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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 144: Research centre, data, DNA, Sisters!

Night time….

Inside a phone booth, Wu Yan is tapping a mini notebook, it’s only about the size of his palm. From time to time, one could see electricity flowing into the notebook and then the screen would change with different data overlays of different sizes being displayed there.

“So many research centers, how the hell did Mikoto destroy them all in the original work…”

Grumbling like that, Wu Yan quickly committed the information to his memory with the help of [Impeccable Memory]. He manipulated the data carefully and made his exit.

“Mikoto’s ability is quite useful.”

Without her ability, Wu Yan would have encountered so much more trouble just to obtain these information. He smiled when he thought about how the upside down guy would probably have discovered him during the process of doing so.

Recalling the information, he moved towards one of the research labs. There lies his objective….

A big research lab appeared in front of him, he walked out from a corner. Eyeing the surrounding, he took out a cloak from his space ring. He disappeared from view the moment he draped it over himself…

Inside the lab, he walked with light steps on a path, shielded from detection by EM shield, he’s not afraid of any electronic device catching him. And regarding detection by human eyes, with the invisibility cloak here, he’s not too worried.

The lab is pretty big but Wu Yan walked in a very systematic order. Who needs map when you got the place down in your head, there are not that many patrols around at night, at most it would just be 1 or 2. Most of the time however, it’s just the trashcan looking robots.

When someone appears, he would stop and move only when they walk pass him. He would also ignore the robots and just walk pass them, the robots would experience a temporary shutdown but they would resume function after a while and continue patrolling.

On the way, Wu Yan encountered many shutter doors, others might need a bit of skill to get pass them but he would just need to zap the card swiping part of the door and voila the door would open. Mikoto’s power really makes infiltrating places like this look like a walk in the park…

Opening the physical access control door for the n-th time, he walked inside. Different form before, it’s not the steel pathway but a ridiculously big area.

There are computers operating in the surrounding and some information records organized on the bookshelf to the side. To each of the two sides lay what appears to be incubation chambers filled with unknown liquid, they seem to serve some kind of function.

In front of him, at the most visible area is a computer screen as big as the screen one sees at a cinema!

He ran to it the moment he saw it. His objective is none other than this, the computer in front of him. The screen is dark but the keys below it are brightly lit, he fumbled around and came to the center most area. He saw the keys and pressed them. After pressing around, he stopped and stood there waiting for something. When a red light lit up he placed his hand on the keyboard and used his ability. A few arcs of electricity entered it while making biri biri sfx.

With the last arc, the red light turned green. A recessed platform emerged from within the keyboard. Inside the recess, there’s a test tube, and contained within it is some blood. At this point, Wu Yan grinned and retrieved the test tube. Examining it, he decided that it should be okay and threw it into his space ring after releasing a sigh of relief.

The blood in it belong to Mikoto. It’s part of the sample containing the DNA from Mikoto that they are going to make clones out of. The sisters are a result of this vial of sample. He’s here because he wants to retrieve this item. Since he’s going to save the sisters, he gave more thought towards his action. He didn’t want Aleister to clone some more clones just for his artificial heaven plan. It would be a pain in the ass if he did, and Wu Yan would need to come back for a second round of rescuing.

He didn’t know whether or not there’s such a pitiful external existence inside Academy City but he didn’t want to see Mikoto’s DNA being an instrument to increase more pitiful lives without restraint. It’s all a precaution….

Storing away the DNA, he walked towards another direction….

Dodging the detection of the patrols and opening a bunch more physical access control doors, he walked in the monotonous pathway with no style. At a certain area of the lab, he finally found the individual he’s looking for.

Tokiwadai school uniform, tea colored short hair reached her shoulders, the same face as Mikoto. The identical figure with the only distinguishing feature being a military visor on her head. Her tea colored eyes had no ripples of a living person inside them even as she walked around in stupor.

Mikoto sisters!

A look of joy spread across his face, the sister is probably patrolling. She walked around the pathway without knowing that there’s one more individual here other than her. He suppressed the joy inside him and confirmed that there is nobody else here before removing the invisibility cloak on him and appearing in front of the sister.

One would think “OMG a ghost” or “Time to get my ass the fuck outta here” when they see someone appearing out of nowhere. Inside Academy City however, this kind of event are normally scientifically explainable so even if someone might feel surprised they won’t run away. The sister felt the same, or at least that’s what she says.

With an expressionless face she faced him and stopped for a bit before continuing.

“Who are you? Here to steal stuff from the lab? A surprised Misaka says as she looks at the thief in front of her, wondering whether or not to call for help.”

“I can’t see any surprise on that face of yours though…”

He already know about the verbal speech pattern of the sisters but he still can’t help jerking his lips when he actually listens to how they speak.

“There’s nothing valuable in the lab, even if there are any it won’t be located here. Thus, you should seek it elsewhere, says Misaka, talking to the thief while looking for an opportunity to escape.”

“Erm, can you please listen to me without escaping or anything like that?”

Wu Yan wryly laughed. He wants to retort but thought better and continued.

“Thief-san wants to talk to Misaka? says Misaka while looking at thief-san and thinking about what thieves would normally talk about.”

He massaged his forehead and slapped his cheeks, he reckons that if he didn’t ask what he wants to ask, he’s probably going to die from stress while talking with the sister….

Getting serious, he looked at Misaka clone and asked.

“What number are you?”

The liveless eyes of Misaka clone glanced at him before answering.

“Misaka is a military clone nicknamed clone 9833, answers Misaka honestly, surprised by the fact that thief-san seems to know of Misaka clones.”

“….Then sister, you do you know where are the approximate location of the other sisters?”

“Through Misaka network, Misaka can locate other Misakas, Misaka honestly answers, starting to wonder if thief-san plans to do something harmful against other Misakas.”

His brow jolted and he kept telling himself to keep calm. Keep calm, the other is merely a sister, she has no evil intention, she must be forgiven, must be forgiven…

“Could it be thief-san isn’t here to steal items but to steal people? And it appears to be Misakas? says Misaka while shocked beyond belief at the intention of the thief in front of her. Telling other sisters through Misaka network to run.”

The words keep calm inside him shattered into a million pieces. His expression crumbled and his eyes flashed. He then sneered.

“That’s right, I am here to plunder Misaka sisters!”

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