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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 140: Entering Toaru Majutsu no Index! A trollish character setting…

“You girls ready?”

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Astrea grouped up and stood in a circle together. Everyone except Mikoto had ‘Character insertion’ card on their hand.

Hearing Wu Yan, Astrea nodded like mad while the other girls also nodded in response. Wu Yan then opened his System menu and hit ‘transcript worlds’ tab.

As expected, the transcript worlds available to him are obvious to him, except for Hayate no Gotoku which is highlighted, the other worlds are dim and grey in colour. This meant that he can’t enter those worlds.

That is as it should be, to enter a world, a sum of points are required. Of course, he could choose not to pay and the consequence of which would be getting randomly thrown into any one of said worlds. For example, he entered Hayate no Gotoku randomly when he first started out.

He’s not flustered by this and calmly said to the system.

“System! Requesting entry into a world of one of my summons!”

“Beep! User requested entry into summon’s world, requesting…”

Indeed if one didn’t want to pay or randomly go to a world, there is another method, that is to request entry into summon’s world!

“Beep! Entry successful!”

With the sound of a light ring, the options representing [Majutsu no Index] and [Sora no otoshimono] lighted up!

At this point, everyone shook and raised their character insertion card. After using it, the card turned into drops of light and sipped into the world menu…

“Beep! Wu Yan, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea used character insertion cards. A random identity will be set up and given to each user upon entering said world!”

The voice entered their ears and the girls all nodded. Wu Yan breathed a sigh of relief before clicking on the option representing Majutsu no Index.

And then, they disappeared…

♦ ♦ ♦

Academy City. It could be said to be a city isolated from the outside world, an area segregated from the rest of the world. For no other reason then because its technology preceded the outside world’s by 30 years. This is a heaevn for Espers and other special ability users. They accepted development from various research firms and obtained special powers. These Espers lived here and they possessed abilities which normal people could not obtain, they also have rights normal people don’t. This is a hell for Espers and other specia ability users. In places known to only a few, some people would be happily wandering about the place window shopping and bam, the next thing they know, they’re on a dissecting table as little white rats for these so called “scientists”.

This is also a place for level 0s, a term for people who have no special abilities. In this place where might makes right, they are either living a carefree modest life or a dark and slippery life down into the abyss…

In the eyes of some of these jealous level 0, Espers are detestable individuals. They would often gang up and “make a sport” out of picking on these helpless level 0 who can’t fight back…

If you’re a cute girl, beware for you might find yourself getting held back by a group of people whilst wandering tiny alleys where not many tread. You would then find yourself getting into high impact sexual violence scenarios with said individuals.

You know, just like how currently, in a tiny alleyway somewhere in this big city, a cute girl is being forced against a wall. She trembled at the sight of this guy in front of her who closed his eyes making it unclear what is going on inside that mind of his.

Although she called the public morals committee for help, nobody knows whether or not the members would come before this guy before her ‘land his hands’ on her?

Thus, she is praying that the guy before her will keep “meditating” and don’t come to his conscious mind.

However, her wish soon got shattered into a million pieces…

♦ ♦ ♦

After a very brief period of dizziness, Wu Yan felt his senses returning to his control. He opened his eyes with the intention to grasp his situation.

What he saw made him subconsciously zone out for a very long time.

A girl, very cute by the way, the kind which wouldn’t lose much to  Hinagiku and Mikoto, with teary and tightly closed eyes, shivered at a distance not further than 10 cm away from him. When she saw him opening his eyes, a look of terror spread out across her face.


What. The. Fuck.

Before Wu Yan could process the scene that is happening before him, System rang with a tone that almost stunned Wu Yan.

Transcript world: Toaru Majutsu no Index

Transcript mission: Rescue operations

M1: Save the 20000 Misaka sister clones, revive the dead sisters and cure the ones alive of their conditions, gather them and store them all into Bio containment unit ;

Rewards: Equipment points, Item points, Ability points, Summoning points each 100000 ;

M2: Uninitiated;

M3: Uninitiated;

“Beep! User, only upon clearing all mission of this world can the user leave this world. Upon clearing the first mission, the second one will be triggered, the same applies to when mission 2 is completed where mission 3 will be triggered. To reiterate, only upon clearing all 3 missions will the user be able to leave this world!”

“The user used character insertion card when entering this world, System has thus set up an identity for user!”

Name: Wu Yan

Abilities: level 0 (Tl: the raw used “person without ability”, but since this is toaru majutsu, it’s safe to assume it’s referring to level 0s)

Age: 22

Character introduction: A permanent resident of Academy City. Has no friends, no girlfriends, no parents. Belonging to the 3 Withouts segment (Tl: 三无, referring to no social assitsance, no house, no electric meter, normally to describe a persona as being very poor), the only asset worth any money he has is a unit which barely had: A kitchen, toilet, small room with tables and bed. A self proclaimed robin hood who robs the rich to help the poor. Barely getting past each day. He’s an unaccomplished delinquent with a side job. Namely, giving personal and close lessons to girls in the bloom of their youth. Hence, beside being just another small fry delinquent, he’s also a scum of the lowest order!

“Character settings over and out. A reminder to user, the time ratio of transcript world to real world is 100:1, so please relax and train in transcript world. Have a pleasant stay!”


“I XX your XX!”

After receiving his identity and the identity’s memories of living in this world. Wu Yan cursed out loud without restraining himself, giving the young girl before him a giant fright, she is close to crying now.

Oh wait, no.. yeap she cried….

“Uuuu, I beg of you please let me go. I will give you all the money I have so please I’m begging you… Uuu….”

The girl cried and cried as she begged for mercy. She looked totally pitiable….

Wu Yan’s body stiffened up, his expression also froze. He cursed the System’s family members from grandma to little boy even if he’s unsure whether or not System had family members…

“Erm, could you please stop crying, pretty please?…”

He squeezed a smile as he said so with a dry smile plastered on him. Although he didn’t know this girl, he’s helpless against crying girls.

“Please spare me, let me go, uuu….”

The girl seemed not to have heard him and continued crying. She didn’t stop mumbling, and boy did she look pitiful doing so.

“Could you please stop crying, alright?”

Wu Yan wants to let her go but if he let her go in this state, his reputation would be completely ruined. Well, judging from the character introduction, there’s probably not much left of his reputation to ruin but still he would like to recoup at least a sliver of it.

He honestly don’t want to be treated as a scum….

Thus, Wu Yan lightened his tone as much as he could and warmly advised the girl. Why won’t this girl give him at least a chance to explain himself?….


The girl ignored him and kept crying, not listening to what Wu Yan had to say. Wu Yan could feel his head getting bigger and bigger.

However, unbeknownst to Wu Yan, he would soon come to regret this. Regret for why he didn’t let the girl go sooner…

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