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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 162: Aleister’s reaction…

Academy City, Seventh District, the windowless building…

Here lies the greatest, wackiest and the most rational person in Academy City. He is also the greatest peeping tom in the city!

Floating within that timeless liquid, the projections in front of him kept changing sceneries. However, whenever the screens display the research lab that got robbed last night, the screen would always be filled with static interference.

Looking at the interference, Aleister didn’t say anything, that’s because he is originally a man of few words. Probably wouldn’t speak if there wasn’t anyone here as well.

The projection screen in front of him changed again and so too did the scene change. On it was two petite, one medium and one large woman, they were Mugino Shizuri, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou.

On screen, Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, Frenda hid in the corner while Mugino Shizuri was fuming in anger, throwing beams of laser at everything around her. She pretty much destroyed everything around her.

But, that didn’t stop her. Without anything left for her to blast, she aimed towards the sky and lashed out at anything she can find like she’s trying to vent her anger or something. What is obvious, however, is the fact that her face contorted in wrath.

Aleister observed silently before the screens changed again and a bunch of reports was displayed. The summary at the end had a surprising conclusion…

“The intruder escaped the facility, evaded ITEM’s pursuit and the intruder’s whereabouts are unknown. The intruder’s appearance and objectives are unknown!”

Aleister didn’t change his expression at all when viewing the reports, he seemed to be thinking about something. Then, the screens changed to another report…

“The military clones based on Academy City No.3  had been stolen. The stolen quantity totals up to 1053 clones. Clone remains at organizations tasked with cleaning up the aftermath of lv6 shift program were stolen as well. The dead clones are all stolen and the numbers are at…”

Aleister didn’t seem to be interested in what the report had to say anymore. He cut off the projections and closed his eyes as if he went sleep, no further activities could be observed.

After a short while, he opened his eyes again and projections appeared in front of him. A very recent report appeared in front of him…

“To ensure the continuance of Lv6 shift program, the researchers requested the original to provide more DNA samples for cloning purposes. The aim was to clone more subjects to participate in the experiment!”

“However, the original exhibited abnormal resistance stating that no further DNA will be provided and if the DNA were to be obtained through insistence, it was stated that she will quit participating in any research project affiliated with Academy City and will even quit Academy City altogether!”

The liquid within Aleister’s test tube began bubbling like it’s boiling up. Countless bubbles appeared incessantly and Aleister was completely shrouded by it!

The boiling sound filled the space and because it was practically silent here, the sound is even more pronounced.

If there is anyone familiar with this area they would be surprised. That’s because the liquid within the giant tube never showed such a violent reaction, not to mention a stimulation as intense as this time’s boiling!

After a long while, the liquid finally calmed down and the bubbles decreased. Aleister’s figure started becoming clearer in the test tube…

His eyes slowly closed on that face of that defied the passage of time. With that, the whole place fell into silence yet again…

♦ ♦ ♦

On the other side, within Wu Yan’s home…

“Ikaros senpai, please tell me what did master go out to do yesterday, how did you find master and came back with him?”

“But, master said not to tell…”

“Ikaros senpai, please tell me, I promise I won’t tell. Hey, hey come on tell me!”

“But, master…”

“Uwa! Ikaros senpai is so sly, sneaking around with master and not telling me. You guys must have did something bad! Uu….”


“Hmm? Woah! Ikaros senpai! Your face turned red! You actually can blush!”


Wu Yan helplessly watched the interaction between Ikaros and Astrea. He facepalmed because he just couldn’t watch this anymore. Ikaros who is pure and a similarly pure but dumb Astrea. He never expected that they would put up a show like this, he really didn’t know what to say.

Maybe Astrea is just admiring how Ikaros got to spend time with him. Otherwise, she would not press on like this, she’s not such a bad girl anyway…

But, Astrea definitely won’t get anything even if she continued asking. Ikaros is lenient on many things except for what Wu Yan told her. Whatever he told her, she would obediently do. Although he is moved by her resolve, he felt helpless in a lot of manners…

He is also pleased to know that Ikaros can actually blush. She is lacking in the emotional department although her other parts stood out.

With her like this, she resembles the Ikaros at the latter part of the original work, the version where she actually started getting to know her own feelings. This is a very good development in his opinion and he wanted this to continue. It would be troubling otherwise since he wants to spend time together with Ikaros. What is troubling you say? Well, of course, everyone guessed it, his wild wolf heart.

Watching Ikaros struggling to keep her defenses up at Astrea’s aggressive attack, he really can’t fathom how Ikaros with how she usually acts could get along with ITEM.

According to Ikaros, when she first arrived in this world, she found herself in the activity area of ITEM upon gaining consciousness.

System gave her almost the same identity as Wu Yan. No parents, no friends, no boyfriend but what is different from him is that Ikaros got a Lv4 Esper identity. Her ability is the ability of one of her equipment, the absolute defense barrier.

Her character setting is apparently:

“The lonely Ikaros who appeared in Academy City encountered the lv5 Meltdowner, Mugino Shizuri and survived one shot of her laser beam with no apparent harm. When Mugino Shizuri saw her Aegis, she recruited her into ITEM!”

Because she is a newbie, Ikaros wasn’t registered among the members of ITEM by Mugino Shizuri. Only after she accomplished a mission would Mugino Shizuri register her and officially welcoming her as one of the members. The mission this time was actually an entrance exam for Ikaros!

However, because Ikaros had her heart set on her master, she was late on the day of the mission while searching for Wu Yan…

And so, Wu Yan dodged a bullet. If Ikaros did pass Mugino Shizuri’s test and entered ITEM, she would definitely enter the sights of those members on the Board.

Entering the attention of Board of Directors is equivalent to entering Aleister’s sights!

At that point, if Aleister felt like it and decided to peek on Ikaros only to get disrupted by the EM barrier than that would be bad. Aleister is a perfectionist and he will not tolerate even the deviation of one piece on his chessboard, He would probably sent multiple investigation teams after her as a result…

Luckily, he’s got leverage on ITEM and they probably won’t be spilling the beans anytime soon. Ikaros didn’t enter their sights as well so things are still okay as they are!

His measly plan can still go on at this rate…


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