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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 167: Mugino Shizuri’s warning?…

The tense situation dissolved after Wu Yan flashed the pictures…

He stopped even Mugino Shizuri who is unfazed when up against a lv5 like Mikoto or a Judgement member like Kuroko. She staggered with a grim expression on her face, her team members also looked like they were shocked.

Seeing as ITEM kept changing looks but never daring to actually do anything, the other girls were starting to lose a sense of what is going on here.

“What’s in the world is happening here…”

Ruiko voiced what everyone is thinking.

Wu Yan kept smiling while holding onto those pictures. The way he played with those pictures made Mugino Shizuri, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou’s heart jump.

Careful with that you jerk, if they even got a little peek our reputation would go down the drain!

“Abominable rat!”

Mugino Shizuri stopped her powers. The light orbs with amazing destructive capabilities disappeared. Kuroko, Ruiko, and Uiharu released a sigh of relief as a result. Those light orbs might as well be the sword of Damocles hanging on top of their heads, for as long as the light orbs are there, they can’t let their guard down.

Seeing as she stopped using Meltdowner. He grinned and then stored the photos with a flick of the hand. Mugino Shizuri who was planning on robbing it from him gave up after seeing this.

Coldly, she glanced at everyone here and she stared particularly hard at Wu Yan. She looks like she wanted to remember his face if it’s the last thing she does.

“It’s still early for you to celebrate!”

Mugino Shizuri told him in a cold tone.

“Even if I can’t deal with you, there will always be someone who can!”

Wu Yan stopped smiling and raised an eyebrow. The other girls who thought the whole thing is already over were surprised by her sentence.

“What do you mean…”

Mugino Shizuri chuckled but one can find no humor in her laughter.

“Did you actually think that after messing with the higher-ups’ plan, they would only send me after you?”

He turned serious.

“You know about the plan?”

Everyone didn’t know what this “plan” is but Mikoto became startled. She is a part of the plan that the higher-ups had conjured. The only plan that Wu Yan can mess up is undoubtedly the lv6 shift program.

Mikoto turned towards Mugino Shizuri, this discussion is something only Wu Yan, Ikaros and her understand. While the others are still busy trying to keep up with the discussion, they are the only ones in the loop. Wu Yan and the others didn’t tell Astrea the truth because her personality is a bit unreliable.

Mikoto became silent at the realization that Meltdowner, Academy City’s No.4 is also a part of this plan. From the looks of it, Wu Yan knew about Mugino Shizuri because of this plan.

Gathering the crumbs from the interaction between the two and how Wu Yan behaved, she is about 80-90% done with piecing together the whole picture.

Mugino Shizuri laughed happily and this time it was an earnest laugh. She’s still hell-bent on wasting Wu Yan but seeing that change of expression is a happy experience for her.

“I don’t know what the higher-ups are thinking, I only know some of the stuff going on inside. However, just from ordering our mobilization, it is clear that they don’t want this event to become public knowledge…”

He didn’t know how much is true about her statement. He stared at her, he knew that she’s not saying random stuff just to spook him.

Wu Yan’s lack of response caused her to stop her stupid laughter. Instead, she used a loud tone on him.

“Since you had already created a gigantic mess for those people. Our defeat will only make more formidable foes come after you!”

Wu Yan lowered his head and bitterly smiled inside. He understood what she meant, but what about it. It’s only a matter of time before he faces those of which she spoke of. What’s the difference between facing them now and later?…

He had already made preparations for those eventualities long ago.

“No matter what! I will not back down from this!”

The thought crossed his mind and he accidentally voiced them out loud much to the surprise of everyone present.

Mikoto grinned and although it was only a slight one, it expressed the emotions she is feeling. She walked silently to his side and stared back at Mugino Shizuri with Wu Yan. This is her wordlessly stating her standing.

“Onee-sama (Misaka-senpai)…”

Kuroko, Ruiko, and Uiharu were stunned by Mikoto who walked out suddenly. Even if they were retarded, they could deduce some facts from the words used by Mugino Shizuri.

Wu Yan seemed to be obstructing some kind of plan laid down by the ones above and No.4 who is currently standing in front of them is the group sent to dispatch Wu Yan.

The organizations in question aren’t going to let Wu Yan go and appeared to have sent someone to come deal with him. Mikoto’s action signified her intention to help him.

Mugino Shizuri is taken aback by this but she quickly uttered a cold snort.

“Your resolve deserves praise but are you that confident that you can beat those sent to ally with us against you?”

“You should know that their request is still in effect, I haven’t canceled it ya know…”

Wu Yan laughed when he heard her.

“Is that right? Let’s see you try!”


Mugino Shizuri gnashed her teeth in surprise seeing his dauntless manner. She turned around in a puff.

“I hope you’re still this confident when the time comes!”

“Confidence I have, it’s just that there is still some groundwork to lay beforehand…”

He then grinned and looked at her before continuing with an insinuating tone.

“I don’t know if Mugino Shizuri would be so kind as to allow us to prepare ourselves…”

“You damned rat!”

Mugino Shizuri looked very malevolent but she can’t deny him because the guy still has dirt on her…

Leering at him in a frustrated way, she calmly assured him.

“Even if we didn’t supply the information. Them finding you out is just a matter of time…”

She’s telling him that they won’t be giving them any information about Wu Yan but if they themselves found Wu Yan without her help then it’s not their fault.

Wu Yan is satisfied with this outcome. Give him a bit more time, once he finds Hinagiku, he can concentrate on taking them down.

Mugino Shizuri turned around and said to him with her back facing him.

“Let me see just who is the more proficient one, the rat who is good at making holes or them that has ridiculously good ability to track people down like some kind of bloodhound!”

With that, she walked past Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou and headed towards the exit…

“Sensitive noses like those of bloodhounds…”

Mugino Shizuri’s hint hit him.

A dog’s nose? Bloodhound? Could it be that the person they have sent is…

If it really is that individual then they can just kill him right here right now.

Thinking about that person who might appear anytime now, his heart made that decision up without hesitation.

“Hey you, wait up…”

Kuroko wanted to stop Mugino Shizuri from walking away but Mikoto caught her by the shoulder and shook her head. Only then did Kuroko backed down albeit frustrated.

Kinuhata Saiai leered at Wu Yan and he stared back at her. She shrunk back but she somehow managed to put up a tough front.

“Just you super wait! I am going to get my super revenge on you!”

Shouting those lines, she ran away without further ado. Frenda frantically looked at Mugino Shizuri and Kinuhata Saiai before dryly laughing at Wu Yan and then running off.

Takitsubou Rikou looked at Wu Yan with a serious face, she bowed and followed Frenda out of the joint…

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