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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 165: Destiny be matchmaker of foes

Tl: 不是冤家不聚头 was the title which translates loosely into how destiny will make sure enemies always meet again. Can also be said about lovers who are quarreling so I tweaked the chapter name.

When they looked back, two people were shocked. One of them, Ikaros got a little bit surprised but she returned to her normal expressionless face in a jiffy. Meanwhile, Wu Yan wasn’t as calm as Ikaros. His shocked expression stayed shocked throughout the silence.

A woman with thick figure and tea-colored hair, a young girl with brown short hair, a tired looking black haired girl, and a young blonde girl…

The ITEM field operatives: Mugino Shizuri, Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, Frenda are all present.

What the fuck is up with this coincidence. Goddamnit, what luck!

He face-palmed the instant he saw them and just gazed at the ceiling in a speechless manner. He didn’t know why he would have the luck to encounter these chicks from ITEM but clearly, they aren’t here for him. If they did come here for him, Mugino Shizuri would have already used her Meltdowner on him given her personality. She wouldn’t be standing around shouting “You’re so noisy” or something like that…

From the looks of it, Mugino Shizuri doesn’t recognize him. That, however, didn’t mean that nobody recognized him. By her side, Takitsubou Rikou stared at him. Going by her looks, most likely she had already identified him from his AIM diffusion field. Unknown to him, Takitsubou Rikou is very stunned by what she is seeing at the moment. Her ability told her that the intruder from that night is among them, and there is 2 positive reaction. That’s right, 2 positive reactions.

One from the black haired black eyed boy and the other from the tea-colored hair and eyes girl sitting there!

How can this be…

Her tired looking now had a stupefied look. There shouldn’t be any existence inside Academy City that had the same AIM diffusion field. That’s because the personal reality that gave rise to this ESP powers can never be truly the same! It’s like how there cannot be any two persons that are completely identical in every way in a world. There can never be two completely similar personal reality. Each person has their own expression of cognition and thought patterns. Unique personal reality gives rise to different abilities and that is why Takitsubou Rikou’s ability is indispensable when applied towards identification and tracking.

And yet, here it is. Two identical AIM diffusion field, this really turned her world upside down. That’s the reason why she is utterly confused at the moment.

Of course, she would never have guessed that Wu Yan got his ability from Mikoto, personal reality and whatnot are irrelevant to this discussion. AIM diffusion field is a side effect of possessing an ability, each ability will make the owner emit a certain kind of AIM diffusion field. Given that Wu Yan and Mikoto’s ability is identical in every sense of the word, they would of course possess the same kind of AIM diffusion field.

Now, as to why Takitsubou Rikou instantly honed in on Wu Yan when she discovered Wu Yan and Mikoto had the same AIM field. The reason is intuitive, excluding the fact that the two has completely different body shapes. Takitsubou Rikou doesn’t take that girl with the tea-colored hair as a yuri girl, sending them to heaven and back like that night…

He knew he can’t hide it from her so he decided to just wing it. He looked back at Takitsubou Rikou who was staring at him and smiled at her. Surprised, she quickly lowered her head. She knows the guy still has nudes of her…

Mugino Shizuri, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda might not have recognized Wu Yan but they still remembered Ikaros. She was their ex-newbie, how can they not recognize her.

“You!” Mugino Shizuri was stunned for a bit before killing intention started creeping out of her. She grinned and continued.

“To think a traitor like you dare show yourself in front of me like this!”

Mikoto and the other girls who were about to apologize for making a ruckus became too stunned for words. They didn’t understand what happened. Astrea stood up and shouted back at Mugino Shizuri.

“Hey you, don’t speak to Ikaros senpai like that!”

Mugino Shizuri turned sour when Astrea shot back at her. The anger she felt from seeing Ikaros instantly exploded and she used her Meltdowner.

Everyone shouted.


Astrea was startled by this sudden beam of light heading towards her. She steeled up and just as she was about to intercept this feeble beam. A lightning flashed from nearby and intercepted the beam.

Lightning spear vs Meltdowner created spectacular fireworks.

The two attack canceled each other out. Or perhaps it would be more apt to say the attack intertwined and then disappeared.


Seeing this lightning attack, her reaction is very malevolent as expected. It’s the same category of ability that rat who had humiliated her used. However, this lightning didn’t come from Wu Yan. Mikoto lowered her hand which is still crackling with electricity and stared back at Mugino Shizuri while standing up.

“You just used that move with the intent to kill Astrea didn’t you…”

Mikoto looked pretty normal but anyone familiar with her knew that she is very very furious at the moment.

Mugino Shizuri frowned when she saw the defender is only a young girl. The intruder from that night should be a male judging by body shape, sound, combat style and not to mention that ‘disgusting hobby’. In other words, this girl isn’t that intruder.

Mugino Shizuri felt frustrated by this revelation but she felt relieved at the same time as well.

“Answer me!”

Seeing that Mugino Shizuri is too immersed in her own thoughts, Mikoto spread her lightning out like water coming out of a tap. Very soon, she was fully clad in lightning.


Behind Mugino Shizuri, Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda cried out. They didn’t notice it when she’s inert but when she used her ability with such intensity, the two could instantly deduce that this is something that no lv4 can pull off!

What the girls didn’t know is that Mikoto has a habit to hide her talons before a real battle begin. To outsiders, even Kuroko, she seemed to be using her ability at full power but for Wu Yan & company. She is not yet at full output!

This is a natural result given that she isn’t the same Mikoto as when she was just summoned, a tier 7. She is now at tier 8!

Mugino Shizuri’s eyes flashed.

“No.3, Railgun!”

Mikoto stayed silent, her tea-colored eyes were trained on Mugino Shizuri, with how intense she looked, one wouldn’t be surprised if she started a battle without saying anything further.

At this point, the others finally reacted. Kuroko straightened up and stood at Mikoto’s side.

“You there, for using an ability in public space with the intent to harm, you had committed an offense and as a member of the disciplinary committee, I have the right to arrest you!”

“Disciplinary committee member?

Mugino Shizuri curled her lips.

“A fledgling organization like you who can only run here and there actually had the balls to say you want to arrest me, how interesting…”


Kuroko turned grim, she hates nothing more than people who look down on her identity as a disciplinary committee member. Her hands were already in her pockets, she is planning on arresting him after flashing her badge.

Mugino Shizuri didn’t bother giving her any more attention than this as she turned back to Mikoto. She laughed in an ecstatic manner.

“To think I had the luck running into you here, very well, I was always displeased by the fact that you were ranked higher than me by 1 position. Let me see just what is the basis for such a decision!”


Kuroko, Ruiko, and Uiharu cried out.

“You’re No.4, Meltdowner!”

Mikoto is similarly surprised as well.

“You’re Meltdowner!”

“That’s right!”

Mugino Shizuri laughed and after glancing at Mikoto, she turned towards Ikaros who was undisturbed by all that is going on from start until end. She had a nasty glare in her eyes before she continued.

“After I am done executing this traitor, I am coming for you!”

With that, she shot out a ray of laser towards Ikaros.

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