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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 148: Daily life of daily life of daily life

“Mikoto, wanna go on a date?”

Wu Yan said while grinning like a bastard, he slowly spitted out the line and by the time he was finished he could guess just how Mikoto would react.


Mikoto sprayed the drink she just had at the sudden sentence coming out of nowhere. Her face turned into what seems to a purplish red color as she sprayed her juice. Wu Yan elctrolyzed the liquid before it hit his face.

“Cough cough cough…”

Mikoto patted her chest while coughing. She seems to be really surprised by his sentence, her silly appearance looked really amusing to him.

“Y-y-you… what are you saying all of a sudden!”

Her tea colored eyes stared straight at Wu Yan who’s too busy laughing. Her face is blushing red and her body won’t stop shivering in shock, even her speech became slurred.

“D-dating and whatnot… impossible…”

Wu Yan didn’t say anything, he merely enjoyed the spectacle being put up by Mikoto who’s too “excited for words”. He’s not sure whether to praise her simple naivety or her hardcore tsundere attitude. His relationship with her is kinda the reverse of the norm but even so they already made “pan pan pan” sfx in bed so why is she that worked up about the prospect of a date….

Wu Yan shurgged and teased her.

“We haven’t dated even once, it feels odd not having done so. Sa, let’s go on a date!”

Mikoto flushed bright red and she didn’t know how to reply. She fidgeted at her seat adding much to Wu Yan’s anxiety.

However, just when Mikoto toughened up and wanted to say something. A shrill scream interrupted them, it was a voice filled with killing intent and dark aura, that noise exploded in everyone’s ears.

“Absolutely not!!!”

Following the sound is the appearance of a figure that clung to Mikoto like a koala. She rubbed her face all over Mikoto and leered at Wu Yan with looks that could kill.

“Kuroko will never allow a brute like you to lay his hands on Onee-sama!”

Everything is out of control, the diners all didn’t I understand what is going on anymore, why is a diner that’s usually quiet noisy like this? Well, not that this will hinder them gossiping in any way though….

“Kuroko! Get down from me this instant!”

Mikoto who was already embarrassed to the max turned into a bright red like that of festive greeting cards after being messed around by Kuroko. She pushed her face away by using all her strength.

“Onee-sama! You absolute shouldn’t be deceived, that person is a scum who molests young girls. He also has a sex slave, see? That blonde girl calls him master master, he’s a despicable man and he’s definitely up to no good coming after you. Onee-sama please think through this wisely!”

Kuroko persuaded her in a pithy manner. Her tone sounds like what a mom would when her own son walks down a thorny path, she sounded so earnest and pathetic. Of course, for Mikoto, this only made her even more embarrassed.

Everyone at the diner looked at them in a weird way, Wu Yan and Mikoto wanted to find a hole and bury themselves into it. The diners all started whispering and gossiping in small voices, they would peek at Wu Yan & company from time to time as well.

Judging by what they said, the spectators knew the ones sitting at that table are all abnormal. There’s the bottomless pit slave, yuri girl, scum and Mikoto who seemed the most normal of the group. However, because she’s with the weirdos, the surrounding also began to look at her in a funny way.

If Wu Yan found out what they were thinking, he would probably be screaming about how wrongfully accused his is. The bottomless pit part is correct and the yuri girl is also the real deal but he’s definitely not a scum!

Is there anything wrong with going on a date with my wife…?

“Dear Cus-Customer…”

Wu Yan & company stopped their hands and they all turned to look at the female waitress who shrunk back a bit as she continued in a fearful way.

“I-I’m really sorry but you’re bothering the other customers…”

Looking around, he saw all the spectators who looked like they are having a blast rather than being bother. He and Mikoto exchanged looks and they lowered their heads.

Fuck, Kuroko really had the ability to turn any normal event into a full blown drama….


Wu Yan looked at Mikoto who’s busy “dealing” with Kuroko. He grinned and put to rest the hidden worry weighing down on him inside.

Looks like Mikoto’s back to her old self….

♦ ♦ ♦

The group of four is currently on their way back to Tokiwadai dormitory. Wu Yan and Astrea walked at the back while Kuroko and Mikoto walked at the front. Not just the front, like really in front, in the words of Kuroko: “To separate trash away from Onee-samaa…”

He nudged Astrea and asked her in a small voice.

“Hey Astrea, what’s your identity in Academy City?”

Astrea poked her cheek in confusion and then she realized something.

“Master, Astrea is a student here…”

“Yeah and?”

Scratching her head, she then looked like she’s recalling something before she stuck her tongue out.

“I forgot.”

“….Which school are you a student of?”

“I forgot.”

“Mmkay, it’s my fault for asking you…”

With Tokiwadai dormitory just in front of them, Mikoto and Kuroko stopped. They stood there waiting for Wu Yan and Astrea to arrive. Well, one of them anyways, since Kuroko still had animosity against Wu Yan that’s for sure.

Wu Yan stopped Astrea by tugged her. He didn’t want to go into the dorm with Mikoto. Although it sounded really exciting, remembering the other Lv5 living there and the legendary dorm supervisor, he decided against this tempting idea. (Tl: the raws said another ss, probably referring to the other lv5 but this could be wrong, waiting for hardcore toaru fans to point out who besides the other lv5 could make Wu Yan wary)

After the two said their farewells, Mikoto and Kuroko walked into the dorm. Mikoto didn’t look calm due to a certain line from Wu Yan whispered into her ears just before they said their goodbyes.

“Wait for me at the dormitory exit tomorrow…”

♦ ♦ ♦

Following the memory given to him by System, he found his house in the Academy City. It’s not good or bad, it’s just normal. But still, it’s way better than Pantsu Breaker’s dorm…

Opening the door, he found it to be clean after walking inside and he nodded in satisfaction. By his side, Astrea looked around in curiosity before entering as well.

Yeap, Astrea.

Wu Yan’s not up to no good. It’s not because he wants to lure Astrea into his home and do exciting things male and female would do when they’re alone. He had such thoughts but he convinced himself that there’s no helping it.

Astrea is too empty minded, this is what many would know. But he really didn’t think she could be so dumb as to forget her identity given to her upon entering this world. And to even starve to the extent of fainting at a bridge, not to mention forgetting her home here in this world…

So, there’s no other way than to bring Astrea home with him. Of course if he gets lucky then he wouldn’t mind it as well…

“Astrea, you going in for a shower?”

Wu Yan admits, when he asked that, he’s wavering.

Who would have guessed that Astrea would shake her head and feel her stomach. She said in a low spirit.

“Master, I’m hungry.”

“Didn’t you eat a mountain of food not too long ago?”

said Wu Yan with a 囧 expression on his face. He looked at her flat belly in amazement, unsure of just how she’s keeping herself in shape.

“When I’m hungry, I’m hungry…”

Astrea said with moist eyes.

Sighing, Wu Yan continued.

“Let me see if I can find anything to eat, you stay here.”

“Wai! Long live master!”

Astrea hurrahed. She didn’t look anywhere close to how lethargic she looked before, Wu Yan can only bitterly laugh at her.

At night, Wu Yan is currently lying down at his bed, he looked at a defenseless, smoking hot Astrea who slept next to him. He lightly exhaled as he took in her figure.

“What a vexing little fairy…”

He touched her hair and enjoyed her sleeping figure before smiling.

“But, I like it this way..”

He lightly pecked her on the forehead and got down from the bed. Putting on his clothes, he sneaked out the room.

There are many more sisters waiting to be rescued…

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