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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 147: Wanna go on a date?…

Academy City 7th School District, Wu Yan, Astrea, Kuroko are sitting at the table in a corner of the diner. Although the corner they are at is supposed to be inconspicuous but everyone in the diner had their eyes drawn there, they can’t believe what they are seeing.

Besides the table are waiters who kept presenting dishes, they were baffled by what they are seeing. When they placed the dishes on top of the table, they would just stand there with slack jaws, forgetting the fact that they still had jobs to do.

Kuroko who should be extremely prejudiced against Wu Yan like water against fire is currently sitting by Wu Yan’s side and had a very cooperative attitude with the surrounding. She is staring with her eyes wide open and mouth the shape of a triangle, her expression looked like she’s seeing something utterly logic defying.

The whole diner could be described as silent, if not for the sound of a certain someone chowing down on food like no tomorrow. On top the table, mountains of empty plates are already stacked up and yet the mountain appears to be growing by the second, its speed observable by human eyes, as if it aspires to reach the heavens.

Maybe it’s because gluttons like this being they are seeing does not come by everyday, the surrounding individuals all started taking out their phones to get a pic of this life form. Meanwhile, Wu Yan and Kuroko made absolutely sure that their head and faces are not visible. If they were to be captured on camera they will definitely not have the face to go out and meet people anymore.

He glanced at Astrea who’s enjoying the feast of her life, he felt something within his head turning stale, he’s wondering what would have happened if he didn’t have a ton of gold coins from Silvaria here. Maybe he would screaming fukou da like a certain pick up artist with the hands that can fondle and punch girls….

Who else but touma?

Well, at least the other guy is way more unfortunate than he is, he’s not loaded with gold coins like Wu Yan is. Also the guy needs to take care of a bottomless pit nun in his care. He used to be envious of that lucky sukebe (Tl:把妹手 in the raws, literally hand of the pick up artist, or godhand pickup artist) but he’s feeling pretty fortunate for not being like that guy.

Astrea probably could become really good friends with Index….

The evil inside Wu Yan even had the idea of sending Astrea over to Imagine Breaker’s house for a while so that he will get tormented until the guy wishes to be put out of his misery but he decided not to because Touma’s luck with the ladies is real.

Kuroko finally returned to her senses after watching Astrea go to war, she lifted her head and judged Wu Yan even harsher.

“You are really a scum to the core aren’t you. Forget making a sex slave out of a woman but to starve her until she’s like this, you should really be captured and dissected…”

Listening to her, the corner of his mouth jolted. He can’t really handle being labelled like that by her.

“Forget ‘making a sex slave’ and other slanderous things you’ve said, but I think you should stop calling me by scum. I have a name and it’s Wu Yan!”

Kuroko sneered at him with disdain.

“Well let’s ignore the fact that you’re a scum to begin with, I don’t think a homo erectus need something like a name…”


Wu Yan dryly laughed. He understands that it’s pointless to argue with Kuroko when it’s about Mikoto, any other topic might be possible but it’s definitely a dead end if it’s about Mikoto. However, he still cracked his knuckles.

“I suddenly have the urge to open a can of asswhoop…”

The diner door opened up and a girl who looked frail but is actually stronger than anyone here ran inside. Maybe it’s because the diner is unusually cold, she shivered. Judging from the sight of her panting really hard, it appears she ran all the way here. Recovering a bit of her stamina, the unusual sight in a certain corner of the diner instantly entered her sights. It’s evident from how Mikoto’s sweaty countenance froze up the moment she saw their group.


Kuroko yelled as she flew straight towards her in what appears to be a flying tackle of a glomp over a distance of about 10 meters. What is amazing is that she actually pulled that off in front of a very impressed spectating group of people. The person herself is currently rubbing her face all over her target of affection in a trance.

“Ah! Ah! I feel so lonely, hollow, cold and unbearable just by not seeing Onee-sama for a day! Ah! Onee-sama!”


Everyone inside the diner made that noise when they saw the two getting all intimate over there. Then they had a look of realization as if they caught onto something, the eyes they used to look at the two girls had warmth behind them as well as a bit of pity behind them.

What a waste, the two girls are such cuties as well…

How can Mikoto not know what the crowd were thinking when she saw their gaze as well as that drawn out “oh” of theirs. The temperature of her face quickly rose to 50 degrees celcius. Her face flushed in a brilliant red. She’s so ashamed she could die when she saw Wu Yan sneering at her in the corner of her eyes.

“Ku-Kuroko, what are you doing, get down me this instant!”

She tugged at her to pull Kuroko away from her body by the back of her collar. Mikoto used strength that could punch a punching machine out of commission and yet apparently it isn’t enough to remove Kuroko from her body. In fact, it got even tighter.

“Aaah, Onee-sama’s smell. Aaaahhh, Onee-sama’s body, ah ah ahhhhhh!”

Kuroko wouldn’t let go of Mikoto no matter what she does. She doesn’t mind being looked at by others in the first place, with that scum here, she wants to flaunt her status with her Onee-sama by putting up a lover’s interaction.

“Kuroko! Let go of me!”

While everyone is enjoying this show of hers, Mikoto got even redder in shame.

“Onee-sama, you needn’t be bashful, Kuroko knows that Onee-sama is actually also in love with Kuroko….”

Kuroko said while releasing glare like that of a ravenous wolf. That’s right, a wolf, that’s because her hands are almost at Mikoto’s chest, just a centimeter away and she would reach home base.

Mikoto is so shocked her soul might come out anytime, she had experiences like this before but this time is different. Wu Yan is nearby and although she never explicitly said the two of them were together, but deep inside she already accepted their relationship. If she let him think that she has some kind of weird fetish she wouldn’t know how to live with herself anymore…

She didn’t know that Wu Yan is already well aware of Kuroko’s existence. He already saw this kind of stuff happening on screen many times before. That’s why he didn’t say anything and merely sat back to enjoy this live show in front of him. Shit was so good he almost clapped his hands.

Kuroko trying to have her way with Mikoto and Mikoto putting up a good fight is practically a must see sight in Academy City.

To show that her sexuality is straight, before Kuroko could cop a feel, she exploded!


Biri biri

Blue light exploded and bluish white lightning bounced around her body giving Kuroko the shock of her life, she got roasted into a perfect crusty outside and soft inside kind of texture and got put down on the ground with smoke erupting from her mouth.

“Ohh~ Ohh~ Onee-sama’s whip of love…”

Kuroko turned into a black life form just like her name (Tl:Kuroko is written as 黑子 in kanji which means black child or black girl). The girl herself seemed like she’s in a bliss though, judging by the drool coming out of her.

“You’re clearly broken!”

Mikoto still blushing red, shouted at Kuroko on the floor while pointing at her with her finger. She sounded so off tone and so hilarious that Wu Yan can’t help laughing out loud.

“Y-you are still lauughing at…”

Mikoto glared at him. But even so, with her face flushing crimson red like that, she looked more like she’s merely putting on a coquettish anger than being really angry. He laughed at her again. Mikoto got so mad she coldly hmph-ed and suppressed the shame deep inside her. She walked to Astrea’s side and looked at the pile of plates in bafflement.

“Astrea-chan, I was looking so hard for you…”

Patting her back like she’s helping her with her swallowing. Although she might be a bit ditzy but that’s one of her charm point at least for Mikoto and Hinagiku. They treated her like a little sister to look after. That’s why if one were to view it from a 3rd person perspective, one would question who is the elder one here and who is the younger one here…


Astrea looked happy and wanted to say something when she saw Mikoto. However, because she stuffed her cheeks full of food, she can’t utter anything other than muffled “uuu” sfx. Needless to say, it’s super moe as fuck…

“Why don’t you eat your fill and then talk huh…”

Mikoto shook her head in a helpless manner.

“I think it would be a long time before she’s done with her business…”

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He really didn’t understand the need for walking food disposal bins to exist in 2D realms. Take the example of Astrea in Sora no Otoshimono, Yuyuko from Touhou and Saber from Fate series, and then there’s Index in Toaru Majutsu no Index.

“Ne, Astrea, do you know where Ikaros and Hinagiku are at?”

Mikoto thought that she might as well ask now than never.

Astrea stopped her hands, shook her head and then continued her eating spree. Wu Yan and Mikoto had sweat flowing down the side of their head.

“It seems it would be quite some time before we find them huh…”

Wu Yan thought for a bit and then he sighed.

Seeing as Mikoto nodded, he deliberated over an idea before looking straight into Mikoto’s eyes and said.

“Mikoto, wanna go on a date?”

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