wu Yan sighed and then continued.

“Welp, let’s save it for next time…”

“Nope, you can use it now!”

Hinagiku said as she snatch the character insertion card from him, she didn’t give him the chance to store the card away.

“Use it for who?”

Wu Yan and Mikoto looked at Hinagiku in confusion. Not just anyone can go into transcript worlds, beside the master of System, only his summons can enter, Hinagiku should be familiar with this by now…

“Of course it’s for our new comrade!”

Hinagiku said matter-of-factly. She didn’t notice how Wu Yan and Mikoto only seemed to be more confused by her words.

“New comrades?”

The two looked like they haven’t caught up yet so she helplessly explained.

“Yeah, we aren’t lacking in Summoning points, why not summon one more helper?” (Tl: harem +1, 6 about to be 7 :D)

Wu Yan then had a look of realization as the idea finally dawned upon him, he entered into a deep thought. She had a point, he did have 120’000 Summoning points right now!

One should know that in Academy City, there are at least 4 individuals that can be reasonably assumed to be tier 8. One of them Aleister Crowley, a legendary magician in his own rights, his skill is unquestionable. The second one would be Aiwass, that angel will definitely not be any weaker than an awakened Accelerator, the 3rd one. Having the ability to beat Mikoto within 100 bouts, he surely has a strength of tier 8! The fourth one, Kakine Teitoku, probably the only one who could fight toe to toe with Accelerator just by using his esper power.

Out of these 4 individuals, 3 will be met with due to their objective this time and the fourth one, as a member of the dark side and an ambitious fellow will definitely not mind meddling if the chance ever arises!

4 tier 8, even if Aleister has his reasons for not moving, that would still leave them with 3 to deal with.

Suppose Ikaros could hold off one or two, there is still always the chance that accidents might happen, who can say for sure there won’t be one this time? So, for insurance purposes, it would be better to summon one more tier 8. It’s like what Hinagiku said, it’s not like he’s lacking the points to do so…

“Alright! It’s settled! Summon it is!”

Wu Yan clapped his hand as he made up his mind. He’s secretly excited. Being excited is a given, as long as it’s shoujo summoning time!

“Yan, who are you going to summon?”

Hinagiku, Mikoto and even Ikaros seemed curious as they stared at him. Wu Yan thought for a bit and then looked at Ikaros who was slightly surprised before continuing.

“The summon this time will be Ikaros’ comrade!”

Tl: I have sad news for all you defenders of justice, the plot wins this time.

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