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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 154: A sudden mission…

Mugino Shizuri, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou stood in opposition to Wu Yan yet they can’t seem to grasp his figure, confused by this Mugino Shizuri shouted in dissatisfaction at Takitsubou Rikou behind her.

“Takitsuobu! Didn’t you say the guy was in this direction? How come I don’t see anyone here?”

She would probably think she’s being tricked by the girl if she didn’t know that Takitsubou would never lie to her…

Takitsubou Rikou lifted her head like it’s a major exercise for her and shrunk back when she heard Mugino Shizuri shouting at her. She pointed at Wu Yan’s direction with a sheepish voice.

“He’s right there…”


Kinuhata Saiai walked forward and continued.

“It looks like a psychic with the ability to distort visual perception or one that can turn invisible, no wonder the cameras didn’t capture him, what a sneaky fellow.”

“But we still have a job to finish.”

Frenda snickered with her hands at her mouth, it seems this girl derives schadenfreude from other people’s suffering.

With a “tsk”, the light orb within Mugino’s hand increased in radiance as she lifted the corner of her lips in a dangerous manner.

“Those damned useless ones at the top, sending me out to exterminate some rat!”

The laser shot out and wrecked the direction Takitsubou Rikou was pointing into a wasteland.


Takitsubou Rikou immediately pointed at another direction and Mugino Shizuri shot her laser while being guided by her. She then pointed at another direction and it is by this point that Mugino Shizuri got tired of this shit.

“Dirty rat! Stop sneaking around! Show yourself!”

Mugino Shizuri roared in frustration, she seemed like she’s on the edge of bursting now much to the horror of Frenda who’s so afraid she’s hugging her head at the side.

Wu Yan is silently judging Aunt Mugino, he had long known that she’s a girl who’s very much influenced by her temper. He just didn’t know she’s this easily irritated.

You don’t want me to hide, so you want me to go out and get slaughtered by you?…

Still judging her, he looked at the destroyed walls and ground around him with grave expression.

[Meltdowner], that’s Mugino Shizuri’s ability. It can forcibly manipulate the ambiguous state of an electron state between wave and particle form, she can then release it as a special ray of electrons by shooting it. If he remembers correctly, this ability should have a technical classification called particle waveform high speed cannon. It’s a form of electron manipulation. Now that one thinks about it, it’s an ability like his and Mikoto’s.

In terms of pure destructive power, Meltdowner beats Mikoto in this area. In the original work, Mugino Shizuri once used her abilities to bend Mikoto’s Lighting attack spear. However because of how similar their abilities are, her meltdowner ability can be bend in much the way she did against Mikoto.

Even if Mikoto could pull it off, this didn’t mean that he could achieve the same thing. His ability is one magnitude lower than Mikoto’s although it is technically the same ability.

When Mugino Shizuri used her Meltdowner, that electron beam which could rival a lightning attack in speed blew away the wall with durability matching metals away like it’s paper shred. The sturdy wall melted away and pierced through the hiding places he managed to find.

This ridiculous destructive capability is in an amusing way fitting of her female tigress like personality. With such a scary combo, Wu Yan would rather have a round with Accelerator than with her…

In the original work, the scene of her using Diffusion Aid Semiconductor or Silicon burn and then firing at the silicons to achieve total 360 degree no escape no blind corner bombardment to the extent of even blasting her immediate vicinity really made him shiver.

Although because of her strength, she lost control to aim properly and the silicon’s dealt heavy blows to her as well. She quickly fell down as a result but if he could, he would like to avoid reaching that step.

What kind of woman is scariest would seem to suggest Mugino Shizuri as the answer. She could snap at any moment and would go ape shit crazy without caring for her body, hell she would even bring the opponent down with her if need be. No wonder Frenda is so afraid of her, her power and her personality are the reasons…

If possible, Wu Yan would like to turn tail and retreat. However with the sleepyhead looking Takitsubou Rikou behind her, can he even run? He never thought the day would come where he would rue over acquiring Mikoto’s power.

Of course, if it’s just her, Wu Yan is not yet out of options. However the sound that would soon come, dispelled any notions of him about running away…

“Beep! Detected special event and giving out sudden mission!”

Sudden mission: Achieve victory!

Mission: Defeat ITEM of Academy City’s dark side; Mugino Shizuri, Frenda Seivelun, Takitsubou Rikou, Kinuhata Saiai.

Reward: Electromaster lv4 will be upgraded to lv5

This sudden mission sure is as sudden as its name…

He bitterly smiled but he shelved the thoughts about escaping. Electromaster lv5 would require about 300’000 Ability points, his whole Ability points asset isn’t even enough. If he can upgrade his ability, the addition to his combat potential is not an insignifican tamount.

With lv5 esper power, level 65 strength and ‘Kendo Master’, even if he cannot challenge a tier 8, no mere tier 7 supers can best him.

In the end I have to fight huh…

Sighing helplessly, he made up his mind and put on the hoodie to cover the upper half area above his nose, thinking that this will reduce the chances of facial recognition…

♦ ♦ ♦

“Takitsubou! Is he dead yeet?”

Mugino Shizuri looked absolutely pissed, her beautiful face is currently being distorted into an ugly mug by her extreme anger.

Before Takitsubou Rikou can say anything, a lightning bolt attacked the four girls group. The 3 other girls except for Mugino Shizuri were surprised. Mugino Shizuri smiled at the challenge and dispersed the attack with one shot of her Meltdowner, she fired another one towards the direction where the lightning bolt came from.

Against her Meltdowner, Wu Yan didn’t have the guts to play with her fire. He released more electricity and they crackled in the air before forming into an electric cage and sealing the laser. It then extinguished them.

A dark figure slowly emerged from the ruins. He came before ITEM and the 4 of them can only see his mouth because of the hoodie he had on.

“So you have decided to show yourself at last…”

Frenda said while hugging the doll she has. She looked very moe but Wu Yan doesn’t think so, that is a hell of an explosive she’s holding in her hands, it is merely disguised as a doll.

“Snooping around, how lame…”

Kinuhata Saiai curled her lips but then she got confused about something.

“Hey, that lightning attack just now, is that your power? Isn’t your ability one of invisibility?”

“Little brat, what would you know!”

A low and seemingly elderly voice came from Wu Yan who is still shrouded by his hoodie. That voice is the result of him stimulating his vocal cords with pulses of electric.

“A man with secrets is the most attractive kind!”

“Who you calling a super small brat!”

Kinuhata Saiai blew up, Wu Yan’s face froze when he heard what she said.

“I didn’t say you were a super small brat, it’s your own words, I merely called you a small brat…”

Kinuhata Saiai turned her face away in a condescending manner.

“A super woman as perfect as I am is not something a guy like you who super can’t see anyone would understand.”

He responded with even more disdain than her.

“Well shit, if your figure is “perfect”, then there wouldn’t be any girl with flaws in this world anymore.”

“What did you say!”

Kinuhata Saiai clenched her fist and teeth.

“If you have anything to say, say your piece when you arrive at the next world!”

An impatient Mugino Shizuri cut Kinuhata Saiai off. However, Wu Yan really made her face distort with his next line.

“You aren’t that much better off, aunty!”

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