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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 168: Everything will get better…

The whole place fell into silence after ITEM made their exits. Mikoto turned around to look at Wu Yan. She thought the frown on his face is because he’s worried about what Mugino Shizuri said. She gave him a worried look.

“I am alright, just thinking about some stuff don’t worry about it…”

He felt her worried glance and gave her a wide grin in response, telling her that he’s alright. Only then did she release a sigh of relief.

“Onee-sama, what is going on?”

Kuroko can’t help asking questions that bedeviled her.

“What is this plan you guys speak of and why do you have to ‘deal with’ them? Also, which executive board did that scum piss off?”

3 questions were asked and these questions coincided with what Ruiko and Uiharu were confused with. The 3 girls looked at Wu Yan and Mikoto, hoping that they would enlighten them.

Mikoto bitterly smiled and lowered her head before continuing.

“Kuroko, Ruiko, Uiharu, I hope you girls will refrain from pursuing those questions…”


Kuroko shouted in an abnormally high tone.

“If you have anything to say then just say it so that everyone can think of a solution together? If this scum were to get into some kind of crime, as a member of Judgement I won’t standby and watch him get into trouble by going too deep!”

“That’s right. Misaka-senpai…”

Uiharu who is usually meek actually stood out and confronted Mikoto.

“I believe that Misaka-senpai absolutely wouldn’t commit any sort of crime. This must be the doing of those bad guys, as a discipinary member, I will do my best to help you guys out!”

“Aren’t we all friends? Friends should be there through thick or thin!”

Ruiko felt that although she might not be able to support them as much as Kuroko or Uiharu can but if she were to be asked to help out, her answer would definitely be yes!

Mikoto lowered her head even more.

“Kuroko, please don’t continue…”


Kuroko who prepared to launch another advise stopped and so too did Uiharu and Ruiko. They stopped because they saw the anguish hidden behind her bangs.

Can one blame her for feeling bad? The sisters weighted heavily on her conscience and she felt guilty over them. This kind girl placed all the blame on herself. If not for Wu Yan’s existence, maybe she might have suffered a mental collapse…

Kuroko, Ruiko and Uiharu said they wish to help them but how can they?

They will be going up against the directors of Academy City. In other words, they will be going against the entirety of Academy City.

Kuroko and Uiharu who belonged to Judgement which is itself a part of Academy City. Indirectly that would mean…


Kuroko became silent. She comprehended the meaning behind Mikoto’s expression, that maybe, the main instigator of this event is not Wu Yan but actually her Onee-sama!

When she thought about this, she came even more certain in her conviction that Wu Yan and Mikoto are victims. She does not believe that her Onee-sama who she admires the most in this world would do anything that would result in massive harm!

Her Onee-sama’s sense of justice is ridiculously high after all…

It’s just that, from the looks of it, she doesn’t want her or her friends to get caught in this mess as well…

She bitterly smiled on the inside but she still put on a cheery facade before she replied.

“I know, Onee-sama. Kuroko believes that Onee-sama will definitely resolve this issue splendidly because you’re Tokiwadai’s ace, the electric princess, Misaka Mikoto…”


Muttered Uiharu and Ruiko who were surprised by how Kuroko actually compromised.

“Thank you, Kuroko…”

Mikoto smiled at her having been moved by her understanding. Wu Yan also felt respect for Kuroko’s attitude.

In the original work, Mikoto decided to wreck all the research firm to stop lv6 shift program. She would go out at night and come back as fatigue as they come at almost the same time the sun breaks the horizon.

Kuroko is very familiar with her thought process, how can she misread the signs that she has something big she wants to hide?

She understands that if her Onee-sama had something that she didn’t want to tell her, she must have her own reasoning for it. So, as mucha s she wanted to pitch in, she had to hold it in. Hopefully, Mikoto would one day personally tell her all about what she is going through right now…

But, Mikoto didn’t tell her anything. That’s because in that story, the research firms she wrecked all belonged to Academy City. Technically, she’s committing crimes by doing so! On the other hand, Kuroko is part of Judgement, the organization in charge of keeping peace in Academy City. In that story, Mikoto once asked Kuroko: “If I were to do something that would threaten Academy City, what would you do, Kuroko?”

And her answer was: “If that is so then as Judgement, I will arrest even you, Onee-sama.”

The result being that Mikoto needs to do sneaky things behind the closest friend she has in Academy City. She would do something that goes against her code every night…

Of course, Kuroko didn’t know about it. Even if she got suspicious, she didn’t bother Mikoto and even went as far as to cover for her when the dormitory supervisor comes asking about Mikoto’s recent adventures deep in the night. She also tried thinking of various ways to cheer her up. In doing so, she even went out of school district 7 into other districts just to see her smile.

In the end, the two girls are really just too silly…

But, Wu Yan found that he couldn’t hate the two for being like this. Quite the contrary, he really liked the way the two girls are…

With his addition, the story had changed drastically. Yet it appears that the bond between the two had not changed even a bit. He didn’t understand how this tight relationship between them came about before. But now he’s starting to understand it…

He glanced at Mikoto at one side, then glanced at Astrea and Ikaros on the other side. His expression slowly mellowed until his warm expression managed to make the 3 girls’ heart race. It was a face the three of them will never forget.

He walked over to Kuroko and lifted his hand. While Kuroko remained stupefied, he placed his hand on top of her cute pink haired head which had its hair tied into two cute curly pig tails.

Uiharu stunned, Ruiko stunned, and Mikoto is stunned as well…

Kuroko became dazed for a moment before she started raving like mad. She struggled and tried to smack his hand away.

“What are you doing! Scum! Remove your filthy paws!”

Wu Yan didn’t release his hand, he pressed down on her head even harder and rubbed her. He looked into her fuming eyes and said to her with a resolute and amiable expression.

“Don’t worry! I will make sure to return your Onee-sama in a harmless state!”

Kuroko looked befuddled, he pat her head and reached his hand out to her.

“Let’s shake on it!”

Her pink eyes stared at his grinning face. A tremendously sour feeling started spreading inside her. Who would have thought the person who understood ehr the most turned out to be her nemesis (self perceived)…

She stared at his hand in a reluctant manner. She looked away after realizing what she thought about doing. But then, she looked back again in a hesitant manner.

After a bit of time, Kuroko slowly reached her hand out and shook his hand.

“If you go back on your words, I will have you stuffed into the ground!”

He smiled at the same threat he had heard dozens of times before. This time however, the context is different…

“Oh, You betcha!”

They shook hands firmly and the other girls witnessed this promise…

Mikoto felt a burning sensation in her nose, she tried to hold back the waterworks. She felt her worry for the future lessen at the sight of her best friend seeing eye to eye with her life partner.

He looked everyone present and floated a smile.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little faces, everything will be alright!”

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