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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 161: There are actually multiple ways to threaten a young girl…

He’s not feeling guilty about messing up a 12-year-old girl like that. Quite the contrary, he felt pretty damn proud about it. Why? Because nobody in the original work managed to go as far as this did they?….

Kinuhata Saiai struggled for air like she just ran one round through Academy City. Kinuhata Saiai is surprised by herself. Normally, she wouldn’t be this haggard even if she went around doing missions while not eating or drinking for a day. How could she become this drained in just a few moments?

However, the two matters are completely different that’s for sure…

He toured her petite body once more just to engrave the aftertaste in his mind. He then placed her right next to Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou who were lying down nearby. He turned to them and smiled.

“Haven’t seen enough yet?”

Startled, Takitsubou Rikou quickly lowered her head while Frenda laughed in a bashful manner. She could see that Wu Yan doesn’t mean them any harm. That thought of hers however, was quickly scrapped…

Wu Yan looked at Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou in turn before picking up Takitsubou Rikou and laying her down in his chest.

Takitsubou Rikou seemed to be surprised, her eyes looked at Wu Yan in a glazed over manner. She didn’t seem to have registered the fact that she is within his arms. Frenda had a frightening thought going through her mind after seeing Takitsubou Rikou’s “bad end”.

Crap, he’s not going to do that to all of us right…

Wu Yan looked into Takitsubou Rikou’s eyes and saw a hint of fatigue in it. He instantly deduced that to be the aftereffects of using Body Crystal, he also knew about the other negative side effects from using said enhancement…

Thinking about stuff like that, he examined her body and when he saw her magnificent grand peaks, his eyes got glued to that place.

He can’t help praising her.

“What a big pair of racks you’ve got here…”

This is the truth, her age shouldn’t be that old and yet she has this ridiculous pair of cans. Her flimsy jump suit isn’t enough to restrain the twin mountains, they perked up the jumpsuit like you wouldn’t believe.


Frenda instantly gave Wu Yan such a designation. However, she didn’t give Wu Yan this title when he was touching Kinuhata Saiai just now, if Wu Yan were to know about this, he might even suspect there to be some bad blood between the two of them in the past…

Takitsubou Rikou returned to her senses after hearing Wu Yan say such a line. Seeing that he has his eyes on her breasts, she tried to shrink away from him.

He patted her surprised looking face and grinned.

“Ma. I can’t be so biased as to only give ‘tender love’ to that little girl…”

He reached out those evil hands of his while widening his palm as much as he could and grabbed those exquisite slabs of meat that had enchanted him.


She moaned or rather the moan leaked out from her. The sound was both small and low. Wu Yan can’t help exclaiming as expected of a sleepyhead, even when she’s moaning she didn’t forget to remind the audience what her moe points are…

His mind might be thinking about something but his hands are not showing any signs of slowing down. He even started using his fingers to give them pair of knockers a good massage or two…

A faint tinge of red dyed her face giving her lethargic looking expression a slight hint of liveliness. She seemed even more captivating now. Under Wu Yan’s dexterous movements, Takitsubou Rikou seemed like she’s going to play her role as the sleepyhead to the very end. Besides the way her body undulates with Wu Yan’s teasing, she didn’t seem to be making any other movement.

Her eyes are slightly moistened but she didn’t close them. She kept staring at Wu Yan’s face as if to see past his disguise and remember his face…

His actions had already left a vague figure in this girl’s heart that didn’t seemed to care about anything at all…

He is definitely into her hooters. It’s not that this hooters aren’t around him, Ikaros and Astrea has way bigger cans, it’s just that he never got to enjoy them. About the two girls he did actually banged, hmm well even if flat chests have their own charms, but as expected, something to grab onto would be nice…

Going off into his daydream, he grinned. After seeing some passion appearing in Takitsubou Rikou’s eyes, his hands moved and got rid of the clothes on her.

“Pl-please don’t…”

Takitsubou Rikou finally removed her eyes from his face. Her exposed body being feasted upon by Wu Yan’s eyes is really making her feel very uncomfortable. Due to the feeling of weakness in her body, she could only bashfully say that line.

He licked his lips and snickered.

“Ma, aren’t you cute…”

She flinched and looked at Wu Yan in an odd manner. Wu Yan can’t help feeling confused, did nobody tell her that she is cute?

Unknown to him, he is quite close to the truth…

Caressing her fair body, he can’t help piling on more praises on top of praises. Soon, he cast his eyes once more on those white rabbits on body, and then he went to town massaging them!

She closed her eyes, not even her can resist gasping and moaning in a lovely way. Her mouth would move ever so often as she gasped for air while Wu Yan did his thing.

Taking this all in, he grinned in an evil manner. With a hand, he slid it down towards her lower regions….

On the side, Ikaros watched the show from the start until the finish. She looked at Kinuhata Saiai who got a very exciting learning experience and Takitsubou Rikou who is moaning in Wu Yan’s intimate embrace. She squeezed her boobs and…

“Master seems to like this sort of things…”

He sent Takitsubou Rikou up to heaven as well. He laid her fantastic body beside Kinuhata Saiai. While being glared at by her unwilling eyes, he turned to Frenda.

“Surely, you aren’t planning on…”

Even if Frenda already knew she’s going to fall into the devil’s claw. When it is about to happen, Frenda still can’t help panicking.

He didn’t answer her, he just gave her a wide smile. He then proceeded to strip her petite body bare while she screamed at the top of her lungs.

What happened next of course, is another addition of a set of tender moans and gasps…

♦ ♦ ♦

Looking at the 3 girls who got sent to the peak of Mount Feel-Good,satisfied, he gladly accepted the 3 sets of complicated stares. He then took on a holier than thou tone with them.

“Ma, at least you girls learnt a bit of obedience!”

This line earned him the leers from Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda. He ignored them and took out a camera from his itemr ing!

“Hey you, what are you super trying to do?”

Seeing him with the camera, the 3 young girls didn’t think about where the camera came from. Rather, the woman intuition in them told them that something very bad is going to happen.

“What else am I going to use a camera for if not for taking pictures!”

Their intuition did not fail them, Kinuhata Saiai started going nuts.

“You super pervert! I can super call it quits with you playing us like that but to think you would even want to super take some more pictures!”

“Ma, I can’t help it…”

Wu Yan shrugged as if he’s helpless before lifting the camera for them to see.

“This is to prevent you girls from saying unnecessary things to anyone else.”

He took in the grand scene of their bare and pristine bodies of all shapes and sizes. He smiled at the 3 girls who still looked pretty surprised.

“That’s why, just accept your fates!”


Their screams accompanied a bunch of ‘kacha kacha’ sfx…

Seeing the looks on the 3 girls who looked like they wanted to die, he flaunted the pictures in his hand.

“3 dear Misses, do you girls know what is it that you have to report after going back to your organization?”

The 3 girls gnashed their teeth. Even Takitsubou Rikou had the same expression, this showed how Wu Yan had been [Redacted] in their hearts.

The 3 girls nodded albeit unwillingly. He also nodded in satisfaction before storing away the photos before walking over to Mugino Shizuri’s side….

Seeing their leader being stripped down like a helpless lamb followed by the sounds of ‘kacha kacha’, the 3 girls reached a sense of equilibrium in their hearts.

Even Mugino got her picture taken, we have no choice…

And that’s how they comforted themselves….

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