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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 158: The so called reinforcement of ITEM

Her? In other words, different from the original work, there’re actually 5 field operatives! A deviation from the original plot line?…

His heart sunk at the thought of this possibility. He doesn’t care much about the story in itself, a change is just a change but truth be told, he would rather for there not to be any deviation from the original story.

Compared to unknown development, he would much rather that things proceed under his knowing control. Seeing as Frenda doesn’t look like she’s lying or the fact that Kinuhata Saiai and Takitsubou Rikou didn’t really looked surprised by her revelation. She’s probably telling the truth.

Why did ITEM become a 5 person group?…

This question became the biggest question in his heart.

“System, did the story in this copy world become different from the original?”

Wu Yan didn’t ask this aloud, he asked it silently inside himself. This had been tested before and he concluded that as long as one is calling for the System, it didn’t matter if it were verbal or if it’s just a mere thought, the System would respond.

“User, there is only one Majutsu no index world, before the entry of user, the story remains unchanged, please be at ease!”

He isn’t really calm at the System’s answer.

“So to say, something changed after I entered here?”

He bitterly laughed when he said that. Isn’t he asking the obvious? If someone like him who didn’t exist in this world suddenly appeared out of nowhere, of course the plot would change…

“When the user does something that affects the plot, the plot will naturally become altered as a result!”

As expected, butterfly effect huh…

With this, he could let down some of the worries he had. At least now he knows that the extra person in ITEM is probably because he came to this world.

But, come to think of it, he didn’t really do anything that would have affected ITEM did he?…

“System, the extra person in ITEM is also a result of my actions?”

“User, please be aware that Buddha’s days cannot be verbally told…” (Tl: Basically the System is telling him to find out for himself and will not tell him.)

“Fuck you!”

Wu Yan didn’t say that line inside himself, he couldn’t help but say that out loud. Kinuhata Saiai and the girls were naturally surprised by the sudden outburst.

“Hey, even if we’re your super POW, you shouldn’t go around cursing people!”

Kinuhata Saiai said in a very upset manner. They didn’t know he’s talking to System so they assumed he was talking to them.

Wu Yan wryly laughed and changed the subject.

“So tell me, what this 5th ITEM person like?”

The 3 girls fell silent. This is a given since they are counting on the reinforcement to bust their asses out, they can’t go around ratting their comrade out.

He knew what their silence meant and turned his head the other way helplessly. He wasn’t planning on touching them but who would have thought they would reveal such an unexpected news.

“I want to see just who the hell is this fifth ITEM operative you girls keep talking about!”

He squinted while mumbling so.

The 3 girls exchanged glances, they didn’t know what to say in respond. When he saw what they were doing he grinned before continuing.

“It seems you girls trust your comrade a lot, are you that sure she can save you girls?”

Kinuhata Saiai stuck out her petite chest and confidently replied.

“Super of course, that newbie is the strongest one among us excluding Mugino Shizuri!”


Wu Yan smiled and curled his lips in the direction of where Mugino Shizuri collapsed.

“But I’m pretty sure the strongest one among you had already fallen, what can the second in command do?”

Kinuhata Saiai froze up. She suddenly remembered she’s talking to the same erson who beat Mugino Shizuri! He’s got a point, the strongest one is already down for the count, what can the second strongest possibly do?

Thus, she lowered her head in dejection and the other 2 girls did the same thing as well.

Wu Yan felt relieved, Kinuhata Saiai inadvertently revealed the fact that the fifth member is weaker than Mugino Shizuri. Even if he would be ragged in fighting against this fifth member, at least the opponent wouldn’t be someone he can’t handle. Just this would be enough for him.

Frenda started grumbling.

“Essentially, we can’t escape. It’s all that newbie’s fault, if she isn’t so late and missed out on our rendezvous, we might have been able to join forces and beat the guy…”

Kinuhata Saiai and Takitsubou Rikou nodded their heads in agreement, they were displeased as well. Feeling his lips twitch, he helplessly massaged his forehead with his palm. So that’s why Aunt Mugino was in such a big hissy fit, it’s because her subordinate is late…

Suddenly, he felt a sense of throbbing coming from inside him, he was startled by this sudden feeling.

This sensation, how familiar, warm, it’s almost as though someone dearest to him is approaching…

Don’t tell me it’s…

An idea appeared and it was that thought that confused him, the most bewildering thought ever.

Sound of footsteps approached from a tunnel on the side. Everyone including Wu Yan heard this. Kinuhata Saiai and the girls wore elation on their face. Wu Yan on the other hand wore a confused and expecting expression.

Pink hair reaching her shoulder, 2 ponytails so long they reached her legs, smoking hot body, emerald eyes, and an exceedingly beautiful face!

She appeared in front of everyone. Wu Yan smiled happily, then he felt like laughing at something. the 3 ITEM girls grinned but they quickly frowned again.

“Watch out newbie! This guy beat the leader!”

Frenda shouted at the newcomer. She completely entrusted her hope of salvation onto this newcomer.

The newbie didn’t take note of Frenda, Kinuhata Saiai, and Takitsubou Rikou’s warnings. Instead, she stared blankly at Wu Yan before walking towards him in steady steps.

“Hey what are you doing essentially. Don’t come over here, you wanna get caught or something? Think of a plan to save us!”

In the end,  not only did the newbie ignore her, Wu Yan didn’t even look like he’s going to do anything to capture her. He just watched with an amused expression while not to sure whether to laugh or cry at how absurd this situation is.

He was thinking about how he could have affected the black ops to the extent that one more person joined. Now he knew the answer, and it is indeed a result of his influence…

Although he only showed his mouth, she could recognized him instantly. Her puppies eyes had ripples in them signifying her the joy in her heart.


Frenda froze, followed by Takitsubou Rikou and Kinuhata Saiai.


The 3 girls shouted out loud.

The newcomer is Ikaros! He grinned and rubbed her head. His warm voice carried a bit of teasing.

“Did you miss me?”

She nodded vigorously. Her emerald eyes stared at his face which only had the mouth as the visible part. Her eyes did all the talking about how she missed him, thought about him and how she loved him…

Even if he had his hoodie on, Wu Yan could see what Ikaros is trying to tell him through her eyes. His heart sped up and an ineffable emotion started wafting upwards from within him. He reached out and pulled the girl into his embrace!


Ikaros was stunned, her eyes seemed uneasy for just a moment and she started blushing into a deep red color.

Smelling the scent of Ikaros tickling his nose, he didn’t see her bashful expression. If he did, he probably would have been petrified in place followed by a few savage wolf howls!

Where would find Ikaros putting on any kind of expression much less see her blushing.

Caressing her head, he closed his eyes before saying a line in front of the 3 girls who couldn’t believe what they are seeing.

“I also missed you…”

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