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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 143: To give a good lesson…

Mikoto ran over to the 177 branch office in a hurry, she knocked on the door politely, it’s the first time she’s here, she can’t just barge like she owns the joint now can she?…

After knocking, she pushed the door open and entered, hinting that she’s still a bit hasty. Thus, very soon she would come to see this scene…

A very shapely senpai of hers, sitting on a chair with eyes turned away at  a certain direction where Mikoto could still see her brows twitching intermittently. And then there’s another girl that had a flower headband on her, she’s a cute and petite girl currently sitting in front of a desktop with her head lowered, tears could be seen at the corner of her eyes. It seems she had seen some shit, spooking her into averting her sight, a stark contrast to her senpai.

Another person, a person all too familiar to her, sat on a chair with her eyes focused on the scene outside a window. He would occasionally sneak a peek at a certain direction only to look away with a high and mighty attitude, the person’s posture looked cold and lonely as the snow.

“What’s going on?”

This odd scene made her stiffen up. Still slightly shocked, she rubbed her eyes and yet the scene remained the same. It seemed normal at first but for some reason she felt the mood as off.

It’s unclear whether or not Wu Yan had noticed this or he’s just putting on a facade but he looked at her while smiling.

“You’re here, Mikoto…”

Mikoto came to his in hasty steps, she then asked while frowning.

“What happened? Pretty sure you sounded very panicky on the phone no?”


Wu Yan sighed and then look at Mikoto with sympathy. He placed a hand on her shoulder and continued with a stern countenance.

“Mikoto, I finally understand just how rough your daily life is.”


Mikoto became even more bewilldered.

Konori Mii and Uiharu Kazari walked over. They both had different expressions, the former had curiosity while the latter had stars for eyes, she looked like one of them crazy fans chasing a superstar.

“Are you the trump card of Tokiwadai, that Misaka Mikoto?”
Konori Mii examined her as if to see what’s the difference between her and everyone else. She then laughed and continued.

Mikoto’s very polite with strangers, what’s more this woman before her is older than her.

“Yes! I am Misaka Mikoto, glad to meet you, senpai!”

“No need to be so courteous, I am Konori Mii, nice to meet you as well Misaka-san!”

“Pl-pleased to make your acquaintance, Misaka-senpai, I am Uiharu Kazari…”

Uiharu had a slight blush as she bashfully greeted Mikoto, She seemed very reserved.

“Er, I am very sorry for the inconvenience I have caused…”

Mikoto rubbed her face while saying that.

The amicable scene unfolding before him made him feel a bit helpless, the 3 girls should have been very familiar with each other, but now they are re-enacting the scene where they first met, needless to say it felt very weird for him to see it again.

But this was not without rhyme or reason. The time when Wu Yan &co entered this transcript world would be one day before the arc began, at this point in time, Railgun probably wasn’t acquainted Konori Mii or Uiharu Kazari.

Seeing as they hit it off big time and looked like they would be continuing their chit chat for a while longer, he decided to cut them off.

“Erm, Miss, can I go now?”

The three girls finally stopped when they heard him, Konori pushed her glasses up while nodding.

“Since there is someone bailing you out, naturally we will be releasing you!”

Konori turned back to Mikoto while chastizing her slightly.

“Misaka-san, You need to pitch in and put a leash on your friend here, don’t let him do anything that goes against the disciplinary code. You should know, this guy has a pretty bad record behind him…”

Wu Yan dryly laughed, he didn’t know what to say and so is Mikoto. Of course, she knows that Wu Yan got put into this situation by extraordinary circumstances, if he really did go and cop some feel from a young girl, she would have already long put him down with lightning bolts…

She glared at him only to receive a puppy eyes that screamed innocence from him. Losing control and uttering a few laughs, she seemed to have recalled something and scanned the surrounding.

“By the way, where is Kuroko?”

The whole place fell silent again…

Mikoto looked oddly at Uiharu and Konori who stayed silent and then turned back to Wu Yan.

“What happened? Could it be that something happened with her?”

“It-It’s nothing…”

Uiharu wave her hands frantically, no matter how one looked at her, she looked very superficial.

“Shirai-san received a case and headed out to deal with it…”

Konori pulled Uiharu away and smiled at Mikoto. If one were to look closer, one could see anxiousness in her eyes.

“Oh, is that so!”

“Okay, Mikoto, I think it’s high time we go now…”

Wu Yan pulled Mikoto and headed towards the exit.

“Erm, Konori-senpai, Uiharu-san, we will be going now…”

Konori and Uiharu quickly nodded. Their attitude were completely different to when they looked like they could talk deep into the night with her, Mikoto tilted her head in confusion and hurriedly caught up with Wu Yan.

When Wu Yan and Mikoto left, Konori and Uiharu exchanged sights and ran over to a table and peered under it….

Laid there is Shirai Kuroko, bound and packaged into a convenient form for storage. She kept uttering “Uumghh” and such similar sounds, evidently because she’s gagged as well.

The two bitterly laughed, it looks like they are not surprised. They quickly got her out from under the table and loosened her from her bondage.

“That dirty scum! How dare he treat me like this! I will bury him under the ground!!!”

As soon as they removed her gag, Shirai Kuroko roared like godzilla, despite her bound body. It was so loud, Uiharu and Konori had to plug up their ears.

Konori bitterly smiled and continued to loosen her from her bondage.

“Shirai, you can’t blame him, you didn’t even let the guy speak for himself and decided to teleport the phone into him like some barbarian…”

“But, that scum had the balls to try and defile Onee-sama, as her bodyguard, how can I tolerate his continued existence on this world!”

Shirai Kuroko said matter-of-factly. Then she recalled something and yelled out loud.

“Oh that’s right! Onee-sama! Onee-sama left with that dirty scum! That lewd bastard must be planning to take Onee-sama somewhere where there aren’t any people and do this and that to her!”

“Noooo! Onee-sama! Onee-samaaaa! You must wait for me, Kuroko is coming to save you!!!”

Her voice echoed within the branch office…

Too bad, you should know that your Onee-sama can’t hear you. Plus, this and that? Please, they had done this and that and then some…

On the other side, Wu Yan explained himself and Mikoto more or less understood the event flow.

“So to say, your current identity is a useless thug…”

Her eyes looked like they were laughing at him.

“Yeah that’s right, you better not go out and challenge thugs now…”

Wu Yan replied with indignation.

Having had her fill of laughter, Mikoto continued in a worried manner.

“I wonder how Hinagiku, Ikaros and Astrea are doing?…”

“Ma, they probably won’t turn into thugs…”

Actually, Wu Yan is looking forward to seeing what Kaichou-sama, Ikaros and  Astrea would look like as thugs.

Probably because he thought about something, Wu Yan grinned and then turned serious.

“Mikoto, seeing as you’re more familiar with Academy City why don’t you search for Hinagiku and the others!”

“And what about you!”

Mikoto stopped and turned around like she had seen through what is his motive.

Wu Yan smiled and rubbed her head.

“Me? Of course I will be going by the plan!”

Against Wu Yan’s intimate action, Mikoto didn’t feel shy or anything, she looked back at him with a serious expression before wishing him well.

“Don’t force yourself…”

Wu Yan nodded but Mikoto still couldn’t relax.

“You can’t go messing around by yourself, you promised we would stick together….”

Wu Yan nodded and grinned again…

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