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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 155: The clash of lightning and laser

The whole place froze when Wu Yan threw out that line…

“Oh you poor fuck who super can’t go out and see people, you are super dead meat now…”

Kinuhata Saiai returned to her calm face. Takitsubou Rikou and Frenda who are both familiar with her can tell she’s secretly enjoying the tragedy that’s about to happen.

“The guy had to dig his own grave. Oh dear, and here I wanted to finish him myself so I can get the reward money…”

Frenda shook her head and shrugged at the same time. Of course she still looked moe af.

“Ohhh, now you’ve got me mad!”

Mugino Shizuri slowly began laughing with a sinister expression. Her messed up face made the 3 other ITEM field operatives to backpedal in fear.

Wu Yan lifted an eyebrow, although ITEM didn’t notice this, they could still detect the nonchalant tone behind his words.

“Aunty experiencing menopause, please enlighten me as to which day of the 365 days a year are you not angry!”

When his words fell, pale white orbs of light started appearing besides Mugino Shizuri who had her head down. Just by rough calculations, there appears to be a little more than 10 of them!

“Today is the day you meet your maker, you rat!”

She waved her hands and the light orbs turned into cannons and distinct rays of laser are shot out at him at lightning speed.

He stepped hard and made a prompt retreat. He then stopped to dodge the approaching Meltdowners, he may have made negating a single Meltdowner looked really easy, that’s only because all he did was release his electromaster to the max to disperse one shot of Meltdowner. He can’t do the same against so many lasers.

He’s got to admit it, an enraged Mugino Shizuri is a fearsome adversary. The light orbs floating around her can turn into dreadful mobile cannons which would shoot Meltdowner lasers wave after wave. He’s frantically trying to handle the waves of laser.

He didn’t know his movements shocked ITEM.

“Essentially, he’s fast!” (Tl: she has the verbal tic of putting in daitai in her sentences in the original work. See.) Frenda was stupefied by how agile Wu Yan is at dodging the attacks.

“Acceleration? Or maybe some sort of enhancement?”

Kinuhata Saiai was dumbstruck by his movements as well.

“He could super hide himself and use super lightning, just how many super abilities does he have?” (Tl: it’s probably a bit late but Saiai likes to add chou or super in her sentences so yeah.)

“Dual skill user! Impossible, A dual skill doesn’t exist, what is your power!”

Though she asked the question, her Meltdowner never stopped working and kept firing lasers after lasers to blast Wu Yan. Mugino Shizuri didn’t even move and waves after waves of lasers would come assaulting. Wu Yan didn’t say anything in respond, he just kept dodging the rays and ignored her threats. Since he had resolved to fighting her, he didn’t think she would let him go even if he did try to talk in a submissive way, not against such a bad tempered person as Mugino Shizuri anyway.

If that is so, why shoot savage retorts at her and fight as he please. That is what he is thinking anyways, however the situation at hand cursed him with inability to put up a good counter. He can’t draw Nietono no Shana here because if he used it, it would be troublesome in the future if they recognized him. With Nietono no Shana out of the equation, a major half of his abilities are sealed. Excluding his esper power, the other half of his strength lied in his sword skills…

Randomly buy one from the System you say? Scratch that, if it’s not a Rank C equipment, it would be unable to bloc Meltdowner. He is not that desperate as to buy Rank C equipment just for this.

However with just his stats as a level 65 super and lv4 Electromaster, it’s still possible for him to win.

“Stop prancing around! Why don’t you make my job easier and just die!”

Mugino Shizuri is so pissed off her eyes seemed to be popping out, her beautiful face distorted like this is putting him off.

It’s true however that he won’t be able to win if he keep dodging like this. He clenched his fists and countless particles of iron sand concentrated into iron sand sword in his hands. The sword hummed, nobody would think a cut from this will result in only minor injuries.

“Super scary!”

Kinuhata Saiai lowered her head in fear of the iron sand sword in Wu Yan’s hands. She feels that her nitrogen armor will pop like a balloon against a slash from that thing.

“Essentially using an electricity derived ability, could the invisibility and dodging skills had also been derivative abilities from manipulation of electricity? Something like using electricity to manually stimulate the body into a state capable of high speed dodging.”

Frenda thinks she figured the enemy out and squinted her eyes in excitement.

“What about invisibility?”

Lowering her head until she almost touched her own boobs, Takitsubou Rikou lifted her hand and asked in a meek voice. Frenda’s smile froze.

“Haha…. essentially something… perhaps a high tech item of some sort…”

Frenda turned her head around in an awkward manner as she forced herself to utter that line. What she didn’t know is that her words were pretty close to the truth.

“I don’t care if it’s invisibility or electricity or enhancement, just give his body to the disgusting researchers and they will find out the answers soon enough!”

Mugino Shizuri snickered making Wu Yan curse her for being so evil.

Frenda nodded with a dry smile.

“In the first place, even if he’s a dual skill, he’s still a lv4, he can’t possibly be Mugino’s enemy…”

Wu Yan snorted as he held back his laughter. Levels and abilities aren’t the absolute determinant of victory. She has a splendid ability no doubt but the cons are very obvious as well. Seeing as the moe blobs already decided that she’s superior in strength, very well, time to give them a big surprise!

Electricity crackled along his body. Biribiri sfx could be heard ringing and his clothes started flipping around without wind thanks to his lightning clad body. he looked like a cultivator at this very moment.

Planting his feet, he dashed towards Mugino Shizuri with no intention of dodging. He lifted the iron sand blade in his hand and approached Mugino Shizuri in a rapid fashion.

Slightly stunned, she laughed in response.

“So eager to die!”

The light orbs around her shook and multiple beams were shot out, their radiance blocking his field of vision and covering the 2 meter area around him.

Against the oncoming beams, he didn’t seemed to care about them and resumed his forward charge. Mugino Shizuri smiled like she won the battle but that smile quickly froze. Wu Yan did something unexpected when he almost collided with a beam.

He shifted his body side ways and moved forwards in a sideway fashion, he released a ton of lightning and got into contact with one particular beam from Meltdowner.

The beam and lightning collided with clear explosion sound accompanying them before they both disappeared.


ITEM can’t believe what they are seeing.

Destroying this one beam, the enclosure of beams had an opening and it was just enough for him to pass through.

Seeing a beam going pass him with less than 1 cm’s difference, he lifted the corner of his lips and adjusted his posture into facing ITEM. With a flick of his hand, a lightning spear attack was shot out.


Mugino Shizuri retreated two steps in surprise before shouting.


“Super affirmative!”

Kinuhata Saiai came to the group’s front and lifted her hands. The lightning spear hit her but it disappeared.

If one were to inspect sloer, the air around her seems to be different. A wall of air enveloped her petite body! Nitrogen armor, her ability. The ability boasting the strongest defense below lv5.

Maybe it would have been for naught against Wu Yan’s high oscillating iron sand sword, but against lightning attack spear which focuses more on speed than power, its defense is more than enough.


A figure appeared beside Mugino Shizuri, and in his hand, he held the vibrating iron sand sword.

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