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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 156: Meltdowner, map bombardment

Meltdowner certainly has power, at least if one were to exclude Accelerator who could stop the earth’s rotation or Kakine Teitoku’s physical properties manipulation, she would probably be the one who boast the strongest firepower within the lv5.

However, there is a very critical weakness to this ability. Because of how strong it is, Mugino Shizuri’s ability is very unstable requiring a lot of minor adjustment to stabilize it before being able to shoot it.

The result being that she would need to prepare beforehand prior to shooting. That’s why there’s a significant window of time between concentration and firing.

Aiming also takes a lot of calculation, putting it in another way, she’s bad against surprise attacks. If an attack came from somewhere unexpected, she wouldn’t be able to react in time. Sneak attacks are very effective against her as a result.

The iron sand sword approached her and she could clearly see the vibration on that thing, the humming sound it emitted cause her to break out if goosebumps. Seeing as it’s on an unstoppable momentum, her pupil contracted into a pinpoint size.


Before the blade could hit her, a tender sound rang and four missile like mini rockets shot out from the side towards Wu Yan.

Stopping his striking posture, he looked at Mugino Shizuri who is about to fall prey to his blade and he stopped his action. He then retreated away from the missiles. After dodging the missiles, they exploded, the resulting wind pressure was something that one wouldn’t expect given the projectiles’ small sizes. His balance was affected and just for a moment he is unsteady on his feet. Tilting his body, Wu Yan who couldn’t control his body saw a small figure appear before him, his pupil shrunk when he saw a small fist aiming for his stomach coming with no mercy.

Kinuhata Saiai!


Lightning crackled, clad in his lightning, Wu Yan knew this wouldn’t do much against her if he only relied on lightning, not when she can ignore it with her nitrogen armor clad defense.

A hit from augmented by nitrogen armor is no joke. He willed his lightning to expand with him as the center. The lightning hit Kinuhata Saiai and sent her flying far away.

Kinuhata Saiai who flew back had a small grin on her face. Slightly changing her nitrogen armor, she turned to the side and a few missiles that looked like the kind he was shot with before came from behind her. The missiles were aimed at Wu Yan who had a slight change to his expression.

Now Wu Yan understands why ITEM would form such a group of 4 individuals. Kinuhata Saiai and her nitrogen armor, Frenda with her explosive surprise attacks, Takitsubou Rikou with her tracking ability and Mugino Shizuri with her laser beam galore. Goddamnit they had the whole set here: Output, Mob control, Mapping ability, they could run a whole show here…

With his palm, he managed to steady himself before the missiles could hit and he gave it a mighty push to launch himself into the air with a backflip, he spun like a spinning top as he retreated.

Stopping his spinning motion by regaining control, he managed to recover with just enough margin before the missiles hit.

He instantaneously formed two blades of iron sand. He swung it furiously to cut the missiles into numerous fragments, then he used electromagnetism to send the fragments back at ITEM like shrapnel.

Maybe they were too astounded by his fluid movements,the ITEM members stared wide eyed at  him. They only returned to their senses when the shrapnel came flying at them. Kinuhata Saiai quickly deployed her nitrogen armor to block the fragments.

After having done so, Frenda who stood behind her said something that made Wu Yan almost fell down to the ground.

“So you’re not a rat but some circus performer?”

Speechless at just how a certain moe blob can still be cute af in the midst of a battle. He conjuered a lightning field and sent them forward like whip lashes against ITEM. Its speed is ridiculously face.

Kinuhata Saiai wanted to block them but beams of light hit the lightning field and destroyed it with no tarce.

Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou shook as Mugino Shizuri emerged from behind them and came to the forefront of the group with her head still lowered. He can’t see her expression as a result.

“Super scary!”

Kinuhata Saiai froze in her place while staring at Mugino Shizuri’s back. She can’t hold herself back from saying that line.

“Essentially, Mugino is pissed and now the guy is in for a bad time…”

Frenda had tears at the corners of her eyes as she retreated away subconsciously. One can imagine just how terrifying Mugino Shizuri is being at this moment.

She lifted her head. Her expression was distorted by the grimness around her and her eyes even looked a bit red. Needless to say her face was twisted.

“Just now, I thought I was a goner…”

Mugino Shizuri said in monotone. But the surrounding took on a colder atmosphere.

From Wu Yan reducing the lasers, dodging them, slashing Mugino Shizuri who was then saved by Frenda with Kinuhata Saiai countering and followed by Wu Yan’s respond, it all took place within half a minute.

Within this half a minute Mugino Shizuri met Death in the eyes. After 30 seconds, she would had finally returned went into complete hysteria!

“How dare you make me feel terror! A mere lv4! Letting me feel such fear! You rat!!!”

Her shrill shout ringed in everyone’s ear. She then frantically took out a weird shaped crystal card. This crystal card surprised Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou.

“Diffusion Aid Semiconductor!”

The 3 exclaimed and Frenda quickly followed up.


Kinuhata Saiai didn’t even need to think about it as she turned tail to run, same goes for Frenda. Hell even Takitsubou Rikou seemed to have found the strength she lost in the past and used them all to run like a mofo.

When he saw the diffusion aid semiconductor, his heart sunk but he didn’t run like the other 3. He inhaled deeply and focused on a frenzied Mugino Shizuri.

“Die, rat!”

Mugino Shizuri sneered in a dangerous way before throwing the Diffusion Aid Semiconductor up into the air.

His eyes followed the Diffusion Aid Semiconductor, as it flew into the air a shot from Meltdowner hit it. It then exploded into a myriad of fragments along with the explosion. When a beam of Meltdowner hit the fragments, they would disperse into multiple light beams that would rain down on an area of roughly 20 meters in diameter around Wu Yan.

Map bombardment as expected!

(Tl:play this as you read)

He stepped forward and started dodging all the beams that came for his ass. The beams would drill holes into the ground followed by even more beams. Not overwhelmed, he maneuvered around the  rain of light beams with incredible agility.

Boom Boom Boom

Boom followed by more booms.,he dodged and dodged and then dodged some more. However, the bombardment continued with even more salvos.

Like a willow dancing in the wind, he dodged the torrent of light beams, his situation might look perilous but in fact he’s a dancing queen, untouchable.

The light beams attacking him were like lead balls and he would be a piece of paper. When the lead balls came at him, he would leverage the resulting wind and dodge the beams with their help.

Like a storm that comes and go quickly, the bullet hell made possible by Diffusion Aid Semiconductor ended with the ground being turned into a collection of small craters…

Wu Yan however, is without any apparent harm!


Mugino Shizuri screeched like a crazy bat.

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