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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 145: An angel that almost died from starvation…

Academy City, inside a research lab…

“Chief! It’s bad ya’ll!”

An elderly guy dressed formally frowned when he heard this voice. He shouted back at the voice with annoyance.

“What’s the ruckus! Don’t you know I hate being disturbed?!”

The guy that got yelled at sheepishly said.

“But chief, shit’s going down!”

“What in the world happened?”

“The military clone samples are all gone!”


The elder flinched and then he dismissed him with a few waves of his hand.

“Then let it be, just get the guys downstair to clone some more.”

“But…. But chief, the DNA sample is gone as well!”


The elder is finally surprised.

At the same time, across Academy City, more than 5 firms under the same name as this research lab encountered the same issue as well. The sisters living there disappeared along with the DNA samples as if they were spirited away without a trace!

When the researchers found out and reacted to the situation. Investigations through various mean were conducted for instance through replaying CCTV footage or other investigative methods all led to no results.

After that, the other researchers conducting the same research heard about the ones that got hit with this event and they all did a roll call of the sisters. Upon finding out that not a single one of their sisters had gone missing, the researchers all released a sigh of relief.

Soon, the researchers begun their search through the sisters, or rather through the Misaka network. If they want to locate the other sisters, the most effective method would be asking these sisters.

To their surprise, the sisters revealed that the other sisters got kidnapped by a strange thief.

The researchers all got really furious. To a scientist, getting their research materials looted is probably the most infuriating issue ever. In fact, some of the researchers are so mad their eyes got red.

When they asked the sisters what the thief looked like they all couldn’t answer.

The reason is quite simple, they would only use vague terms like thief and monster to refer to the kidnapper. According to them, they didn’t know how to describe the perpetrator.

When asked to track the other sisters down via MISAKA network, they said the connection got severed.

However, they are sure of one thing. There is some plot going on behind the scenes that involves the sisters.

♦ ♦ ♦

Academy City: School district 7..

There’s a very special building here that stands out like a sore thumb, it has no windows and although it in the central area of school district 7, there doesn’t seem to be human activities in the 10 meter radius of the building….

Within the building, in a room brimming with sci-fi feel, lined with countless test tubes filled with mysterious yellow liquid that connects the ceiling and the floor, there’s a white haired man floating upside down in a tube while wearing a green hospital gown…

He is the general superintendent of Academy City, the mastermind behind almost everything that happens in this city, Aleister!

In front of him, numerous projections are currently playing, being replayed over and over. It’s unknown whether or not it’s because the owner is not satisfied with what he is seeing but the projections kept replaying…

Being displayed over and over is the research labs in uproar after the sisters and DNA samples disappeared. After a bit of time, the displays stopped and disappeared. Aleister closed his eyes and by doing so, the surrounding fell into silence. A single barely audible sentence broke the silence…

“A thief… is it…”

♦ ♦ ♦

While the upper echelons of Academy City is busy tearing out their wig, the perpetrator behind it all is walking on the street like he owns the joint. He toured around with intrigue like he’s fresh off the boat.

The citizens of this city could never understand his feelings. When he first arrived, the System fucked up and decided to make him out to be a scummy degenerate who molest young girls. He was finally released after some trials and tribulations but then he immediately took up the profession of a phantom thief. All in all, he didn’t have the luxury of going around sight seeing Academy City.

Although, having done that, Academy City has its own unique charm. As a high tech city, it is only to be expected that one could observe signs of high tech everywhere but even so it had some place that looked retro. The contrast made for a very nice view, at least he feels like his horizon is being widened by it.

He went a whole night without sleep but he’s not particularly tired. As a dedicated member of the hikikomori master race, going without sleep is elementary, what’s to say to go without sleep for a night.

He called Mikoto so she could rest easy and then he began his sight seeing tour. Apparently, Mikoto just wanted to know whether or not he was still alive…

Walking on the streets, he saw students walking pass him and sighed. He feels so separated from his student days already, sighing at how old he is. However, the guy himself didn’t seem to have noticed that the two girls he banged before are still going to school…

From time to time, he could hear them gossiping random stuff like what a guy in Academy City is up to or blowing their own horn about how they are familiar with a Lv5. He could also hear some familiar names in their conversations.

At first he treated the gossips with a pinch of salt. But then when he heard about a grapevine, he lost his cool.

“Hey, did ya hear, they say there’s this one hot chick collapsed beside a bridge over the small stream. Countless dudes are going over there to try their luck with her?”

“Seriously? A beautiful girl fainting, didn’t the discipline committee get the news and go check it out?”

“Of course they did but the girl would wake up the moment anyone touch her and she wouldn’t go with discipline committee no matter what.”


“Nn… apparently, she’s waiting for master… or something!”

“Woah! Could she be a maid that got abandoned by her master?”

“Haha, how can that be, who in their right mind would ditch such a smoking piece of ass, if he did the guy should be shot to death!”

“Good point!”

He stopped in place with one foot fixed without hitting the ground. He looked like he got struck by lightning, when the gossiping students all went away only then did he manage to recover.

“Hey, erm, you said something about a girl, what did she look like?”

“Oh? I haven’t personally seen her myself but apparently she’s a foreigner with long golden blonde hair or something!”

Wu Yan’s lip twitched and his brows jolted.

“Where did you say the girl was located?”

The student looked at him in a judging manner. It’s like eh’s looking at a troublesome inidividual, he turned his head the other way in annoyance and replied.

“Over at the bridge ahead of us!”


Ignoring the discriminating eyes of that student, he thanked him and headed straight for that direction earning him many more pairs of judging eyes.

“Another dicklick that would lick the floor for any beautiful girl they see…”

Wu Yan didn’t hear this sentence but even if he did he didn’t have the time to respond to them. He’s running full speed ahead while his heart throbbed.

If he’s not wrong, that hot chick the student speak of should be someone he’s very familiar with…

He confirmed his guess when he saw the blob of moe collapsed in a certain place while being surrounded by people. He slapped his forehead and stayed silent for a bit.

Maybe because she felt his presence, she lifted her head and looked in his direction. Looks of elation slowly filled her exquisite face. She jumped, giving the surrounding people a surprise, not minding them, she ran all the way to Wu Yan’s side while not forgetting to leave trails of snot and tears.

“Uuuu, master, I tried so hard to find you, Astrea is so hungry she could die of starvation anytime now. Uuuu…”




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